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Blastlight is a Terrarian who serves the Lost Legion. She first appeared in Nether Kitten when Eeebs wandered in the brewing room while rummaging through the Lost Keep. She wants to become a Dragoon, and owns a shop based on dragons with Amber.


Blastlight is a female Human with orange hair and green eyes. She wears a blue prismarine chestplate decorated with a light blue dragon, grey pants and dark blue boots.


BlastLight is kind of a fast talker. She also has a habit of sometimes snaping at people who disturb her.

Despite this, she is loyal, shown when she checked on Eeebs in Nether Kitten.


Item Type Material Damage Attack Speed Armor Enchants
Mintiness Sword Sharpness II
Peppermint Sword Sharpness II
Moonfeather Necklace +1
Tunic of Ao +5
Trousers of Ao +3
Stormswirl Boots +3 Dragon Affinity I
Pendant of Ao Dragon Affinity I
Lost Legion Initiate Cloak Vitality V
Pouch of Holding Pocket III
Ring of Vitality Vitality II
Ring of Resilience Resilience II

Series Timeline

Nether Kitten 6- She first appears when Eeebs barges into the brewing room.