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In Aetheria, there are three tiers of professions, otherwise known as 'jobs' or simply 'classes'. However, classes can also be sorted into 5 tiers for more accurate grading. The five tiers are known as:

  • Base
  • Adept
  • Expert
  • Realm
  • Uncharted

Base, adept, and expert are the 3 basic tiers of classes. These classes are easily accessible and are very common. Realm classes were quite hard to obtain, typically involving the completion of a secret quest of insane difficulty or use of an extremely rare item. Uncharted classes used similar methods but were even harder to obtain. Classes from both of the aforementioned types are very rewarding, however, as is expected of such rare classes. An interesting note is that if you have achieved the requirements to obtain a class, NPCs may be willing to grant you the class again if you lost it. It is not known if this is the case with secret classes not granted by NPCs.

A character unlocks the ability to add more classes as they level up (up to 8 at level 80), which opens up the possibility of multiclassing. Most characters choose a "Primary" class, then choose other classes to complement their Primary class. It is worth noting that choosing a Primary class causes that class's bonuses to improve

All professions could be placed in what was called a class “tree”:

  • Fighter -- These classes, as their name suggests, fight!
  • Rogue -- These classes move fast and dodge attacks well.
  • Mage -- A class that uses magic against enemies.
  • Priest -- Almost every priest gets some kind of healing ability. Some are primarily healers, others use it to support more offensive techniques.
  • Craftsman -- These classes don't fight. Instead, they craft/enchant/buff items for their team members.

A successful group typically had 1 or 2 fighters/rogues, 1 or 2 mages, and a priest.

It should be known that some fighter or mage professions were sometimes labeled as "Carries" or even "Hypercarries". These were professions with such damage output that they were capable of "carrying" their team to victory; the only professions among the base professions labeled as Carries were the Stalker (and most likely Assassin along with it) and Nethermancer (and probably Lich, as it's a direct upgrade from Nethermancer). However, it should also be known that carrying is very difficult, and could go terribly wrong. It was ALWAYS recommended to work together so that there wasn't that much reliance on a single player.


AoE stands for 'area of effect' - an ability that can affect multiple targets, like the explosion from Fire Cube. Most AoE attacks are explosions or otherwise spread out slightly; TNT blasts and splash potions are classic examples.

CC stands for 'crowd control' - an ability that can effectively stun, immobilize, frighten or otherwise disable a group.

DoT is damage over time - an ability that can cause continuous damage after landing a hit.

Another Note: A Neophyte is a term applied to someone who has not chosen a class.


Blanks mean unknown. If there are none, it'll say none.


Name Role Level up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other notes
Barbarian DPS A versatile class that prefers 2-handed weapons such as battle-axes, war-hammers, etc
Blackguard Tank A class that specializes in defensive abilities, especially those employing a shield.
Duelist DPS 10 A lightly armored and highly mobile melee specialist. Prefers to dual wield, and gains access to many Dash type abilities.
Vindicator DPS A type of warrior specializing in axes rather than swords.
Warrior Tank Arms Mastery: Your Combat skill with melee weapons is increased by 2.5%. (25% @ Max) 10 Gain +1 Hit.   The all-purpose swordsman. They are effective with almost any weapon or type of armor and are great on the front lines. Guard, Battle Cry  

Ultimates: Overblade, Cleave Dash 


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
__________ _____ ____________________ _____ ____________________ ____________________ _______________ __________
Baker Support Gains a huge bonus to Crafting and Cooking skill with any sort of bread-based food recipe, and gains access to strange food-based abilities like Cake Bomb. Cake Bomb, Secret Recipe, Elite Swag, Health Food, In A Pinch, Irresistible Delight, Makeshift Muffin, Rotten Roll, Secret Family Recipe, Wimper
Bard Support Plays songs that have magical effects. Crescendo, Dire Dirge, Lullaby, Soothing Refrain, Uplifting Melody, Wimpy
Hunter DPS Gain massive bonuses to ranged weapons, and they have a pet for improved ranged abilities and stealth. They also gain a few abilities for surviving in the wilderness. Also known as Rangers or Woodsmen. Blindside, Feral Ally, Mortal Strike, Roll Over, Scout, Track
Illusionist DPS A mage that focuses on illusions. Can create permanent fake walls, bushes, and monsters that can even deal damage. The only class that can have the ultimate spell "Wizinvis", the strongest form of invisibility. Illusion,

