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This is a list of all abilities currently in Aetheria. Feel free to add more abilities if you find them.

There are two types of abilities:

Physical - known as 'techniques', more commonly 'moves' or 'skills'.

Magical - known as 'spells'.

There are six schools for physical abilities and six schools for magic. These were the official Schools as classified by magisters during ancient times, and are still in use today.

Each ability falls under at least one School, although there are, of course, hybrid powers that cannot be placed into any one category. And yet new abilities are often discovered by adventurers and scholars. By training within these Schools, one will find his or her corresponding Attributes to grow.

Players can earn Ability Points from leveling up or a special item to upgrade their ability ranks.

Abilities have their own skill level which raises everytime you train to use an ability. Low ability skill levels may cause failures or worse, backfires. Example: If you used Dash but you have low Dash skill level, it may backfire causing you to dash in random directions.

Note: The Class Required section shows which class (if any) gives this ability. This will be added soon.

Ability List

Name Cooldown Attributes affected Max Rank Description (Numbers in bold are multiplied by rank) Class Required
Dash 5 seconds AGI 10 Basic move that allows the user to move 1 block(s) at incredible speed. N/A
Spin Dash 5 seconds STR, AGI 10 Similar to dash, but spins with a sword and deals damage at the same time. Spin dash allows you to move up to 10 block(s) at incredible speed N/A
Duel Wield N/A AGI 1 Passive ability that enables use of wielding two weapons at once. N/A
Tumble ??? AGI ??? You fall over unpredictably, giving your opponent's next hit a chance of missing. N/A
Ambush ??? AGI ??? Your next attack is an automatic critical hit if the target is not aware of your presence. N/A
Power Shot ??? INT ??? Basic magical ability that shoots a bolt of energy at the target to deal damage. N/A
Power Shield ??? INT ??? Basic magical ability that creates a cube of force around an ally, reducing incoming damage. N/A
Locate ??? INT 10 Locates nearby loot. Higher levels increase the search radius. Sage, Oracle, Loremaster
Charm ??? DEV ??? Charms the target. While charmed, a target will consider you a trusted ally and will do nearly anything you suggest that isn't obviously self-destructive. N/A
Wizard Eye ??? INT 1 Reveals enemies hidden by basic magical concealment. Any Mage class
Parry 5 seconds STR 5 Reduces damage taken while parrying or blocking with a weapon by 10% and has a 20% chance of stunning the attacker for 1 second. Any Warrior class
Pilfer 5 minutes INT, Shadow 10 Can attempt to steal an item (or emeralds) from someone.
Artisan N/A INT 5 Allows you to craft 3x3 patterns without using a crafting table.
Shield Bash 1 minute STR 5 AoE slam attack that knocks enemies back and deals 1 damage. Any Warrior class
Conk 30 seconds STR 10 The next attack will increase the effect of the weapon's on-hit enchantments by 10%. Staff, rod, wand and stick only. Any Mage class
Block ??? STR ??? Passive which allows you to block using weapons that can't be used to block like swords? ( This ability is shown when a status stone views Runt's stat ) N/A
Battle Shout 1 minute DEV, KAR 10 You shout loudly to draw monsters' attention. Higher levels increase the chance that this will work. Any Warrior class
Spawn Vex ??? DEV, Shadow 1 Summons a Vex that is friendly to you and your allies. It acts as your pet for 30 seconds, then despawns. Evoker
Blessed Bolt ??? STR ??? Supposedly used to crit monsters at a higher strength. Any Mage class
Evoker Fangs ??? Shadow? 10 Spawns a line (or circle, if enemies are very close to you) of Evoker Fangs. Higher levels increase the fangs' damage. Evoker
Track N/A INT 1 Passive ability that allows you to spot the tracks recently left behind by monsters. Stalker, Beastmaster, Assassin
Wimper 1 minute KAR 5 You cower pitifully, in the hopes that monsters will stop attacking you and go after a bigger threat. Higher levels increase the chance of this working. N/A
Identify N/A ??? ??? Allows the user to identify what stats, what material, what object, any traps, and any enchantments. It also tells the user the level or the item. Sage, Oracle, Loremaster
Scout N/A INT 5 A passive ability that allows you to notice hidden elements more easily. This includes secret doors, secret levers or buttons, hidden traps within floors, monsters hidden by stealth or invisibility, as well as monsters far in the distance. The effectiveness goes up with higher ranks. Treasure Hunter
Aimed Shot ??? AGI? ??? The next arrow you shoot has an effect based on what part of the target's body it hits.

