Max and the gang when they retrieve an Aeon Forge. He fails to create a prismarine staff.

An Aeon Forge (a.k.a. Advanced Crafting Table) is a forge that has 5 by 5 crafting slot. The recipe for the forge has long been forgotten. "No one knows how to craft them." This forge uses advance crafting recipes. The advance crafting recipes were forgotten a long time ago, and are being rediscovered.

Shortly after graduating from the Villager School of Minecraft and Warriory, both Runt Ironfurnace and Breeze were sent in search of an Aeon Forge. Members of the Lost Legion originally attempted to do so, but they were ambushed by Herobrine and his forces. The two-headed to Owl’s Reach, unaware of the other being sent, with Ophelia becoming a waitress at the Enchanted Dragon and Runt wandering for days before arriving.

Whilst Ophelia had terrible luck in actually purchasing the forge, Breeze, who had arrived to help Runt, eventually managed to earn enough emeralds to purchase the forge from the librarian Feathers due to clearing a dungeon. After discovering Ophelia and Cogboggle, who’d been sent to help her, were there as well, they all headed into the inn before handing the forge to Brio, who had arrived with the rest of Team Runt.

Brio is incredibly skilled with crafting with the Forge, such as when he crafts gemwrought mail armour for Runt, endersteel plate armour for Stump, a new robe for Max and some new clothes for Cog in Wimpy Villager 16. Breeze is also knowledgeable of certain recipes like the one for Morel Medley.

Brio also possesses a tome with every advanced crafting recipe and almost every legendary one.

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