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Aurasoph is a blind Aetherian human that grew up in a town in the province of Frostrend. He rose the ranks in his town through his skills, especially in music, surpassing all the other young men and women. Ranked 1st in his town, he has been accepted to The Greater Aetherian Academy despite his blindness.


Aurasoph began playing music at an extremely young age, and eventually learned the bard class. But instead of being combat focused like most people, he focused on lore, spending most of his time reading (using his familiar) and experimenting.

Aurasoph made a name for himself when he assisted the townsguard in fending off an attack by playing Dire Dirge, scaring off a significant number of the attackers and healing a nearly dead soldier. His friends and family remarked that “it is surprising he even knew about the attack, with his nose always in a book.” Along with these remarks were also rumors of a strange-looking bird flying around.

Aurasoph was forgotten until the town was deciding who would go to Lorica. Upon looking at the skills of the young people qualified to go, it was shocking to find a mostly unknown young man at the top of the list. When he was called to accept this honor, he came out with Exhaustion II and Hunger I, making members of his town embarrassed because of the state their number one was in. Although he is ranked 1st among the young men and women from his town, he is often the most ridiculed in his group because of how humble he is, his blindness and his class.


Aurasoph has short black hair and dark purple eyes that are covered by dark glasses. His skin is slightly grey, likely due to lack of sunlight and experiments. He wears a completely black hat, with a dark purple bard outfit with some light blue lines. His boots are completely black. His hands are often covered by his light brown leather gloves.


Little is known about his personality, even by his family members. He spent much of his time alone, reading and experimenting, prioritizing those above everything else. It is not uncommon for him to get several debuffs, such as Exhaustion or Chill, nearly dying multiple times because of it.

When he does interact, it is often surprising to see how articulate he is, despite seemingly never talking to anyone. One may notice that he redirects the conversation away from himself, dodging questions about his life. He is also extremely humble, bowing and saluting to superiors, equals, and inferiors. He possess an eidetic (photographic) memory, which allows him remember important things about people, which he often uses to appear even more humble and articulate. However, there are little hints as to how he thinks, not how he acts.


Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchantments
Weapon Resonate Flute Dark Iron Echo II
Weapon Repose Staff Silverwood 7-10 2.5 Galeweave II
Head Lament Hat Black Wool +1 Spellforce II, Comfort I
Chest+Torso Bard Outfit +4
Feet Detach Boots Bat Leather +1 Nurture II
Cloak Transpose Cloak Bat Leather Swiftness II
Hands Erudition Gloves Leather Intelligence I, Comfort I
Pouch Vicissitude Pouch Leather, Voidsilk Pocket II
Finger Adieu Ring Silverwood Ward I


  • Aurasoph comes from the Latin words Aura and Sophos, together meaning Air Sage.
  • Aurasoph is Luntontius's character.