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Blastlight is a Terrarian who serves the Lost Legion. She first appeared in Nether Kitten when Eeebs wandered in the brewing room while rummaging through the Lost Keep. She wears a blue prismarine chestplate.

Nether Kitten Edit

Blastlight was one of the performers during the play, when Villagetown was attacked by a raid of pigmen and goblins. Blastlight is a resolute fighter, able to kill enemies with a kitchen knife.

Gear Edit

Weapon: [Mintiness]--[Sword], [?], [?], [?], [Sharpness II]

Weapon: [Peppermint]--[Sword], [?], [?], [?], [Sharpness II]

Head: [Moonfeather Necklace]--[Moonfeather?], [+1]

Torso: [Tunic of Ao]--[?], [+5]

Legs: [Trousers of Ao]--[?], [+3]

Feet: [Stormswirl Boots]--[?], [+3], [Dragon Affinity I]

Pendant: [Pendant of Ao]--[?], [Dragon Affinity I]

Cloak: [Lost Legion Initiate Cloak], [?], [Vitality V]

Pouch: [Pouch of Holding--[?], [Pocket III]

Ring: [Ring of Vitality]--[?}, [Vitality II]

Ring: [Ring of Resilience]--[?], [Resilience II]

Class and Abilities Edit

Classes Edit

Duelist V

Infiltrator III

Abilities Edit

Dash II

Tumble I

Dual Wield III

Analyze Monster I

Hide I

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