Ultimates: Wizinvis

Thief Support Subtlety: Gain a +2.5% bonus to Stealth when in shadow. Pilfer and Locksmith are 2.5% more effective. (25% @ Max).   10 Inn Lore: Gain three ability points. These can only be used for Thief abilities.   The standard rogue. Great at detecting and disarming traps, stealing, stealth, ambushing the enemy. Pilfer, Locksmith, Hide, Sneak Attack, Dirt Kick, Scout, Analyze Monster, Analyze Object  

Ultimates: Smoke Bomb, Quietus 


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
__________ _____ ____________________ _____ ____________________ ____________________ _______________ __________
Enchanter Support A class that can permanently or temporarily enchant items and can even temporarily enchant living things. Windrush
Evoker DPS This class gets the two Evoker abilities - Spawn Vex and Evoker Fangs.
Frost Mage Support Has many ice-related abilities to support their party. Frost Block, Frost Web,

Ultimates: Boreal Blast

Shepherd Support A class that specializes in familiars. Can have multiple familiars which function as pets and gain bonuses.
Silver Mage Support/DPS Effective with light weapons such as the rapier and gains non-Mage adept classes more easily.
Wizard Support The standard magician. Has basic wizard spells and bonus energy regeneration. Conkm Wimper


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
__________ _____ ____________________ _____ ____________________ ____________________ _______________ __________
Disciple of Ao Support/DPS Gains access to healing spells as well as offensive fire spells.
Druid Support A nature priest who has plant-based spells and healing spells.
Monk Support/DPS A martial artist who has basic healing abilities and many martial arts abilities.
Moon Priest Support Of all of the basic classes, the Moon Priest easily has the best healing abilities. However, they get very little in the way of offensive abilities, so they're almost exclusively a support class.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abillities Other Notes
Alchemist Support Gains massive brewing skill bonuses and can create powders and bombs to weaken enemies.
Armorsmith Support Gains large bonuses to crafting armor.
Merchant Support Gains bonuses when trading, and can gain XP and free items with any successful trade. They also have bonuses to Speechcraft and Riding.
Mettalurgist Support Gains bonuses to forging metal items. They also gain a bonus to crafting skill.
Tinkerer Support The standard craftsman. Gains a large bonus to Crafting skill, and can craft special items that only Tinkerers are able to craft.
Weaponsmith Support Gains large bonuses when crafting weapons.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
Beastmaster DPS Pet Handling: Your active pet receives a +2 bonus to each attribute. (+30 @ Max).  15 Soul Bond: Whenever you are affected by a buff, that buff affects your pet as well, at 50% strength.  An upgraded version of Hunter that sacrifices extra ranged ability for an even stronger pet. A Beastmaster primarily uses their pet for combat rather than their own weapons or abilities. A Beastmaster's pet can become stronger than its master. Control Animal, Blindside, Power Chop

Ultimates: Feral Rage, Overblade

Berserker DPS A warrior that is driven by emotion, usually anger. They gain bonuses to critical hits and are resistant to mental status effects like charm and fear.

