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Critbringer (originally named Aeon) is a legendary adamant greatsword belonging to Kolb. It is one of the two Divine Blades remaining, one of the only weapons capable of harming the Eyeless One. Alas, he knew this and had them shattered in hopes of no one ever being able to wield them. Now seven shards are scattered throughout Aetheria, and it is up to the Heroes to recover them so that they might stand a chance in a fight with Herobrine.

The Critbringer is originally named Aeon, it was renamed by the former owner of the sword, a Knight of Aetheria. 

An Aeon Forge is required to repair it.

Two shards are in Kolb’s possession, while another one is in Lavacrest.

We've seen one shard in Tales of an 8-bit Kitten and one in the ending of Diary of an 8-bit Warrior: Forging destiny.


Dullness II(2), Slowness II(2), and Unblocking III(3).

Damage Theory

The damage on this weapon is unknown, but with some math, we may be able to figure it out. First, we take off the negative enchants. In 8-bit Warrior 6, the average damage is 4.5, probably a range of 3-5 damage. Unblocking 3 takes 60% less blocking negation. Dullness 2 decreases weapon damage by 3. Slowness probably negates attack speed by 3, so the clean sword minus the 7 shards are 6.5 attack speed, and a range of 6-8 damage. Not very powerful, but now it’s time to add shards. First off, we need to find how much damage 1 shard adds. As Eventide does 15 without the gemstone, Critbringer will be somewhere higher. We should assume there are 2 or 3 shards already on the sword (when Entity gave it to him). So 1 shard would do 3 or 2 damage. If we add this to our sword, we have.....21 average damage. Not enough to take on dragons, but still very good. So with enchants, and other things, it could probably crit on 200 damage, seeing as Elric’s sword does 85 damage.