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Brio and Breeze, revealing themselves to Villagetown.

Brio is a Dusk Elf (formerly known as Ezael Stormblood) with silvery hair and potent combat abilities.He has purple eyes, because he has been enchanted by Herobrine. He made his first appearance in Diary of an 8-bit warrior book 2 (From seeds to swords), and is now a close side character.

Life as a Dusk Elf Edit

When living in Ioae, the Dusk Elf Island kingdom, he served as the high retainer to the Nightcrest family. He saved young Alyss (alias, Breeze) from the Eyeless One's invasion, and brought her to the refuge settlement of classes happily, they were discovered once again, and could not evade capture. They would be painfully empowered through rune magic, which allowed them to escape their hated prison. Afterwards they stumbled around east Ardenvell, day after day, and finally came across Villagetown.

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