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Aunessence is Villagetown's newest district. It is a commercial shopping district that consists of many shops owned by various humans and villagers.

Shop Name Owner (s) Description (What they sell, type of store, etc.)
The Blizzard Zain An ice cream stand. It currently only sells ice cream sandwiches.
Kolbert's Mystical Teahouse Kolbert? A teahouse where you can get tea and enchanted multicolor cookies (that apparently resemble unicorns according to Eeebs).
Becca's Bouquet Boutique Becca A flower shop that sells many different kinds of rare flowers that have many uses, such as brewing.
The Crucible: Advanced Metallurgy Extreme A forge where you can get strong tools, weapons, and armor.
The Eternal Forge Leaf Leaf's second blacksmith shop. A rival of Extreme's shop.
Wings N' Things Amber and BlastLight A shop that sells dragon related items.
Daffodyll's Cafe ??? Probably a cafe that sells various foods and drinks.