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Armor is used to defend against attacks. Some armor is lighter and allows easier movement (required for some abilities) while other armor is heavy and more useful for defense. Unlike Vanilla Minecraft, armor does not affect the whole body, only the part of the body it is on. Whatever armor you are wearing on your chest does not affect the damage taken if you were to be hit in the head.

Armor Type Information
Neophyte Set Your basic set of armor that you spawn wearing.
Tunic Armor that covers the chest and legs (this provides less protection or more than standard armor depending on the material from which it was made) If you make it with leather and leather boots, It is basically a Minecraft onesie
Knight Armor Knight armor does a better job of protecting the wearer than standard armor but is bulkier.
Mail A suit of mail is less bulky than standard armor but doesn't protect as well.
Gemwrought Mail Armor made from gems and leather! This special mail can only be crafted from gemstones and is good for spellcasting. It offers protection between leather and diamond but is superior to diamond overall. It also provides much more stealth and enables the use of abilities that would otherwise been unable to function properly with normal armor.
Flower Armor This armor is made from many different types of flowers. It was mentioned by the shopkeeper in 8BW5, but its use is unknown (possibly a boost to Earth Affinity or nature magic?), (or perhaps purely for decoration, like dress clothes?)
Royal Armor With a helmet/crown combination, this armor is fit for royalty!

Essentially the same as standard armor, its only appeal is cosmetic.

Plate Fully covers the body and comes with gauntlets and a helmet with a visor, The knees and elbows are protected by a combination of leather and metal, providing some flexibility. This armor gives much better armor than what Knights wear but comes at a hefty price and gives a disadvantage to Stealth.
Oreweave Made using raw ore. The word "Weave" infers that it is ore woven into a silk-like material, them made into armor (meaning that it isn't bulkier than a silk shirt).
Rocket Boots Special type of boots that grant a bonus to movement speed.
Hollow Lens Helmet attachment that protects the eyes from certain irritants (blinding slime, pollen, and corrupted blood). Crafted from Abyssal Gems.
Robe of Stars


Accessories are items like rings or bracelets that you can equip similarly to armor. They often provide less of an armor bonus, but can have enchantments that armor can't get (usually enchantments that provide status effects, like Regeneration etc.)

Accessory Amount Equippable
Necklace 1
Bracelet 2
Ring 2
Belt 1
Gloves/Gauntlets 2
Pouch 4 (requires belt accessory to equip)
Circlet/Tiara 1
Cloak 1
Scarf 1
Sunglasses 1