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Dungeons are structures created by Builders. Biomes with dungeons cannot be destroyed, built on, or have any physical harm done to the biome.

There are two types of dungeons in terms of their structure:

  • One type of dungeon is just a large underground structure, abandoned and forgotten long ago, where monsters typically take up residence. The Halls of Agemmon is one such example. This means that the Red Wyrm in this example cannot "respawn."
  • The other type is specifically designed to repel intruders and had magic in place to resurrect slain Monsters. The Tomb of the Forgotten King is one such example.

List of dungeons (Known so far)

  • Tomb of the Forgotten King, Head Builder: Ione, Approved by Entity 303
  • The Halls of Agemmon, Head Builder: Ione, Approved by: Entity 303, Lore by: Mango

Dungeons are filled with monsters that Adventurers must defeat in order to advance further into the dungeon. In the end, there is usually a final boss. If you are able to defeat it, you will earn loot, XP, and maybe even classes and abilities, depending on the dungeon and the boss. Dungeons are ancient places filled with lost knowledge, whose walls may hold the secrets of past ages.