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The Crystal Owls are one of many major guilds on the continent of Ardenvell. Their guildhall is located in Arcania, but the exact location is unknown. They are described as very secretive.


Battle of Villagetown

The Crystal Owls appeared in the Battle Of Villlagetown. Lyra first appeared, telepathically giving Eeebs instructions and supporting the Lost Legion. When Eeebs went into the Halls of Agemmon and Lyra couldn't follow for awhile, he met Glorm, who was dueling Bayliss. When the Rite of Awakening was finished by Bayliss before Glorm could defeat them, Lyra, Glorm and Eeebs held off the Final Guardian, a Red Wyrm, until Hurion's Wish Coin summoned a Kaiju to assist in clearing the Labyrinth. They later bid Eeebs and the Legion farewell and left to deal with a situation in Morningvale.

Known Members