Head: Automatic Crit

Arm: Combat Skill temporarily lowered

Leg: Bleed DoT

Chest/Torso: Stun

Stalker, Assassin
Defensive Stance 30 seconds STR 10 Reduces all incoming damage by 5% for the next 1 seconds. N/A
Counterparry 3 minutes AGI, STR 1 Counters 100% of the next incoming attack and returns with a free attack. Any Warrior class
Forge N/A STR, INT 10 Passive ability that gives a small chance to give a +5% boost in durability, damage or armor when crafting ANY type of weapon or armor. Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Metallurgist
Heroic Strike 1 minute STR 5 Basic combat move. Next attack deals +20% normal damage. Any Warrior class
Anvil Strike 10 minutes STR 10 Next attack inflicts knockback 1 block(s), stun for 1 second(s), weakness 5% for 1 and +10% damage. This ability can only be used if you have a hammer equipped. Any Warrior class that gains bonuses to Hammers
Stormbringer 5 minutes STR, Fire 10 Next attack inflicts +2 extra lightning damage in the form of elemental fire. ???
Lunge 30 seconds AGI, STR 10 Similar to Dash, but it deals 1 damage to anyone hit by it. N/A
Snatch 30 seconds AGI, INT 5 Similar to Dash, but with a 20% chance to steal a random item from anyone hit by it. N/A
Rend 5 minutes AGI, INT 5 Next attack has Armor Reduction, which reduces the target's armor by 5%. This debuff lasts 2 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. N/A
Timber 10 minutes STR, VIT 10 Massively damaging attack that deals +20% damage. Has a long charge time, alerting monsters beforehand.
Blindside 3 minutes DEV, INT 5 Your next melee attack deals +3 damage if your pet is directly behind the target.
Feral Ally N/A DEV 10 Passive ability that provides you with an animal companion, either a wolf or an ocelot. It will follow your every command. Each rank thereafter increases its health and damage by 20%.
Lightning Rush 5 minutes AGI, STR, Light 20 The defining move of the Valkyrie. A long-dash-type move that deals +10% damage at the end. Spear only.
Castigate 10 minutes AGI, INT 10 A rare ability that shoots a beam of light outward and highly damges any undead in its path. Moon Priest
Ruthless N/A AGI, INT 10 Passive ability. Each power level of this ability provides the user with a +2% chance to critically hit and a +2% bonus to all critical damage dealt. Berserker
Giantslayer N/A AGI, INT 10 Passive ability that gives a +10% critical damage bonus to all monsters larger than 2 blocks tall. Berserker
Mortal Strike 4 minutes AGI, INT 10 The next attack will have a +10% chance of critting. In addition, the target will Bleed for 1 seconds, resulting in an additional 1 damage. Berserker
Shiv 3 minutes AGI, STR 5 The next attack will Weaken the target by 10% for 3 seconds.
Zap 4 minutes AGI, STR 5 The next attack will Stun the target for 3 seconds if the target's back is turned.
Frost Web/Ice Web ??? Water ??? Conjures a 5x5 web of magical frost. Any creature caught in this web is slowed by 80% while inside and for three seconds after leaving it.

(Note: this ability has been called both Frost Web and Ice Web. Both abilities have exactly the same effect.)

