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Diary Of An 8-Bit Warrior: From Seeds to Swords is the second book of the Diary Of An 8-Bit Warrior series.



Diary of a Wimpy Villager 4

"Yeah!! I ended the last book!! What a cliffhanger right!!" Runt says, he says he ended it because he dropped his book and quill on the floor when he heard the squeak. He mines away the wall and sees a tiny baby slime, unlike normal baby slimes, this slime didn't jump at him dealing no damage, it stayed still shivering with fear. He thought about killing it, but he chose to keep it as a pet and named it Jello.

Diary of a Wimpy Villager 5

He and Max team up because Pebble and his nasty crew became bigger bullies, ripping up record books, beating up Runt, Max and Stump, or whichever kid who doesn't respect them. One time they almost got to Runt's diary, but Urf got there just in time, Runt said he had never been more glad to see the elder, he said he'll take his revenge. He also made a rocket potion by accident in a brew off, he drank it, when they saw that his bottles were better, the rest of their bottles sold out in a second so Max and Runt could get their new record books. He meets Breeze and Emerald, he and Max see the boss... Urkk Doomwhip.

Diary of a Wimpy Villager 6

There is a battle, first only mobs, Pebble was praised and Runt hates it, but in the next battle, he, Breeze, Emerald and Urf fight the mobs, but Urf and Emerald run to get help, Breeze shoots an arrow so hard at Urkk while in the Air that it breaks Urkk's chestplate and his helmet of wither skeleton bones. Urkk hooks her with his "Pulling II and Sharpness VII" fishing rod and smacks her away, but she survives. Runt runs and tricks the pigman, killing him with an appropriate amount of explosions. Urkk Doomwhip was killed by Breeze and Jello's distraction, Runt's Mushroom, bonemeal and of course, a little TNT along with some flint and steel.