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Eeebs Cottonpaw Thistlewhiskers (more frequently known as Eeebs) is a curious kitten who entered an abandoned Nether Portal in the woods near his home. Him entering this portal would change his form and mind, and lead to the discovery of the mysterious Prophecy, involving him and his two best friends. In The Prophecy, Eeebs' purpose is to serve his master, Runt Ironfurnace.


Eeebs was a very disobedient cat, so, despite his mother's warnings that it was dangerous, he would go out into the forest and play with his friends Tufty and Meowz. One fateful day, when Eeebs was playing hide-and-seek with them, he got lost trying to find them, and soon after that it started raining. Once it started raining he was spotted by a pack of wolves, who started chasing him. Eeebs hid in a thicket where he spotted a mysterious portal. Due to his curiosity and his desperation to escape the wolves, he jumped in and found himself in The Nether. The wolves went in after him but fell into the lava and died.

Soon afterwards, he met a Ghast named Clyde, who befriended him and taught him about the Nether. After some exploring they came across Enderstar - an evil enderman - and his army of mobs, whom they heard plotting to take over The Overworld. After the army left, Eeebs fainted and Clyde took him to a witch named Eldra, who healed him. After he awoke, he talked to Eldra, who explained that the Nether chose him to be one of its champions. After coming to terms with this, he suddenly remembered what he heard Enderstar's army army talking about, and he ran off, found the portal, and went back to the Overworld. He saw the army not too far from the portal, but they soon found out they were unprepared for the raid, due to most of the mobs getting hurt from the sun. So, to Eeebs's relief, they went back to Nether. Eeebs then went and reunited with his friends and family, going back to the cat burrow.

He was only able to have peace for a few minutes before the cats starting shouting about a monster in the burrow. He looked out and saw Eldra standing in the burrow, calling for him. She managed to convince him to come back to the Nether, so, after bidding farewell to his friends and family, he went back with Eldra. When they arrived at her house, she informed him that after he left, Clyde had ran off and joined Enderstar's army. She taught him a bit about his new powers, and gave him a diary to write in. Then she sent him to find Clyde. She told him to find a Nether fortress, but he misheard it as Nether forest, so he wandered around aimlessly looking for a forest.

After a bit of wandering, he met a Wither Skeleton named Batwing, who was kicked out of Enderstar's forces and stranded in a lava ocean on a single block of netherrack. Eeebs saved him, learning to mine and build in the process, and as a thank you, Batwing agreed to help him find Clyde. He took Eeebs to Enderstar's fortress, where they managed to convince the mobs that he was some sort of powerful monster, causing them to flee in fear. They eventually located Clyde, who told them that he only joined the army because he wanted to find Eeebs and was too scared to go alone.

After they left the fortress, Batwing brought the trio to the city of Lavacrest, a town of magic, populated by good monsters and led by an enderman wizard named Grayfellow. They took Eeebs to Grayfellow, who invited him to sleep as he consulted the ancient texts. The next morning, Grayfellow gave Eeebs a book, in which he learned much about The Prophecy and the champions. He learned he had to find the Overworld champion, a villager named Runt Ironfurnace, and serve him. However, Grayfellow requested that Eeebs learned more about his powers before he left.

The following day, Eeebs awoke to find that Grayfellow and Batwing had captured Rarg, Enderstar's zombie pigman captain. They took him to The Pit, a pit that lead to The Void. But before they could throw him in, he reveals that he came to the city because he wanted to change sides, and threw out a ton of items he had stolen from Enderstar's treasure horde, including a shard of Critbringer. The monsters took mercy on him, and after the crowd died down, he befriended Eeebs.

Later that day, Eeebs began training with Grayfellow, who tried to teach him to shoot fireballs from his mouth. Not long into their training session, they saw none other than Eeebs's old friends, Tufty and Meowz, standing at the door. They revealed that they followed him into the Nether after the last time he left and ended up being chosen by the Nether just llike him. Grayfellow then teaches them about their Visual Enchantments and HUD, before taking them to a Rune Chamber and enchanting each of them. He enchants Eeebs's claws to be sharper, but as a punishment they also turned bright pink in color. A few days later, Greyfellow believed that Eeebs was ready, so he gave him a Tellstone and some disguise potions and sent him into the Overworld to find Runt and serve him, as well as give Breeze and Pebble Graybanner a warning that their village will be decimated.

When Eeebs first emerged in the Overworld, he ended up in a ruined village and spotted Pebble and s, although he didn't interact with them because he didn't know it was Pebble. He then slept in the forest and awakened to find Breeze and Emerald Shadowcroft standing over him. He quickly learned that Breeze was one of the people he was looking for, and the girls befriended him. He also learned that he was too late and the village he thought would be decimated, Shadowbrook, was destroyed long ago, and they now lived in Villagetown, where the girls took him. At first, the people really like him, but then he was taken by Brio and The Mayor, who questioned him.