Frost Shot 30 seconds Water 4 The next projectile you fire becomes imbued with magical frost, dealing 25% more damage and slowing the target by 25% for three seconds.
Envenom 10 minutes INT 1 Temporarily enchants your weapons with Poison, which will last for the next several attacks.
Roll Over 5 minutes DEV, KAR 10 Your pet will attempt to roll and trip a nearby monster. The monster will be helpless until it gets back up. Stalker, Beastmaster
Forage 5 minutes DEV, INT, KAR 5 Attempts to search a nearby bush for any berries. Some berries may be extremely rare and used in powerful crafting recipes. Results are often random, such as when fishing, and depends upon biome. Higher levels increase the chance of getting rare berries.
Magical Sapling 20 minutes DEV 10 Plants a sapling of a special enchanted bush. The bush will yield berries that will heal upon being eaten or provide other beneficial effects. The number of berries provided and the amount they heal is based on rank.
Tripwire 5 minutes INT 10 Lays a tripwire made of heavy duty spider string to drastically slow anyone passing through. Higher ranks make the tripwire last longer and slow more. Stalker, Assassin
Sticky Trap 5 minutes INT 1 Lays a trap made of cobwebs and soul sand. Anyone who steps on the block containing this trap will be slowed by 75% for 10 seconds.
Flash Bomb 5 minutes INT 5 Throws a flash bomb that will blind any monsters within a 3 block radius. Requires a glass bottle and a pinch of gunpowder. Alchemist
Analyze Trap N/A INT 5 Passive ability that allows you to see the finest details and properties of a container. If trapped, attempts to identify the type of trap. This is a highly prized ability for anyone seeking to clear dungeons. The effectiveness goes up with higher ranks. Treasure Hunter
Disarm Trap 5 minutes INT 5 Attempts to disarm a trap from a treasure chest or container. This is a highly prized ability for anyone seeking to clear dungeons. The effectiveness of this ability goes up with higher ranks. Treasure Hunter
Secret Family Recipe 20 minutes KAR, INT 1 Used while crafting food. This ability will randomly enchant the food item with an effect. Not always useful, and sometimes harmful. Baker, Royal Chef
In A Pinch N/A INT, KAR 1 Passive ability that allows the user to craft food without all of the proper ingredients by substituting the ingredients for others. Baker, Royal Chef
Makeshift Muffin 1 hour ??? 1 Instantly creates a single Cinnamuffin food item, without requiring the normal ingredients or Crafting Skill. Baker, Royal Chef
Health Food 20 minutes INT 1 Applies a temporary beneficial enchantment to any one food item. Baker, Royal Chef
Irresistable Delight 10 minutes INT, DEV 3 A poisoned roll coated with scents that attract most monsters. Anything who eats it will be stunned for 5 seconds. Baker, Royal Chef
Cake Bomb 15 minutes INT, DEV, KAR 1 A cake that explodes, leaving sticky and enchanted frosting that slows monsters like cobwebs except with a 90% slow. Baker, Royal Chef
Rotten Roll 10 minutes INT, DEV 1 A roll so odorous that most monsters will move away as a creeper would from a cat. Baker, Royal Chef
Culinary Strike 5 per day AGI, INT 10 A strike of such precision that it ignores 10% of the monster's armor. If the monster would drop any items used in crafting food, it drops three times that many instead. Baker, Royal Chef
It's A Delicacy! 1 per week INT, AGI 1 Can turn normally inedible items such as spider eyes and dragon scales into decadent food items. The more powerful the original item, the stronger the new item. Baker, Royal Chef
Secret Recipe Random Enchantment onto a food item while crafting. Baker
Soothing Refrain 10 minutes KAR 10 A beautiful and calming tune that will heal one ally 2 points. Bard, Bladesinger, Bladedancer
Uplifting Melody 10 minutes KAR 5 A rousing tune that will invigorate all party members and heal them 1 point. Bard, Bladesinger, Bladedancer
Lullaby 20 minutes KAR 10 A sleep-inducing song that will put a large group of monsters to sleep. Higher ranks increase the range and duration. Bard, Bladesinger, Bladedancer
Crescendo 20 minutes KAR 5 A wave of sound that will stun all monsters within 10 blocks for 2 seconds. Bard, Bladesinger, Bladedancer
Dire Dirge 10 minutes KAR 10 A song that will fill your enemies with magical fear. Higher ranks increase the duration of the effect. Bard, Bladesinger, Bladedancer