Ultimates: Undying Rage

Cavalier DPS Rider: All penalties resulting from riding a mount are reduced by 5%. (75% @ Max).  15 Faithful Steed: Any animal or monster that you are currently riding receives a bonus of 25 to all attributes.  Mount specialist favoring mounted combat. They gain a large bonus to Combat when riding. Charge, Blindside, Power Chop, Impale, Anvil Strike

Ultimates: Deflect, Overblade, Aegis, Trample

Knight Tank/DPS Elite Training: One physical ability you possess receives a 2% bonus. (30% @ Max).  15 Blessing of Runehammer: Heals and beneficial magical effects you receive are increased by 10%.  The standard knight. Can empower specific physical abilities for focused specialization. Heroic Strike, Heal Wounds, Bash, Dispel, Power Chop, Anvil Strike

Ultimates: Deflect, Overblade, Aegis

Monster Hunter DPS A warrior who specializes in the efficient elimination of monsters. Has abilities that target specific monster subtypes, and can also learn some monster abilities.
Shadow Knight Tank/Support Similar to Knight, but with bonuses to Shadow Magic and some basic Shadow-element spells.
Skull Knight Tank/Support Similar to Knight, but they get a few spells related to summoning and controlling undead.
Swashbuckler DPS Ambidextrous: Your Combat skill when dual wielding is increased by 1%. (15% @ Max)  15 Sudden Strike: After using Dash or Tumble, gain +5 damage on your next attack.  Duel Wield specialist with high mobility. Also gains access to musket related abilities. Lunge, Riposte, Sneak Attack, Power Chop

Ultimates: Quietus, Overblade, Cleave Dash

Taskmaster Support A battle commander with a variety of auras that can affect an entire team. The most supportive warrior class.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
Assassin DPS Experts in the rapid elimination of a single target. They gain access to a variety of abilities of stealth, poisons, and critical hits.
Bladesinger DPS A combat-focused Bard with high mobility. Does not require a musical instrument to use songs. They're channeled through a sword instead. Requires Bard
Bladedancer Support Like the Bard, uses Music skill to create magical effects through dances. Requires Bard
Outrider DPS/Support A mount specialist favoring mobility and tactics. Gains a large bonus to Riding skill.
Pirate DPS/Support Has some auras that affect allies, a few musket and treasure related abilities, gains boosts to combat when near ships, and gains boosts to swimming speed. They also gain the ultimate "Ghost Ship".
Stalker DPS A direct upgrade from Hunter that sacrifices their pet for even bigger bonuses to ranged weapons. They are one of the few classes that can "carry" the party.
Treasure Hunter Support Less stealth and more trap disarming. The ultimate dungeoneer. Gains bonuses to anything related to locks and traps.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
Artificer Support This class specializes in creating magical items, such as rings, pendants, and other accessories. They get a golem pet upon obtaining this class.
Astral Mage Support A class with every known teleportation spell. For example Portal, which creates a gate to any place up to a 50,000 block range.
Crystal Mage Support Not much is known about this class, except they use crystals and it can only be learned through the Mycon race, who live in the Void.
Illusionist Support A mage that focuses on illusions. Can create permanent fake walls, bushes, and monsters that can even deal damage. The only class that can have the ultimate spell "Wizinvis", the strongest form of invisibility.
Monster Shepherd Support A mage that specializes in summoning and controlling monsters and other familiars.
Nethermancer DPS A class that gains power through the Nether, has fire and shadow spells and can summon a small army of weak undead. At level 20, they unlock a secret class called “Lich” in which they become undead themselves. One of the few classes with such a sheer damage output that they can "carry" the entire party. This is not recommended, however, and should only be used in certain situations to avoid disaster.
Oracle Support Specialized in divination spells, or spells that provide information. The only class to have the ultimate "True Sight" which can see through almost any type of invisibility or magical concealment. Can study monsters to amplify any potential weaknesses.
Sage Support A mage that specializes in information. They have knowledge of most monsters and get bonuses to the Analyze Monster and Analyze Trap abilities.
Void Mage Support Not much is known of this class other than that they can use mob abilities
Warlock Support Has access to many shadow and curse spells. Also has a Brewing bonus and gets an imp as a pet.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
Feral Support A druid who focuses on shapeshifting. It can turn into a monstrous lynx, a weird fox creature, and many others.
Geomancer Support Can alter the landscape in almost any way possible, and has abilities related to specific biomes. For instance, ”Quicksand” is deadly, but it can only be used on sand.
Master Support A martial arts specialist that is a direct upgrade from the Monk. They use an inner force called Chi to power their punches, kicks, and blocks.
Shaman Support/DPS This class has a direct connection with the spirit world. It can summon spirits or even spirit animals for assistance. Also has moderate-strength healing and lightning spells.
Shugenja Support Similar to Shaman, except with kami, otherwise known as nature spirits; every biome is filled with kami, you just can't see them.
Warden Support/Tank A Priest that specializes in defensive spells, especially shielding spells.
Witch Doctor Support Uses ancient, primitive magic. They have every known healing spell and powerful curses.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
Gadgeteer Support Can make gadgets, most almost toy-like, to produce spell effects, which can usually be used well against mobs, especially if the mobs have low intelligence.
Machinist Support A class that gains large bonuses when crafting complicated items.
Runesmith Support A class that can temporarily or permanently enchant items, like the Enchanter. However, while the Enchanter can enchant living things, the Runesmith can also enchant blocks.
Potion Master Support Direct upgrade from Alchemist that gains even bigger bonuses to brewing. Since some of the best potions require 2,000+ Brewing Skill, this class is a requirement to make Elixirs.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
Avenger Tank/DPS An upgraded Berserker. Along with the normal bonuses and resistances, they also get a damage increase when they're attacked. When they get hit, their damage increases by 50% for 3 seconds. Being hit again resets the timer and increases damage by another 50%. This effect can stack up to five times, after which taking more damage will not increase the bonus any further and will not restart the timer.
Commander Support A supportive warrior with many "group buff" abilities.
Dragoon Support Dragonslayer: You take 2.5% less damage and deal 2.5% more damage versus dragonkind. (50% @


