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The Wimpy Villager Community is home to many meeting grounds.

  • The official Cube Kid discord server. The owners often host Minecraft server events. YOU MUST VERIFY YOURSELF IN #verify-here! (If you aren't sure how to do this, direct message one of the staff members)
  • The Church of Cube Kid server. A less-restrained experience, unlike the stringent rules of the official server. Beware, as the server is a large-scale LARP that regards Cube Kid as their god. It is primarily a more "mature" experience compared to the official server and is not as strict.
  • Cubekid.net was a website hosted by Nayte, one of the community members; however, it is currently down. Nayte had also previously hosted an email-based newsletter.
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  2. Be nice in the comments and on forum posts.
  3. We have a lot of pages already, so do not make new ones if the information can be incorporated into an existing page.
  4. Do not repeatedly ask for staff; it is an exclusive permission granted only to trusted members.



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