Heartstrings 10 minutes KAR 1 A song that will persuade a monster to join your side. Bosses are immune. Bard, Bladesinger, Bladedancer
Glitterdance 10 minutes AGI, STR 3 A Dash-type ability with a fast spin, dealing heavy damage to all nearby monsters within the path. This ability was originally bugged on the Aetheria server and would allow the user to travel through shallow walls of 1, 2, or 3 block thickness. Interestingly, this bug still persists within the world of Aetheria. Golden Ascendant
Void Crescent 3 per day STR, Shadow 10 Your next attack deals extra magical Ice damage and gives Frost for 1 second(s) and Stun for 0.5 second(s).
Familiar N/A DEV, AGI 5 Passive ability that provides you with a magical pet that will do your bidding. Higher ranks increase the pet's speed and damage. Any Mage class
Frost Block 2 minutes Water 5 Turns a block near you to ice. All enemies that touch that block will be given Chill for 10 seconds.
Frost Bolt 2 minutes Water 3 Shoots a bolt of Elemental Water. This attack never misses and gives the target Chill for 5 seconds. Any Mage class
Firecube 4 minutes Fire 10 Shoots a block of flame toward a target; on contact, the block will explode, dealing damage to anyone within a certain radius. Any Mage class
Fire Bolt ??? Fire 10 Shoots a bolt of Elemental Fire. This attack never misses and sets the target on fire for 5 seconds. Any Mage class
Voidfire Burst ??? Fire, Shadow ??? Creates a short-range cone of Voidfire, dealing damage and setting fire to any enemies caught in the cone. Nethermancer, Lich
Flamethrower ??? Fire 10 Shoots a stream of fire at the target. This ability lasts until deactivated, and continuously deals damage to targets and consumes energy from the user. At level 6 and higher, the flames turn blue and deal more damage. Nethermancer, Lich
Flameskull ??? Fire 10 You shoot a skull made of green flames. The skull explodes when it hits something, dealing AoE fire damage and setting nearby blocks on fire, similar to a ghast fireball. Nethermancer, Lich
Spectral Lightning 5 minutes Fire, Shadow 5 Shoots a bolt of Elemental Shadow at an enemy, dealing 3 damage. This attack never misses and the damage is increased if the target has high armor. Any Mage class
Entangle 5 minutes INT 10 Places a magical net on the ground, 1 block wide. If an enemy touches that net, they will be entangled, and will be helpless until they escape.
Astral Ring 10 minutes Light 5 Places a ring of stars on the ground, 2 blocks in diameter. Everyone inside the ring is given Regeneration II and Resistance I. Astral Mage
Revitalize ??? Light 1 Removes any Exhaustion effects from the target. Any Priest class
Verdant Bloom ??? Earth 5 Makes nearby plants grow faster. Higher levels further increase the speed. Most Priest classes
Grace of Elune ??? Light 5 Increases movement speed by 20%. Moon Priest
Healing Tide ??? Light 10 Sends out a wave of healing energy, healing all allies the wave hits for 2 hit points. Moon Priest
Magma Field ??? Fire 1 Creates a wall of lava in front of you. Floats in the air and is otherwise ordinary lava. Nethermancer, Lich
Message ??? ??? 1 Sends a message to a player of your choice, regardless of distance. Any Mage class
Illusion 10 minutes INT, Shadow 3 Creates illusory walls, allies, etc. to fool enemies. Higher ranks allow the creation of more illusions. Trickster, Illusionist
Comet ??? INT, Light 1 Shoots a cube of light forward, which emits light and mildly damages any enemies hit by it. Any Mage class
Mannequin 5 minutes INT, Shadow 1 Creates a mannequin to draw away enemy attacks. Trickster, Illusionist
Wall of Flame 3 minutes Fire 10 Creates a wall of fire 1 block wide and 5 blocks tall that quickly moves forward until it hits a wall or moves 5 blocks. If it touches an enemy, it will set them on fire for 3 seconds. Any Mage class
Wall of Ice 3 minutes Water 10 Creates a wall of ice 1 block wide and 5 blocks tall that quickly moves forward until it hits a wall or moves 5 blocks. If it touches an enemy, it will give them Chill for 3 seconds. Any Mage class
Transmute 10 minutes DEV, INT, Earth 5 Changes nearby blocks into dirt, making it easy to dig through. At higher ranks, it can change harder blocks. Alchemist
