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Chedery, or Ched is a Stalker class and a soldier in the Lost Legion. He is a character in Aetheria Offline and is currently going to Fallowmere with 8 others.


When the Lost Legion awoke on Dawsnbloom, they all panicked. When night fell, they panicked even more. The mobs came shambling, and Ched's best friend Aram was lost. He was the first known Legionarre to start "playing the game" and vowed to never let Aram's indecent happen to anyone else.



Ched is brave and ruthless, often charging into battle headfirst. This may cause him to end up with serious injuries. As a safe measure, he still has escape abilities such as dash and hide. He also can be rude when he is tired or just in a bad mood.

It is revealed he had a friend named Aram who was presumably killed or put in Herobrine's dungeon


Slot Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchants
Weapon Harbinger Crossbow Silver, Dark Iron 5-15 1.5 Precision III Wounding II Rapid fire (augments arm mount)
Weapon Silver Crossbow Crossbow Silver 6 1.55 Power I
Weapon Silver Shortsword Shortsword Silver 5 1.25 Unbreaking I

Smite III

Head Ln. Battle Scarf Scarf Wool +1 Agility I

Marksman I

Torso Ln. Hunter Suit(U) Chestplate Leather +2 Agility I

Stealth I

Legs Ln. Hunter Suit(L) Leggings Leather +1 Agility I

Stealth I

Feet Nightbane Boots Boots Leather +1 Agility I

Swiftness I

Neck Pendant of the Hunter Pendant Silver Ab. Boost: Castigate
Cloak Lost Legion Initiate Cloak Cloak Wool Agility V
Gloves Nightbane Gloves Gloves Leather +1 Agility III
Belt Stormshell Belt Belt Seashell Agility I
Pouch Satchel of Holding Pouch Leather Pouch V
Ring Ring of Perception Ring Silver Marksman II
Ring Band of Swiftness Ring Gold Ab. Boost: Dash

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