Diary of an 8-bit Warrior: Forging Destiny

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Diary Of An 8-Bit Warrior: Forging Destiny is the sixth book of the Diary of An 8-Bit Warrior series.



Wimpy Villager 15: Trash The Dungeon Part II

They come to the Inn, and get the aeon forge, basically the first 50 pages of 8bw 6. Runt and Breeze say goodbye to Pebble and S, they sell Urf's loot but keep the boss loot for their friends, they gather over 4,500 emeralds and buy the Aeon Forge from Feathers, Breeze goes to lead Shybiss to the stable, and Runt hears a shout and knock, he finds Theor the Innkeeper shouting at a waitress who he fired, the waitress falls unconscious after Theor slammed the door closed. Runt and Breeze inspect her and both realize the waitress is their friend, Ophelia, and using the ability analyze monster only confirms that it is Ophelia.

Wimpy Villager 16: Bound By Blood

They go to sleep. After a couple of hours Runt wakes up, the other two are woken up by him as well, they go downstairs to meet their friends for breakfast, while getting milk in the night, Runt also sees Cog(Cogboggle.) and Cog joins them and returns the ring he stole. They later travel to the Inn of the Laughing Cow where Runt and Breeze are attacked by an Illusion Undead. They then go to Ravensong, Glimfrost, a moon elf village, Runt said though it was a village, that word was inappropriate, if not insulting, because of how amazing it was. They then raid a shop, Runt and Max get no armor, and Cog doesn't either, the girls got stuff since it was all girly. Then they are sitting near a river and Runt sees a blockbird, the others introduce Runt and Breeze to their new abilities, Brio comes bearing news that Villagetown has been attacked, they ride there and Runt immediately charges in, going on an insane killing spree, and eventually unlocked an ability that made his diamond sword deal 25 dmg (instead of normal 7 dmg). They fight the boss, the Underlord, an Irontusk this time, then comes Emerald's song, Let 'Em Know, then Breeze kills the Underlord but the arrow she used was the arrow she pulled out of her shoulder, she doesn't drink the milk Runt is telling her to drink so the wither effect will wear off, she uses smoke bomb, but Runt finds her, in dusk elf form, they get attacked by a shade, Runt kills it by himself, and they return with the undead gone, Brio and Breeze reveal themselves at a meeting, it ends with Runt and Breeze holidng hands looking at the beacon Pebble and S lit, and the last words said by Breeze are, "And a Legendary one." Runt says that he'll move his diary writing to the next level, to archives!

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