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The Aetheria server was a virtual reality Minecraft server featuring mods so extensive that many considered it an entirely different game. Like many servers in its time, Aetheria used MindLink, otherwise known as VR2.0.

In the year of 2039, as a result of The Crash, it has seemingly become a real world, with both its land and physical laws almost identical to those of the original server. How this world came to be is still debated by the humans who woke up on its shores.

There is a very hostile debate between the members of the Lost Legion about the issue of whether the server came to life, or they are still within the server, just unable to leave. Those who think that it came to life are called the Believers, and those who believe the opposite are called the Seekers.

The Aetheria server is very extensively developed. The world file for The Overworld is 1 petabyte - over 1 quadrillion bytes! The exact count of a petabyte is 1,125,899,906,842,624‬ bytes(1 quadrillion, 125 trillion, 899 billion, 906 million, 842 thousand, 642). The data for hostile monsters is also 50 terabytes, or 54,975,581,388,800‬ bytes(54 trillion, 975 billion, 581 million, 388 thousand, 800). A skilled team of coders such as Entity and Glorm programmed the server into existence over the course of 3 years.


Aetheria is populated by various races, from humans to villagers and Lupin packs, to even more exotic moon elves and dwarves. There used to be many more species, but most were wiped out after the Second Great War.


File:Ardenvell map.jpg

Map of Ardenvell

The main Aetherian continent is called Ardenvell, home to Villagetown. People in the capital call this continent Eohune. (Pronounced Eee-yoon.)

It presents a mostly plain biome, with exceptions such as the Ravensong Forest.

Other landmarks are Owl's Reach and the Tomb of the Forgotten King, the most spectacular of these being Aetheria City.

There are also islands that surround Ardenvell: the Isles, for example Ioae.

Biome Flags

Biome Flags, also known as Biome Enchantments, were introduced within the Evenstar update.

The builders could assign any number of such flags to their area, changing its properties. Almost every dungeon was set with the Protected flag, meaning modification through mining was impossible.

In the Nova update, 1% of all standard biomes were assigned one flag chosen at random.

The flags include but are not limited to the following:

Protected Blocks cannot be mined or placed
Timewarp Time moves faster or slower
Magnetic Metal items are heavier
Spell Void Magic type abilities are much harder to use
Umbral All sources of light are dampened
Healing All living creatures within the biome heal much faster
Brilliance All sources of light are increased, most undead are harmed
Rust Field All metal items continuously lose durability while in the biome
Gravity Well Gravity is increased, negative values are possible, increasing jump height
Blight All living entities have a small chance of being afflicted with a debuff in any given second
??? Unexplained phenomena occur within the biome; this flag was thought to be a glitch
Sacred Harms Undead.