Analyze Monster N/A INT 10 Passive ability that allows you to see the stats of any monster or boss. Higher ranks will reveal more properties, including buffs and debuffs, fears, elemental weaknesses, and at the highest level, their inventory. N/A
Runic Armor 5 minutes VIT, INT, Earth 5 Places a glyph upon your armor that increases your Armor and Resilience by 1. Runesmith
Rune of Warding 5 minutes VIT, INT, Fire 10 Places a glyph upon your armor that gives you Fire Resistance for 10 seconds. Runesmith
Rune of Fire Field 5 minutes VIT, INT, Fire 5 Places a glyph upon a block. All enemies within 2 blocks of that block are set on fire. Runesmith
Rune of Healing 5 minutes VIT, INT,  Light 5 Places a glyph upon a block. All allies within 2 blocks of that block will be given Regeneration I. Runesmith
Rune of Expulsion 5 minutes VIT, INT, Earth 5 Places a glyph upon a block. All enemies cannot come within 3 blocks of that block. Runesmith
Rune of Brilliance 5 minutes VIT, INT, Light 5 Places a glyph upon a light source. That light source will emit double its normal light output and damage all Undead within 3 blocks. Runesmith
Rune of Withering 5 minutes VIT, INT, Shadow 5 Places a glyph upon a block. All enemies within 2 blocks of that block are given Wither I. Runesmith
Rune of Protection 5 minutes VIT, INT, Earth 5 Places a glyph upon your shield that increases your armor by 2. Runesmith
Makeshift Meal 20 minutes INT 5 Restores your hunger bar by 2 points. Baker, Royal Chef
Smoke Bomb 30 minutes INT 3 Creates a cloud of smoke as a distraction, then turns the user invisible. Higher ranks increase the duration of the invisibility. N/A
Healing Wisps 3 minutes Light 10 Sends out wisps of Light energy that heal all nearby allies by 1 points. Any Priest class
Berserk Fury ??? STR, DEV ??? Presumably increases combat ability or STR. Berserker
Starlight N/A Light 1 When used on another player, they are given the Starlight buff, which boosts armor resistance by 10%. Enchanter
Windrush N/A AGI, Air 3 When used on another player, they are given the Windrush buff, which increases movement speed and attack speed by 5%. Enchanter
Locksmith 2 minutes INT, Shadow 5 This ability can only be used near a lock. The user attempts to pick the nearest lock. The chance increases with higher levels and decreases on locks with high complexity. This ability only goes on cooldown if it is unsuccessful. Treasure Hunter
Banish 20 minutes Light 5 Sends all mobs within 10 blocks back to their original dimension. Witch Hunter
Silence ??? Light 5 Prevents any mobs within a 10 block radius from casting spells. Witch Hunter
Reinforce ??? ??? 10 This ability makes 1 block(s) near you more resistant to explosions. Higher levels increase resistance. At level 10, blocks act like obsidian, being immune to explosions. N/A
Spike Growth ??? Earth 10 Makes 1 block(s) near you spiky, damaging any enemies who touch it. Higher levels also increase the damage. N/A
Fire Burst ??? Fire 10 Makes 1 block(s) near you fiery, setting any enemies who touch it on fire. Higher levels also increase the duration of the fire. N/A
Water Burst ??? Water ??? Makes 1 block(s) near you watery, dealing Water damage to anyone who touches it. Higher levels also increase the amount of damage. N/A
Zap Block ??? Fire 10 Makes 1 block(s) near you charged, striking any enemies who touch it with lightning. Higher levels also increase the damage. N/A
Frost Aura ??? Water 10 Makes 1 block(s) near you frosty, causing any enemies who touch it to receive a Chill I effect. N/A
Shadow Block ??? Shadow 10 Creates an illusion causing 1 block(s) near you to look like any block. However, they can be walked through as easily as if it were air. N/A
Light Block ??? Light 1 Makes a light that can be walked through, but it is as bright as the Sun. N/A
Concentrated Light Block ??? Light 1 Same as Light Block, but it is 2 times brighter than the Sun. N/A
Mud Aspect ??? Earth 10 Makes 1 block(s) near you muddy. Anyone who steps on that block will be slowed, and they will slowly sink into it as if it were quicksand. N/A
Slime Aspect ??? ??? 10 Makes 1 block(s) near you slimy, causing it to become as bouncy as a slime block. N/A
Teleporter Cube ??? ??? 10 Creates a spacey block (similar to the end portal) near you. Anyone who steps on that blocks is transported anywhere they want to go within 1,000 blocks. N/A
Polymorph ??? ??? 3 When used, transforms target into a different creature. Certain limitations based on level:

