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Diary Of An 8-Bit Warrior: Crafting Alliances is the third book of the Diary Of An 8-Bit Warrior series.



Wimpy Villager 9

The story starts with Runt getting out of his house. He goes on a walk, finding posters of Pebble, Urf, and Emerald. The ones about Pebble and Emerald were about praising and/or "boosting morale". The ones about Urf were about him being wanted. The prize for capturing was 500 emeralds. He had run off with half a village supply room, bringing the most valuable items and fleeing to the forest, most likely to side with the mobs (later in the series, this is confirmed).

The are other posters of other people that fought against the mobs, but the majority were of Emerald and Pebble.

Runt decides to head to the school early. He sees Brio, and decides to speak with him. Brio confisticates Urrk Doomwhip's fishing rod, and tells Runt about how the school would be "kicked up a notch". He also tells him that Breeze was grounded by her father for participating in the battle against Urrk.

Later, when class finally starts, Runt finds out what this means. The men in black robes start harassing the students to make them tougher. For example, when Rock is chatting with his friends when class has already started, one of the men tap him on the shoulder with a stick. Rock decides to protest instead of obediently going to class, so the man taps him on the shoulder with the stick again. Rock goes to class, but looks anywhere but at the teacher. Minutes later, two of the men grab him and literally pull him out of his boots before hauling him off somewhere.

Also, when Pebble is late to class by chatting with Sara, Brio snuck up to Pebble's locker and started looting it. Another way of making the students become tougher is by serving gross foods in the cafeteria to the offenders, such as coarse dirt stew, gravel sandwich, cooked spider legs, and slime pie.

Later that day, when Runt is in combat training, he thinks about how everybody seems to hate Team Runt. Everybody glares at them in the halls, and stop asking questions. He knows that everybody seems to be enemies with everybody, but they seem to all be against his team. After all that, the Mayor gave an inspiring speech.

Wimpy Villager 10

The two days later, during combat training, Runt is told by Drill that he and his team were selected to be builders on Project Squidboat.

The day after, that, for Project Squidboat, Runt and Emerald leave the safety of the wall to build the oddest house that they could think of. Runt builds a cactus house with a roof of melon blocks. The project was about mob psychology. The zombies come out eventually, obviously confused, and completely destroy it. Next, Emerald and Runt go out of the safety of the village again and build a cute house. The zombies got angry and destroyed that one, too.

Project Squidboat was over, but Runt wanted to try one more thing. He built a cube out of obsidian, the "Obsidian Cube" and despite the zombies' attempts to destroy, it would not break. They ran away from it in fear.

The Cube became one of the more popular things to watch in the village.

Two days later, Runt got so frustrated about not finding Breeze, and went searching for her. He did not find her, but he found Emerald, who told him about how he was on the way to becoming the least popular person in the village. She would instruct him on how to become a cooler person if he would let her onto Team Runt.

They headed over to Clothing Castle, owned by Puddles, and after a while of searching they finally found an outfit for Runt. It was a ninja outfit, and Runt bought one for Stump, too. They went around the school, the next day, asking everybody about their favorite colour. Runt dyed his outfit blue, and Stump dyed his red.

Wimpy Villager 11

The day after, that the village was attacked. Not by mobs, but by humans who thought that Villagetown was actually Herobrine's castle. The Lost Legion decided to occupy the village as their own, ordering around the villagers. Eventually, Emerald was ordered to clean Kolbert's house. Runt confronted him, and when Kolbert "asked" him to help Emerald, Breeze jumped down from the roof of a house and told Kolbert to stop. When Runt warned Kolbert to not tie Breeze up, and he ignored the warning, he promptly found himself face-down in the grass. Breeze threw three punches at Kolb at the face and, as Runt observed, the punches hit hard. This allowed Breeze a spot on Team Runt.

Herobrine visited in the early morning in the next day. Notch was quick to confront Herobrine, and was polymorphed into a rabbit by him. Herobrine asked the others to surrender, and Notch turned back into a human and continued chasing the evil god.

Brio claimed that Breeze was his daughter, and were tested on by Herobrine, who tried to turn them into "super-soldiers" (they were tested on, but later in the series, we find out the Brio is actually Breeze's surrogate father).

Because of Herobrine coming to Villagetown, school was even harder. In addition to homework, everybody in the village was assigned a job. Runt and Stump were assigned to woodcutting, and they found a hole in the ground. Emerald, who was just visiting, went with Runt and Stump up a tree to spy on it. Eventually, a creeper looked around and entered the hole. Breeze and Max came after the rest of Team Runt witnessed the creeper entering the hole.

The next day, Team Runt confronted the creeper with kittens, capturing it and turning it over to the Elders. Team Runt was showered with fame and each received a stack of emeralds.

The village is attacked. It was the first time that the mobs used any formations using slimes. The slimes were just sitting there, creepers behind them, zombies behind them and skeletons in the very back.

After attacking the formation, the villagers flee. The slimes began advancing, and Runt used an ender pearl to get over behind the creepers. He whipped out his flint and steel, and set one of the creepers on fire. He threw the ender pearl again, getting out of blast range. He forgot about the fall damage, though, and started eating cookies to regain health. Behind him, a miniboss - a zombie in full enchanted gold, threw a potion of slowness at him. Breeze came up and slew the boss.

This inspired the mayor to want them to make posters.