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Diary of An 8-Bit Warrior: Path of the Diamond is the fourth book of the Diary Of An 8-Bit Warrior series.

Important Characters


Diary of a Wimpy Villager 11

It starts with the panic because of what Drill blurted, then after the celebration Runt goes and drops off Breeze to her house, when he's going home Pebble and his crew pick him up and throw him in the storage room, filled with TNT, he manages to survive and he and Pebble have a fight, the zombies almost breach the wall that was exploded, they stop them and Pebble is banished for his attempt at murder, he also drops his stuff behind. There's a worry about the redstone test because no one in the village knows redstone, except for Nessa Diamondcube, commonly known as Lola, they find her, but Cogboggle and Block, worse than Pebble, cause trouble. The captain path is introduced. Stump says he needs to stop writing, they all become really hard workers to become Captain, but Cog copies others' ideas and make them better for himself, at the end, Ophelia comes first, she becomes captain. then Runt and Cog become Captain, but Breeze chose not to but shares the Command of team Runt with him, Emerald was supposed to be captain. people say no, but lookie down below, Emerald was 5th place, but they can't force them to be a captain. Cog sabotages Team Runt By taking advantage of Lola accidentally blurting out the words "Flying Machine" in front of them, they tell everyone and every team has a flying machine, just a different design to look like they did not copy.

Diary of a Wimpy Villager 12

The rest of the book follows as Cogboggle and Block harass Runt, putting him in chests, Runt says that it'll backfire on them and they'll put him in a chest with good loot. Sadly that never happens. They find Lola, but because of her, they lose all the other tests, and because Cogboggle copied Lola's flying machine and told everyone about it so they also lose and tie with everyone in the redstone test, in the final, Lola surprises them all by single handedly taking out 300 zombies with redstone, and TNT, since she was on Team Runt, everyone there got leveled up, Emerald in 5th, Runt in 4th, Cogboggle in 3rd Breeze in 2nd, and Ophelia in 1st. It ends with Breeze and Runt holding hands, Runt is embarrassed to admit it, he also shows a picture of the recipe of a powder keg.

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