Level 1: Can only change race:

Level 2: Limited to creatures with similar body structures (no turning humans into magma cubes)

Level 3: No restrictions

Feral (can cast on self at will), Some Mage classes (can cast on anyone with cooldown)
Nether rot ??? ??? ??? When used, target creatures will be poisoned, and when dead, will convert to a hostile zombie form of that mob. Nethermancer, Necromancer, Lich
Fire Summon ??? Fire 1 Summons fire. (What did you expect?) Nethermancer, Lich
Shadowbind ??? Shadow 1 Binds the target with ropes of shadow, preventing them from moving or attacking. Nethermancer, Lich, Shadow Knight, Skull Knight, Warlock
Soulshift At will? DEV, Shadow 2 Allows you to merge with a monster and take control of them. While controlling the monster, you only have access to the monster's abilities, not your own. If the monster you are controlling dies, you reappear nearby. The second level also allows you to control bosses. However, if you die while controlling a boss, you are instantly killed. Nethermancer, Lich, Shadow Knight, Skull Knight, Warlock
Telekinesis N/A STR, INT 1 Allows you to move blocks and objects with your mind. Any Mage class
Green Lightning Blast ??? INT, Fire 2 Shoots a blast of green lightning at the target, dealing high damage. At level 2, it can sometimes melt metal objects the target is wearing. Deals more damage to metallic creatures like iron golems. Any Mage class
Reflect 5 seconds INT 1 Creates a magical shield around you for the next 3 seconds. If you are hit by an ability within this time, you are unaffected, and the ability is reflected back at the user. N/A
Identify N/A INT 1 Reveals all details about an item, ability, or status effect. Any Mage class
Debuff-removing Ability (not official name) N/A ??? ??? Removes any debuffs affecting mobility. ???
Smite ??? ??? ??? Basic melee attack infused with divine power ???
Leap ??? ??? ??? Super jump ???
Search ??? ??? ??? Reveal things that may be of interest to the user ???
Sense Food ??? ??? ??? Senses food Giant Rats
Bite ??? ??? ??? Chance of disease Giant Rats
Flame Lash ??? ??? ??? Whip made of fire. Very difficult to avoid if used correctly Mage class
Flame Lance ??? ??? ??? Concentrated bolt of fire energy, pierces through up to 75% of any fire resistance the target may have ???
Animate Date (corrupt version) ??? ??? ??? It's quick to cast, is spammable, and doesn't use much mana, making any enemy spellcaster capable of casting it a high priority threat, as they can reanimate the rest over and over (theory is it's a "corrupted" spell using a type of ancient fire dwarf crystal, which can corrupt a spell/ability a person possesses and give it new effects). ???
Pyrokinesis ??? ??? ??? AOE fire attack Psionic
Dragon Jump ??? ??? ??? Jump like 50+ blocks high and land on some monster for extra damage (likely varies with level). Dragoon (and probably other dragon related classes)
Blade Waltz ??? ??? ??? Mini dash, slow, short distance, can be used up to 8 times and each subsequent dash can only change angle slightly so all 8 dashes complete a kind of circle Bladedancer
Blink ??? ??? ?? (How enderman teleport) Astral Mage
Teleport ??? ??? ?? Teleport will teleport a person of your choice (includes you) to a location that you know the coordinates to.

