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Bayliss is one of Nova's minions who appeared in Tales of an 8-bit Kitten 2 and was in the attack of Villagetown. He is a pigman and Terrarian and was one of the people who performed Rite of Awakening in the Halls of Agemmon. Glorm tried to stop him and defeated him, but when his health reached zero, the Rite of Awakening was completed. Glorm, Lyra, Eeebs, and the Legionnaires had to defeat the monsters that were awakened by the spell.


Black hair and greenish skin, and red, orange, and black clothes otherwise looks like a regular pigman.


Item Slot Item Type Material Damage Attack Speed Armor Enchantments
Weapon ??? Longsword or Greatsword? Gold? ??? ??? ???
Torso Some black armor Chestplate? ??? ??? ???
Legs Some black armor Leggings ??? ??? ???
Cloak ☀ ᓭ⍑∷𝙹⚍↸ 𝙹⎓ ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ ᓵ∷||╎リ⊣ ᓭℸ ̣ ᔑ∷ (called Shroud of the Crying Star) Cloak ??? ??? ???


Tales of an 8-bit Kitten 2 - Bayliss died to Glorm, but completed the Rite of Awakening.