Breeze is a Dusk Elf (formerly known as Alyss Nightcrest and was the countess of Ioae) with turquoise hair and extreme battle skills. Alyss made her first appearance in 8-Bit Warrior Book 2, and she is now the secondary character. When she heard she was going to Aetheria City, she wasn't thrilled. She started the alliance with the Lost Legion in book 3 when Kolb wanted to tie her hands and her friends. She is a very mysterious character as she only revealed herself during WV 16 during the end as a dusk elf making her seem to have other secrets and doesn't have a series on her so we have to rely on her telling others though it is revealed in 8-bit kitten 1 she has a diary.

Backstory Edit

Alyss was born in Ioae, the Capital of the Dusk Elves. Her biological father was killed in a duel with an Underlord. Herobrine razed her city to the ground because the king had requested them to learn ancient knowledge. Therefore, this came to Herobrine as a threat.

After these events, the Dusk Elves would found the refuge of Shadowbrook, in which she grew up. This would only be a short respite, as the village was destroyed by Nethermancers under the Herobrine's service. She and Brio (otherwise known as Ezael), the two survivors, were captured and locked in a hidden dungeon for experimentation.

As a result of this thorough modification, her combat skills improved immensely. She later escaped with Brio and fled, eventually coming across Villagetown. They disguised themselves as villagers to try to fit in, using a Disguise II Potion(of the villager type).

Appearance Edit

Breeze is depicted as having blue hair, along with purple eyes. She is shown to have light brown skin in her villager disguise form. When she is in her normal form, she has the same hair color, purple eyes, and long elf ears. In this form, her skin color is not as dark.

As a dusk elf, she has unusually thick hair (difficult to dye, according to the village transmogrist), nails that possess a slight iridescence in sunlight, along with eyebrows that are notably longer than a human's (although nowhere near as long as a faerie's).

Personality Edit

When Breeze first appeared in the books, she was described as shy and creepy. When Breeze revealed her actual ability to fight, she became less creepy, since she could openly be with Runt without having to stalk him, but continued to be shy, since she felt out of place. When Lola started moving in on Runt, she became jealous, proving that she does have a dark side. She has also proved herself to be brave, even when fighting forces equal or more powerful than herself, such as taking on Boss Urf, even though her plan could have gone wrong in many ways. Having spent time with Runt, she has even developed a sense of humor.  

She is the only Academy trainee with what could be called a professional level of archery experience and shocks instructors when filling one-third of her quiver with grass. This is a trick that reduces the rattling sound arrows make when running or moving.  

Despite her skill with a bow, she begins initial training as a Rogue and mostly attends Rogue-related courses in the Academy.  

Love interest: Runt    

Gear Edit

Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchants
weapon Sapphire Katana sword Sapphire 11D 1.35 Haste II

Wounding II

Unbreaking III

Mob Beacon l

weapon Emerald Sword sword Emerald 7D 1.5 Unbreaking I
weapon Moonheart Bow longbow Wood, Dye ?D ? Haste I

Wounding XV

Frostbolt I

weapon Morningtide sword Bedrock, lunar crystal. 15 2.5 Negate I
head Seasong Tiara tiara
torso Duskwave Tunic tunic
hands Duskwave Gloves gloves
feet Duskwave Boots boots
accessory Crystal Collar collar
accessory Black Opal Belt belt Black Opal
accessory Duskwave Armlets bracelet
accessory Moon Coral Bracelet bracelet Moon Coral
accessory Bracelet of Tides bracelet

Series Timeline Edit

  • First appeared in Diary of an 8-bit Warrior 2, From Seeds to Swords.

Trivia Edit

  • Breeze's hair is not naturally blue - she changed it before she came to Villagetown. It is not revealed what her natural hair color is.
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