Casting time of 3 minutes

Astral Mage

Ultimate Abilities

Ultimate abilities (or ults for short) are incredibly strong. A player can only have 2 ults, and they often have a long cooldown. According to Kolb, most are also difficult to obtain, requiring a special quest or difficult-to-get class to learn them.


Cooldown Attributes Effect Class Required
Chain Lightning N/A (Channel) Fire Shoots lightning at ALL nearby players. This lightning deals damage and stuns anyone hit. Herobrine used this ability to incapacitate the entire population of Villagetown with one attack. ??? (whatever class Herobrine has)
Rage of Ao 20 minutes STR, DEV A flying kick that launches the user forward for 10 blocks, unless an enemy is in the way. In that case, the first victim takes 20 damage and is sent sailing for 10 blocks. Any other entities that collide with the victim take an equal amount of damage. All damage dealt is treated as critical damage. Disciple of Ao
Overblade 3 per day STR, AGI

You swing your sword over your head and slam it into the target, dealing 20 damage. Unlike other ultimates, this ability can be used 3 times per day.

Any Warrior or Rogue class
Soul Torrent ??? DEV Shoots a fiery mass of pink skulls at the target, dealing immense damage and reducing armor and STR attribute by half for 20 seconds. ???
Castigate ??? AGI, INT A rare ability that shoots a beam of light outward and highly damages any undead in its path. Moon Priest
Chainlink ??? INT Copies the last ability used within a 15 block radius N/A
True Sight N/A DEV A passive ability that reveals all magical concealment and disguises within 100 blocks. Oracle
Undying Rage ??? STR While this ability is active, you cannot die. Any attack that would drop you to 0 health instead drops you to 1. While this ability is active, you are immune to the Stone, Executioner, and Vorpal enchantments. Berserker
Second Wind ??? Air Instantly recharges any non-ultimate ability of your choice that is on cooldown. ???
Inverse Magic ??? INT, KAR Reverses the effects of the next spell you cast. Any Mage class
Wizinvis ??? INT, Shadow Makes you undetectable for 30 seconds. You will be invisible, mobs won't be able to see you, and spells that never miss won't target you. This ability ends if you take more than 5 damage. ???
Wish N/A DEV An ability only gained through a wish item, this ability grants the user one wish. This ability does not count toward total abilities and disappears from the user's ability list once used. For the list of possible wishes, see Wish (item) N/A (gained from Wish Token)
Blade of Retribution ??? Light? Summons a divine blade that crashes down on the target, damaging and stunning the target. Both the damage and the stun depend on the damage the target dealt to the user within the last 30 seconds. If the target hasn't attacked the user within the last 30 seconds, this ability has no effect. Underlord
Meteor Storm N/A (Channel) Fire You shoot a stream of meteors at the target. This spell lasts until deactivated, and continuously summons meteors and consumes energy from the user until deactivated. Nethermancer
Quietus ??? AGI Surrounds your weapon with red energy, then slams into the target. This attack's damage scales with the damage the target has taken. This ability can only be used on a target that is not facing you. N/A
Bladestorm ??? STR, AGI Instantly throws up to 25 daggers or shurikens from your hand. All weapons used for this ability are then destroyed. ???
Boreal Blast ??? Water Summons a huge blizzard around the user, damaging any enemies caught in the blizzard and freezing them for 15 seconds. Frost Mage
Ghost Ship ??? Water, Shadow Summons the legendary pirate Blockbeard in his ghostly ship to rain down cannonballs on an entire area while yelling "Dead noobs tell no tales!" (No, I'm not making this up. This is a real ability from Urg the Zombie Pigman and Aetheria) Pirate, Swashbuckler
Firecube At Enough Mana Fire Nelmi used this ability to damage a lot of undead and then Faolan Used Boreal Blizzard to make it as Eeebs Described it: "Nothing more then Ice cream for Stompy to eat. " A fire spell that does great damage and has insane B. Radius. (B. = Blast) ???
Portal ??? ??? Creates a portal to any coordinate of your choice within a 50,000 block radius (varies with level). Casting time of 20-30 minutes.

