Dimensions are distinct, separate, and vastly different planes of existence. Aetheria is home to exactly 255 dimensions (most after 99 are blank), from the relatively peaceful Overworld to the terrifying Land of the Dead. Before the ages of the Great Wars, Terrarians inhabited both the Nether and Overworld dimensions. Their ruins are still visible today, manifesting in Nether Strongholds and ruined tunnels deep below the Earth. 

When the time of the Great War struck, the armies of Herobrine tore through the land, ending countless generations of cultural heritage for many Terrarians. They took refuge in a plethora of other dimensions, slowly evolving into mutated parodies of their former human forms, such as the Endermen who were once humans that took refuge in the End.

The animals, brought into the different dimensions by the ancient humans, gradually evolved, becoming the different races that now inhabit Aetheria,

List of DimensionsEdit

Number Name Brief Description Notable Inhabitants
1 Overworld The first dimension. The Overworld boasts a diverse mixture of biomes and has many ores native only to them, like the Vanilla ones. It is the dimension most similar to Terraria, or Earth. Humans, Villagers, Undead Mobs


Creepers slimes Cakeslimes

2 Nether The Nether is a dimension similar to Hell in Terrarian myths. Its resources are highly coveted by Terrarian merchants, and it is littered with ancient ruins. Pigmen, Ghasts, Wither Skeleton, Blazes



3 End The End consists of a central island guarded by a dragon, and outlying islands with end cities populated by Endermen- the evolved descendants of refugees from the Great War and also Shulker Boxes which cause LoH (Levitation on Hit) and DOT (Damage Over Time) Endermen, Ender Dragon, Shulkers
4 Void The Void is not a dimension per se, but rather the space below bedrock. It is home to dangerous monsters, pools of magic, and crystal plants. It is also home to the race of evolved villagers: the Mycons. Mycons
5 Aether The Aether is a collection of islands floating in a starry void, much like the outlying islands of the End. Sahagan,


Spectral Raven

6 Cleft The Cleft is a dimension with a large, expansive chasm, and a single massive fortified bridge which connects to two sides of the said chasm.
7 Shadowlands The Shadowlands are a darker version of the Overworld, with more dangerous monsters.
8 Veil The Veil is a dimension constantly shrouded in mist, making it incredibly easy for native predators to ambush any adventurers.
9 Maelstrom The Maelstorm is a giant whirlpool of floating islands Most mobs have learned to ride the powerful maelstrom currents.
10 Abyss The Abyss is divided into many "Layers," or "Sub Dimensions." It is inhabited by legions of horrific demons. Ruins of fortresses left behind by Great War refugees still litter the Abyss's many layers.
11 Channel ???
12 Pinnacle The Pinnacle is a large solitary peak with storms, taller than the massive Spines of Ao mountain range.
13 Zone ???
14 Icerahn Icerahn is a dimension of eternal night. The sun never rises, leaving the dimension a cold and barren wasteland. Arches of ice and crystalline rock grace the land. This dimension is home to the citadel of Herobrine and was once a bastion of the Knights of Aetheria. Herobrine, Frostwisp Jellyfish, Ice Golem
99 Land of the Dead Not much is known about The Land of the Dead, but it is the dimension where beings go after they die. There are seemingly no other ways to get to this dimension.
??? Arcadia A divine sub-realm of eternal light. Upon a vast floating isle is the Silver Palace, Entity's home. Some benevolent Immortals can be found here, who are able to observe and even communicate with mortals in any other dimension through use of floating crystalline panes. (Although both good and evil Immortals are prohibited by Divine Law from directly interacting with lesser beings, they are able to influence them - in verya limited capacity - through dreams, visions and emissaries.) Powerful beings that directly serve the good Immortals can be found here as well.

The dictionary definition of the name is A region or scene of simple pleasure and quiet.

Entity 303 possibly used to live here.
??? Pandemonium Like Arcadia, although a divine sub-realm of eternal darkness. It consists of a massive cavern with a black palace in the center, home to beings that can be thought of as malevolent Immortals. Powerful beings live here as servants, including efreeti, pit fiends, succubi and greater demons. The cavern is filled with has owling wind that proves fatal to mortal beings within seconds unless protected.

The dictionary definition of the name is: A wild uproar (because of anger or excitement in a crowd of people)

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