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Cogboggle is another punk like the "old" Pebble. After Pebble was banished from Villagetown, Pebble's friends, such as Sara, Porcupine and Twinkle started joining Cogboggle, forming Team Zombiepunk. Cogboggle was in the school rank around 70-80s, but when he heard that the villagers in the top 5 rank were going to be leaders, he did everything to get in the top 5. This included sneaking around with his best friend Block, attempting to copy other students’ ideas to do better in tests, like in the redstone test when he copied Lola’s flying machine. At last he did, ranking third in his class at level 128. He is still a thief who steals other villagers' stuff, as shown when he snags an obsidian ring from three members of the Solemn Blades. However, as shown in Wimpy Villager 16, he has gained some respect for Runt.


Cog originally wore a black robe with a purple scarf, the ‘latest in villager punk fashion’, with a styled eyebrow. When at Glimfrost, he finds a white cap to go along with it. He now sports new, pink and white aethersilk armor and a cape enchanted with Pocket III made by Brio.


Cogboggle is considered to be a punk. He does everything he can to get into the top 5, just so he can get “gifts and donations.” Runt claims that he only cares about emeralds, items, and ripping off others. It appears that Cogboggle’s friends don’t care about him as much as Runt’s or Ophelia’s. However, it does seem like he has some discipline beaten into him, and that he has developed some form of respect towards Runt.