Eeebs is an kitten who came across a Nether portal and entered it. This would change his form and mind, and the discovery that he and his friends were important to a mysterious Prophecy. In the Prophecy, Eeebs is supposed to serve his master (Runt).

Backstory Edit

Eeebs was playing hide and seek with his friends, Tufty and Meowz, for a bit, got lost, got attacked by wolves, and entered a Nether portal to escape. Afterwards, he met a Ghast named Clyde, who taught him about the Nether and about an Enderman named Enderstar, a mob so crazed his brethren banished him from the End. Later, he would faint and Clyde took him to a witch named Eldra, who would tell him that he was chosen by the Nether, which gave him mysterious powers for a purpose. After coming to terms with this, he wandered, eventually meeting a Wither Skeleton named Batwing, a deserter from Enderstar's forces. He would bring Eeebs to the city of Lavacrest, a town of magic led by a enderman wizard named Grayfellow. Meeting him would teach Eeebs about his newfound powers and the Prophecy, an ominous foretelling of a war pitting the forces of good and evil against each other.

Appearance Edit

Eeebs is a blue cat, with purple eyes and enchanted claws, who is slightly larger than a normal cat. He has a strange marking, and is currently residing in Villagetown under the affect of a wildshape potion, which allowed him to beat and defeat the goblin with his armor and get an extremely high increase in attack.

Personality Edit

Prior to his transformation, Eeebs would often play games, such as hide and seek, with his friends Tufty and Meowz. He lived the simple life of a carefree kitten, until he traveled to the Nether. The transformation changed his mind to a degree, but the greatest shift in his mindset was his experience in the Nether. He has repeatedly shown his determination to help his friends and make himself more powerful, such as training until Exhaustion, facetanking 3 ultimates, searching for Clyde, chasing down an assassin more powerful than he is and more. Although at first he was reluctant to do new things, like his reluctance to eat boags and wear armor, he has proven that he is truly among the destined, not just in the body, but in the spirit.  

Gear Edit

Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchantments
Weapon Fang Katana Silver,


3-6 0.75 Masterwork I

Vorpal III

Torso 'Neophyte's Blazer' of Neophytian


Blazer Wool,


+3 Resilience V

Poison Resist II

Protection of the


Legs 'Neophyte's' Pantaloons of

Noobic Fury

pants Wool +3 Resilience V

Poison Resist II

Noobic Fury

Feet 'Novitiate's' Goblinkickers of

Heroic Retreat

boots Wool


+2 Goblin Slayer

Heroic Retreat

  • Protection of the Clueless: Critical hits from any opponent who is at least five levels above you are reduced by 50%
  • Noobic Fury: Whenever you attack an opponent who is at least five levels above you, you have a 10% chance of attacking two additional times
  • Heroic Retreat: While moving away from nearby enemies, you gain a 10% bonus to your movement speed

Series Timeline Edit

Trivia Edit

  • First monster protagonist.
  • First character to have their personality modified by magic.
  • Probably first character to get two(2) ults.
  • First character who used an anthropomorphic potion.

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