20 Dragonborn: You may gain and control a small dragon as a mount.  A rare class that specializes in dragons and gains abilities related to them. Impale, Dragon Jump, Power Chop

Ultimates: Skycrash, Cleave Dash, Deflect, Overblade, Aegis

Hexblade DPS A knight class that can equip cursed items without any negative effects. Can utilize these curses to cast spells or turn the curses onto enemies.
Lord DPS Sacred: A holy weapon's enchantments are +5% more effective in your hands. (+100% @ Max).  20 Undying: Once per day, upon being reduced to zero health or less, you are completely healed instead of dying.  Also known as the “holy knight”, can equip powerful sacred items that only Lords have access to. Impale, Barrier, Power Chop

Ultimates: Radiance, Deflect, Overblade

Samurai DPS Eldritch Blade: Any spell you cast through a spellblade is 5% stronger. (100% @ Max).

Swordmaster II: Your Combat skill with swords is increased by 2%. (40% @ Max).

Battlecaster: Penalties incurred from casting spells while wearing armor are reduced by 5%. (100% @ Max). 

20 Way of the Warrior V: Any crit caused through a technique has a 50% chance to autokill instead. A warrior with a code of honor and a mystical side. Can cast many basic wizard spells. Has access to some advanced Dash-type abilities. Riposte, Power Chop, Spin Dash, Frost Block, Fire Cube, Terror, Magic Screen

