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Diary Of An 8-bit Warrior: Quest Mode, also known as Ultimate Warrior is the fifth book of the Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior series. Runt acquires glowmoss and several thousand emeralds from the Tomb of the Forgotten King which would be used in Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior: Forging Destiny to acquire an Aeon Forge.



Diary of an 8-bit Warrior: Quest Mode

Runt first is described at a graduation party (and also a party for celebrating Villagetown's victory over Herobrine), in which the Terrarians introduce Thanksgiving. Kolbert introduces apple pie, and Emerald gives him grass stew (which she crafted). Kolbert doesn't like it, but pretends to in order to maintain his status with Emerald.

Runt, later that night, falls asleep. He awakes to a tapping on his window. Kolbert is standing there, he sends Runt on a quest to retrieve an Aeon Forge after fellow legionaries failed to do so.[1]

Kolbert lends Runt his horse and Runt ventures out, past the safety of Villagetown to a place called Owl's Reach. On the way, he meets Ione, she runs away after briefly talking to him.

Runt reaches Owl's Reach. He enters the shop of Feathers (The Quill & Feather) and attempts to buy an Aeon Forge. Runt doesn't nearly have as many emeralds as it costs. He enters a different shop (The Stone Forge). He meets a person named Eto, who explains quests. He also helps Runt ask for a quest to the shopkeeper. Runt receives a key to enter the Tomb of the Forgotten King to retrieve Glowmoss for the blacksmith. The reward for the quest is 750 emeralds, and Eto mentions that the amount of loot that he could get could very well be in the thousands.

When he exits the store, he is confronted by a pigman, calling him "Ogre Dare". Runt battles the pigman, eventually defeating him. After the pigman fell, a group of five pigmen surrounded him. Breeze arrives on the scene, and the duo quickly defeat the pigmen. Runt finds out the Breeze was sent by the Mayor to help him.

Runt and Breeze ride Breeze's horse, eventually coming upon a large quartz building. Inside, they find a donation pit filled with items. They all turn out to have negative enchantments - except a few - in which Runt and Breeze decide to equip some of the gear.

After buying these materials, they go to the tavern known as the Enchanted Dragon. They take a room with a brewing stand. Once they rent the room, they enter the cafeteria, in which Breeze orders food. Runt orders the same things and a potion known as the Noob Rager.

The waitress also tells Breeze and Runt that she wanted to acquire a Frost Opal. She would give them some white coins, known as Quest Tokens, as a prize for completing the quest.

After the duo entered their room, and take a bath, they begin brewing. Runt "almost" brews a healing potion and falls asleep. Breeze brews the healing potions. She teaches Runt how to Duel Wield.

After sleeping, Breeze and Runt finally set out for The Tomb of the Forgotten King.

Runt taps the iron door with his key and enters. They go down some stairs and enter the dungeon. They battle through zombies.

They go through a puzzle and a room of arrows. After completing the rooms, they come across a room which already had been battled through. Runt assumes that the people that had done so were also the ones that had their horses tied to the back of the tomb.

After learning the ability, Analyze Monster, from a Lupin known as Faolan, they come across a human and a villager battling three felhounds with the status effects Stoneskin II and Haste I. Breeze, Runt, and the two other mysterious people fight off the felhounds. Runt finds out that the villager was Pebble. The human was named S.

After grouping together, they enter the boss room. The boss mysteriously also seemed to have the same status effects as the Felhounds. They find out that Urf was the one that was giving the monsters the status effects. He also had given Nethersoul a Regeneration V status effect. Urf uses Soulshift to possess the boss, and they began the battle.

Runt tanks the boss while S and Pebble battle it from behind Runt. Breeze stays behind, shooting Urf with weakness arrows. Finally, when Breeze runs out weakness arrows, Runt remembers that he had an arrow that had an unknown effect imbued to it. Breeze shoots the arrow, and Urf is effected with Wither V. The group stays away from Urf, letting Wither cause more damage. Breeze suddenly attacks Urf, and he smashes down, killing her.

Breeze had brought Urf's health down to 25%. The group brought his health down to 7%, and Breeze suddenly appears behind the boss. She used Quietus to kill him. After Urf died, they get to loot the dungeon. They somehow also get Urf's loot, which included a stick and a Nethermancer Robe.

S and Pebble find the Sapphire Flame out of the boss loot, and Breeze and Runt took the Glowmoss. A voice rang out, telling them that the traps were disabled and the monsters had been purged. The group left the dungeon.


  • Breeze and Runt brew potions because it is cheaper that way.
    • Also of note, it was mentioned that prices were fixed and couldn't be haggled down because of regulations.[2]
  • Urf was killed in the dungeon, although he was controlling the boss monster, aside from the items remaining; there is no clear answer to whether Urf was killed or not.


  1. Note: it is said that they were in poor shape when they returned, "barely hanging on..."
  2. Diary of an 8-bit Warrior: Quest Mode