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Biome Flags, also known as Biome Enchantments, were introduced within the Evenstar update.[1]

The builders could assign any number of such flags to their area, changing its properties. Almost every dungeon was set with the Protected Flag[1], meaning modification through mining was impossible.

In the Nova update, 1% of all standard biomes were assigned one flag chosen at random.

The flags include but are not limited to:

  • Protected -- Blocks cannot be mined or placed.[1]
  • Timewarp -- Time moves faster or slower.
  • Magnetic -- Metal items are heavier.
  • Spell Void -- Magic-type abilities are much harder to use.
  • Umbral -- All sources of light are dampened.
  • Healing -- All living creatures within the biome heal much faster.
  • Brilliance -- All sources of light are increased; most undead are harmed.
  • Rust Field -- All metal items continually lose durability while in the biome.
  • Gravity Well -- Gravity is increased; negative values are possible, increasing jump height.
  • Blight -- All living entities have a small chance of being afflicted with a debuff in any given second.
  • ??? -- Unexplained phenomena occurs within the biome; this flag was thought to be a glitch.[Citation Needed]