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The Crystal Owls are one of many clans on the continent of Ardenvell. They consist three currently known members: Glorm, an Underlord clad in omnigold plate, and the supposed leader of the group, Lyra Aetherstar, a Moon Elf sorceress who possesses the ability to turn into a white bird and communicate with others telepathically, and Faolan, a lupin wizard from Diamondhome and the best friend of the Legionnaire Kaeleb.

The Crystal Owls appeared in the Halls of Agemmon whilst Eeebs was exploring it. Inviting the Chosen Animal to accompany them on completing a quest for King Runehammer and Grand Magister Alfric, they later battled through the dungeon, before reaching the final boss: a Red Wyrm. With the help of the Lost Legion, Eeebs and the kaiju summoned by Hurion’s Wish Coin, the Crystal Owls were able to defeat the guardian. The group later bid Eeebs and the Legion farewell, before leaving to deal with a situation in Morningvale.

They often mentioned something called "All That Follows". Whether it is an event, a person, or something else entirely is unclear.

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