After some persuasion from Breeze, they allowed Eeebs to stay in the village, living with Breeze. That night he tried using the tellstone and entered Pebble's mind, who was having a nightmare about mobs and a forest fire. Later he meets Max Whitecloud, Stump Goldenfeather, and Nessa Diamondcube, three of Runt's friends who, alongside Breeze and Emerald, spend the next few days teaching him basic things like crafting and farming. One day, Max comes up to them and tells them he found a secret in the library. He takes them to the library where he had uncovered some sort of basement, where a large book was sitting on a table. The book was titled "Records of Aetheria". They had many questions, so they went and asked Kolbert for help. Kolbert tells them that the book is the lore of Aetheria, although it is incomplete. After the group has a talk with Kolbert about some of the things in the lore, Eeebs returns home to Breeze, where he tries to use the tellstone again, only to see various flashes of different dreams before he himself goes to sleep.


Eeebs was a black kitten with green eyes. After his transformation he became an indigo cat, with purple eyes and enchanted claws, and is slightly larger than a normal kitten. When under the effects of the Wildshape potion, Eeebs looks like an anthropomorphic version of a cat. While anthropomorphic Eeebs retains most of his physical features, but his limbs become longer and enable him to walk easier. While anthropomorphic he can also wear human armor. He has a strange marking (indicated to have some significance to the Chosen Beings).


Prior to his transformation, Eeebs was disobedient, carefree and fun loving, often playing games, such as hide and seek, with his friends Tufty and Meowz. He lived the simple life of a carefree kitten, until he traveled to the Nether. However, following his visit to the Nether and his transformation, his mind was changed to a degree, making him more responsible and realize how much danger the world is in. He has repeatedly shown his determination to help his friends and make himself more powerful, such as training until Exhaustion, facetanking 3 ultimates, searching for Clyde, chasing down an assassin more powerful than he is and repeatedly risking his life to protect his friends in the Lost Legion. Although at first, he was reluctant to do new things, like his reluctance to eat boags and wear armor, he has proven that he is truly among the destined - not just in his body, but in his spirit.  He also has a hidden ability named Bane of Noobs ll.


Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchantments
Weapon Rapier of Nine Lives Rapier Gold,


2-9 1.25 +6 Resilience V

Regeneration III

Weapon Fang Katana Silver,

Moon silver

3-6 0.75 Masterwork I

Moon Silver

Vorpal III

Torso 'Neophyte's Blazer' of Neophytian Protection Blazer Wool,


+3 Resilience V

Poison Resist II
Protection of the Clueless[1]

Legs 'Neophyte's' Pantaloons of Noobic Fury Pants Wool, +3 Resilience V

Poison Resist II
Noobic Fury[2]

Feet 'Novitiate's' Goblinkickers of Heroic Retreat Boots Wool,
+2 Goblin Slayer
Heroic Retreat[3]

Series Timeline


  • Eeebs is, so far, the first main protagonist to be a monster, the first main protagonist to be an animal, and the first main protagonist to have their personality modified by magic. Breeze was enhanced by magic, but it is unknown if she was affected personality-wise.
  • Eeebs may have hydrophobia (a fear of water), as highlighted by this quote from Nether Kitten 6/Tales of an 8-bit Kitten 2:
    “As for my swimming skill, that’s a sad story. I once fell into a river when I was a little kitten and have rarely swam since.”
  • Despite his very recent introduction to the larger world of Aetheria, Eeebs seems to have easily adopted human customs, such as using hashtags and slang such as ‘ult’, ‘NPC’ and ‘quest’. However, this is most likely him easily picking up new words.
  • Eeeb’s curiosity getting him into trouble has become a repeating trope throughout the series-his exploration of the forest led to him being chased by wolves, his clueless exploration of the Nether led to him encountering Clyde and unknowingly making an enemy out of Enderstar, and his curiosity led him to run into danger inside the Halls of Agemmon during the events of Nether Kitten 6, despite his common sense telling him not to.
  • Despite his interactions with Runt and the rest of the team, it is as of yet unknown if Eeebs will play a significant role in the Diary of an 8-bit Warrior series moving forward, as he is headed to Silverfall whilst Runt and his friends head to Aetheria City. He may also meet Pebble or play a significant role in Path of Exile
  • However, the two cities close proximity to one another suggest that Eeebs may play a much more significant role.
  • He has a mysterious gift of instantly learning monster abilities he is exposed to.

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  1. Critical hits from any opponent who is at least five levels above you are reduced by 50%
  2. Whenever you attack an opponent who is at least five levels above you, you have a 10% chance of attacking two additional times
  3. While moving away from nearby enemies, you gain a 10% bonus to your movement speed