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Ardenvell, or Eohune (ee-yune), is a continent on the Overworld. At a size of about 828,900 square kilometers (320,000 square miles), it is very likely to be the largest continent in Aetheria as well. It stands under the control and influence of Aetheria City, the sole state in the land. Although it may seem like the sole continent in the land, in Forging Destiny we hear Kolb say the many other clans have sailed north. This proves the existence of other continents or islands besides Ardenvell.


Its geography is incredibly diverse, ranging from boggy swampland in the northwest, scorching deserts to its southeast, and cold tundra to the north, as well as dispersed islands around it. It's home to two large forests, that of Ravensong Forest, and another to the southwest, Voidmantle Wood.

One mountain range dominates the continents center, known as the Spines of Ao. The west is home to Aetheria City, largest city in Ardenvell and its capitol, while the southwest holds the province of Dawnsbloom, where most Terrarians found themselves upon their introduction. To the north (slightly) west is a dungeon named Tomb Of The Forgotten King which can be classified as a biome because no blocks can be placed and it's the only area where certain materials drop.



Perhaps even more diverse are the people and the places in which they live. A variety of races inhabit the continent, in places ranging from humble hamlets, larger towns (such as Villagetown), and mighty cities. Many cultures have come and gone, such as the Dwarves who live in mountains and perhaps under the bedrock, and Elves which live in a variety of woodland biomes, such as those of Glimfrost.


After the apocalyptic events of The Crash, many Terrarians had found themselves lost in the world of Aetheria, killed in droves during the first night. Members of the Lost Legion recalled finding themselves with no items on the coastal province of Dawnsbloom. The survivors regrouped, being besieged by monsters and having their fortifications razed to the ground. They formed player clans to defend against the horrors of Aetheria: from hostile monsters, to raving bandits. Many factions have formed, some still surviving to this day. Some are altruistic, tending to those in need. Others are abhorrently cruel, killing and taking advantage of others to survive.


Updated map from Cube's Facebook.

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A more detailed chart of Eohune's geography. Those regions shaded red indicate what many have dubbed the Frontier, full of monsters far from civilization. differences maps include a vast lake in the Midwest, various mountain ranges scattered around, and provincial borders across the continent.

A complete map made by Pokemaster282495, compiling maps from 8BW5, 8BW6, and 8BK2.