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Lorica (otherwise known as Aetheria City, or simply called called The Capital), is the center of the Aetherian Kingdom, a hub of skilled artisans and guilds such as the Knights of Aetheria. It's also home to the palace of King Runehammer II, as well as the Greater Aetherian Academy, Eohune's greatest center of learning.

Many Terrarians hide within her walls, where they beg the citizenry for food and emeralds. The Legion sympathizes with them and tries to help them the best they can.


It lies upon a central spot on Ardenvell's midwest, along the great inland Solemn Sea. Travelling east takes one to the ethereal canopies of Ravensong Forest, southbound lies the verdant grasslands of Dawnsbloom, and the northwest road leads on to the Commonlands and Frostrend province.

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