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Formerly Alyss, Countess of Ioae

Breeze, a dusk elf.

The Dusk Elves (Iaoao E'aeai in Sylvan; Children of the Cove) are a scattered race, who fled their island kingdom of Ioae after the eradication of their home city of the same name. Breeze and Brio are in fact Dusk Elves.

Their kingdom was known for being culturally advanced and architecturally beautiful. They were staunch enemies of Herobrine, and as such their weapons were crafted to deal with the Eyeless One's toughest monsters, as seen with the legendary smith Oaeo's best greatswords, Morningtide and Eventide. This prompted an invasion of Ioae, resulting in its ultimate destruction. The eradication of their home scattered them throughout Ardenvell, and they renamed themselves the Dusk Elves. Many have blamed the royal family for attracting the attention of The Eyeless One's monsters, and as such refuse to enter the War. Dusk elves are slightly taller than villagers and much more slender.

Racial Bonuses

Gift of the Ocean— +15% to swimming and fishing skills. When swimming, a Dusk Elf moves like a dolphin.

Unearthly Grace— +5% bonus to one’s Karma attribute.

Seacraft— Gain a 25% bonus to crafting any item that requires coral, seashells, seaweed, opal, sea salt, drift wood, sea creatures (fish, clams, squid, etc) or shadowmoss.

Shadowsight— Visibility in low light conditions is 25% superior to a human’s

Water Attunement— The rate at which a Dusk Elf replenishes water mana is 25% faster than normal when submerged or partially submerged in water (including rainfall) for at least ten minutes per day.

Characters of this race gain +10 AGI, KAR and INT


- The Dusk Elves share many similarities to the Draenei from the Warcraft Franchise: Both were highly advanced races whose quest for knowledge drew the attention of an ancient evil (Sargeras and the Burning Legion for the Draenei and Herobrine and his armies for the Dusk Elves) which resulted in the destruction of their homeland. Additionally, both races had notable members empowered as a result of that evil’s actions (Breeze and Brio being enhanced by Herobrine’s rune chamber experiments, and Kil’jaedan and Archimonde being empowered by the fel), and are now a scattered race that live outside their own lands. Both even share an island home: the Draenei live on the Amethyst Isles and the Dusk Elves lived in Ioae.

- It is currently unknown if any of the other nobility of Ioae, aside from the Nightcrests, survived-although Brio’s words indicated all major houses were destroyed, minor houses could still remain. This question will likely be answered in future books.

-Dusk elves are noted to have notably thick hair, as seen with how Villagetown’s hair salon struggled with dyeing Breeze’s hair and possess long eyebrows, much like the Night Elves from Warcraft.