While the world of Aetheria introduces all kinds of new racesenchantments, and items, it also brings buffs and debuffs with it. Note that all effects have "tiers", and effect removing actions and items can only affect effects of the same or lower tier. Here are just a few:

Buff Description/Effects
Berserk Increases attack damage greatly, but you are forced to attack the closest enemy to you.
Bounty of the Forest Increases STR by 1 per power level for the duration.
Disguise Illusionary. The first level changes the facial features and body shape of the person affected; the second can change their race as well. (Note: This potion does not apply the actual strengths and weaknesses of the race, it just changes your appearance.)
Fire Resistance Makes the target immune to fire, lava, and fire-based attacks.
Goodnight An effect from the corresponding enchantment. Provides 2 extra Absorption health per level, lasting the entire day, or until damage is taken, as absorption health is non-retrievable.
Haste Increases movement speed and attack speed.
Invisibility Makes the target invisible for a period of time. Doesn't hide armor or items the target is holding.
Jump Boost Allows the player to jump higher than the normal 1 14 blocks. Each level adds 50% to the jump height. Also reduces fall damages by 1 per level: for example, Jump Boost I will negate the fall damage of a 4 block fall.
Luck Increases the affected person's luck, making all beneficial effects that are random (critical hits, fishing, etc.) more likely to happen. In vanilla, only assists with fishing.
Omnessence Increases XP gain by 2.5% per level.
Regeneration Restores health over time at a rate of around one hp every 2.5 seconds, which doubles every level. In vanilla, Regeneration of level 6 and above has a healing rate of 5 hp per second., but this may not be true for Aetheria.
Replenishing Restores energy over time, similarly to Regeneration.
Savory Hearth Makes the target immune to the Chill effect for the duration of the effect. If the affected person has the Chill effect, it is removed.
Stoneskin Increases the affected person's natural armor by 5 per level.
Swiftness Increases movement speed.
Water Resistance Makes the target immune to water and water/ice based attacks.
Wizinvis Generally obtained from the Wizinvis ult, wizinvis is the highest form of invisibility, hiding worn and held items as well as being immune to most methods of revealing.
Debuff Description/Effects
Slowness Decreases movement speed.
Silence Makes the target unable to cast spells
Mining Fatigue Decreases mining speed and attack speed.
Blindness You cannot see anything more than a few blocks away from you. You also cannot run or perform critical hits.
Wither A status effect similar to poison, but has the ability to kill you. Can be inflicted by Wither Skeletons.
Food Poisoning Reduces hunger bar at a quicker than usual pace.
Weakness Decreases the power of the affected person's melee attacks.
Nausea Makes the target's vision blurry.
Bad Luck Reduces the affected person's luck, making all beneficial effects that are random (critical hits, etc.) less likely to happen.
Poison This debuff inches away at your health but stops at half a heart. Typically inflicted by Cave spiders and potions.
Chill This is afflicted by several means, including certain enchantments, but most commonly by remaining in a cold space without the Cold Protection or Thaw enchantments.
Exhaustion This happens when a person remains awake for a long time without sleeping. The first level appears after 24 hours awake and slows movement speed, hinders crafting, and increases the energy usage of abilities. The second level appears at 36 hours, and the effects are tripled. The third level appears at 48 hours and results in loss of consciousness. It is not possible to get Exhaustion in the nether and the end.
Stun Stuns the afflicted target for 1 second per level.
Daze Prevents movement for 2 seconds.
Frostwisp Venom Induces sleep. Cannot be cured by any amount of Milk or Cleansing Potions but can be cured by a single Spellcrush Potion
Confusion Potion-only; when applied, it clouds the victim's judgment, and can make friends seem like enemies.
Curse of Icehollow ??? (Inflicted by Shade)
Necrosis Happens when attacked by a ghoul. Skin will decompose and rot, eventually killing the affected person. Can be cured by milk or cleansing potions.
Muffin Rot Make the target's skin look like a muffin after a while. After an amount of time each of the target's attributes permanently decreases by one. Kills the target after a period of time.
Crypt Rot ??? (Inflicted by Shade)
Nether Rot Disease. Turns nearing animals into the undead. This happens after they die.
Permasleep Causes unconsciousness. Lasts until cured.
Jello's Mysterious effect We don't know anything about it!
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