(Probably an ult, possibly not)

Astral Mage
Safe Realm ??? ??? Creates a door to a small extradimesional space. Becomes more furnished at higher levels. Astral Mage


Ritual abilities are used for massive effects. They require multiple wizards all channeling energy toward the spell, and for ingredients to be tossed in a precise order into a brazier, along with each wizard speaking an incantation repeatedly. They are extremely difficult to cast successfully, but their effects are powerful enough to be worth the effort...

Name Components Description
Rite of Awakening Powder, Bat Wing, Mushroom Awakens all monsters within 2,000 blocks and makes them hostile.

Monster Abilities

Monster abilities are exactly what they sound like - abilities that can only be learned by monsters. It is worth noting that there are at least two ways for a Terrarian or Aetherian to learn these abilities - through the Void Mage class and being taught by Eeebs.

Name Cooldown Attributes Affected Max Rank Description (Numbers in bold are multiplied by rank) Monster
Obsidian Fur N/A ??? (VIT?) 10 Makes the user's fur extremely dense and tough, increasing their armor. In addition, all critical hits will deal 5% less damage. ???
High Intelligence N/A INT 10 Increases AI, allowing for more effective attacks and team strategies. Higher levels increase AI even more, to the point of boss-level AI at level 10. Any
Pigman Frenzy 5 minutes STR 10 Increases your movement speed, sprinting speed, crouching speed, and swimming speed. At high levels, it also allows the user to ignore any and all slowing effects, from spells to soul sand. Zombie Pigman
Aspect of the Spider N/A AGI 1 Allows the user to move up the side of ANY block as if it had a ladder attached. Any Insect
Fireball 5 seconds Fire 10 Allows the user to shoot a fireball. Higher levels increase the fireball's damage and speed. Ghast, Blaze
Creep N/A AGI, Shadow 10 Makes you move more quietly. When standing still, you are less likely to be noticed, to the point of near invisibility at level 10. Creeper
Pack Beast N/A DEV 10 Adds 1 additional slot to your inventory. Any
Flame Breath N/A Fire 1 Creates a stream of fire to damage enemies. This ability grows weaker the longer it is used. Ultimate ability. Red Wyrm
Devour N/A STR 1 Deals high damage to the target. This ability can only target an enemy inside the user's mouth. Red Wyrm, Kaiju
Chomp 5 seconds STR 1 Grabs the enemy within the user's mouth. Deals decent damage and leaves the target wide open to the Devour ability. Red Wyrm, Kaiju
Tail Swipe 10 seconds STR 1 The user sweeps its tail across the ground, dealing damage to everyone hit. Red Wyrm, Kaiju
Breath of Magical Frost ??? INT 1 Deals an incredible amount of damage and gives the target the Chill status effect. Kaiju
Kaiju Fire 30 seconds INT 1 Breathes a stream of green fire, dealing huge damage to anyone caught in it and setting them on fire. Kaiju
Eye of Woe ??? Shadow 1 Reduces the durability of the target's items. Can only be used on a target that is looking at the user. Lurker
Death Glare ??? Shadow 1 Deals incredible damage to the target. Can only be used on a target that is looking at the user. Lurker



Name Attributes Max rank Description
Ancient Tongue INT, DEV 1 The Language written in the book on a enchanting table, it is also the language of many monsters that roam the Overworld, also known as the Standard Galactic Alphabet.
Common Tongue INT, DEV 1 The commonly spoken language in the Overworld. Monsters are capable of speaking Common, but they rarely do, as shown by the creeper from 8BW3.
Enderscript INT, DEV 1 Presumably the language of the End.
Elvish INT, DEV 1 The language of the Moon, Rain, and Dusk Elves.
Old Aetherian INT, DEV 1 Unknown, mentioned in books.
Netherian INT, DEV 1 Presumably the language of the Nether.
Dungeon Script INT, DEV 1 Used in dungeons to map out the layout of the trial.
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