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Earth or Terraria, is a dimension outside of Aetheria. Prior to the crash, Earth was considered a myth to most Aetherians, as they didn't believe in it.

Earth has different physics than Aetheria. As stated by Mike, trees fall over when cut on Earth.

The money system is very different, on earth they have flappy disks, and small iron circles.

The world is thought to have been obliterated in a devastating nuclear exchange. The attackers seem to be from the East (Most likely from Asia or the Middle East).

Little is known about this world to the Aetherians. It most likely does not exist as it was destroyed by nuclear warfare, or is too irradiated and toxic to sustain life. Or some humans survived but are locked underground as stated by Kolb when he wasn't able to contact his parents.

All Terrarians came to Aetheria in an event known as The Crash where whoever had a VR headset. It also might have happened to some that did not have a VR headset on, or people that weren't even joined to the server. Evidence from Steve and Mike, seeing that they didn't mention that magic or weapons more powerful than diamond existed. Some say that earth did survive.

Some things about Earth are:

  • It was in the year 2039 when the nuclear weapons were launched.
  • Because it was in the year 2039, it had MindLinks, which allowed people to link their minds to a VR headset to play Minecraft.

Illustration of Earth being destroyed by nuclear warfare on a smaller scale.