Ultimates: Cleave Dash, Deflect, Overblade, Aegis

Underlord DPS/Support A knight with an affinity to shadow and the darker side of magic. Basic wizard spells. Can summon and control a ghost pet. Underlords are most often evil, but they don't necessarily have to be.
Valkyrie DPS/Tank Extremely mobile warrior class that specializes in the use of spears. Gains access to limited healing spells. Female only.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
Ninja DPS/Support An upgraded Thief that specializes in stealth, martial arts, and some basic spells.
Royal Chef Support A direct upgrade from Baker that gets more of a Crafting bonus and more baking-related abilities.
Trickster Tank/DPS Similar to Illusionist, but with more weapon power and less reliance on illusions. Instead of using illusions as their primary method of combat, they use them to support standard melee combat and to trick enemies.
Wind Rider DPS/Tank A class that is strong in Air Magic. They have unique Air abilities, including the ability to fly by creating updrafts, which gives the class its name.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
Aeromancer DPS/Support Bird mage, can fly, and turn into crazy bird monster thing.
Artista DPS/Support Exclusively uses the “draw on terrain” mechanic and can also draw in air to cast spells
Blood Mage Tank A peculiar spellcasting class that doesn't use energy to cast spells, but their own lifeforce, HP. They gain powerful life-draining abilities to offset this. Vampires usually have this class.
Caller DPS/Support Can summon mobs from any dimension to fight or heal allies.
Elementalist DPS Fire, Water, Air, or Earth - An Elementalist picks one of these elements and trains in that element to the exclusion of the other three elements.
Invoker DPS A class with powerful elemental magic. They have incredible damage output but are very fragile.
Necromancer Tank/DPS A direct upgrade from Nethermancer which gives up Fire magic for even stronger summoning abilities.
Psionic DPS/Support Specialize in mental magic. Some overlap with oracle in mind-reading (but not nearly as focused on info stuff). Abilities like telekinesis, pyrokinesis (aoe fire) and as well as charm/sleep/mind control.
Raven Lord Support A powerful Air mage that can shapeshift into different types of birds and summon ghostly ravens for assistance in battles.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
Demon Hunter DPS Has several abilities that deal high damage to monsters. They are one of the strongest damage-dealing classes known, but they don't have many defensive abilities. Can learn monster abilities.
Hierophant Tank Similar to Druid, although with stronger ties to the forest. It gains access to a monstrous tree form which increases healing and protective spells. It can also summon tree spirits for assistance.
Loremaster Support A direct upgrade from Sage with even more knowledge. Ultimates: Wish
Saint Support One of the most powerful healing classes known. Excellent support class, but virtually no offensive power.
Witch Hunter DPS/Tank A class that seeks to drive all evil from the Overworld. They get bonuses to damage against undead and also gain peculiar abilities such as Banish, which teleports mobs back to their original realm.


There are currently no Expert Craftsman Classes.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
Brigand DPS/Support An upgraded version of Thief that gets extra Stealth bonuses, in addition to damage bonuses to abilities that require Stealth.
Dragon Knight DPS/Tank Dragoon/Knight hybrid class with the powers of both classes.
Golden Ascendant DPS Powerful rogue class with massive mobility. Also has Light Magic for healing and attacks. However, it can only use gold tools/weapons/armor. One of the strongest DPS classes, with up to 500% damage boost.
Purifier ??? (Probably Support/DPS) Has many abilities to drive out groups of monsters (Otherwise known as Crowd Control).
Shinobi DPS A Ninja variant with even better ambush ability. Very high damage output, at the cost of less defense.
Toymaker Support Direct upgrade from Gadgeteer that can make better toys with stronger effects.


Name Role Level Up Bonus Max Level Max Level Bonus Description Abilities Other Notes
Disciple of the Silver Flame ??? (I really don't know) ??? (Most likely a more spell-oriented version of KOTSF) To learn it, one must go to a temple at the top fo a mountain, and train there, while listening to Monks "blabber" about Ancient Lore.
Initiate of Eight Winds ??? A class with even stronger Air magic than the Wind Rider.
Knight of the Silver Flame Tank Strong Knight class with peculiar abilities like "Silver Flame" which repels undead.
Lich DPS This class is accessible only by a Nethermancer after it reaches level 20. After this, the Nethermancer becomes part undead.
Maid Support Coming soon!
Retainer of Icehollow ??? (Probably Tank/DPS)
Shield of Ao Tank A powerful tank class with Fire and Earth magic to further increase their already formidable defense.
Toymaker Support Direct upgrade from Gadgeteer that can make better toys with stronger effects.
Twilight Shepherd Support/Tank Entity’s main class, a priest support class with access to many spells
Waitress Support Coming soon!
Wayward Swordsman ??? (Probably DPS) Presumably has powerful sword abilities (Big surprise, right?)
Witch Support/DPS Summons faeries for power and has every known curse spell as well as some healing spells. They also gain a large brewing bonus.