Eldra is a witch who lives in a hut in the Nether. The hut is made out of Nether Quartz Ore. She is first seen trying to make some potions to go to the nether fortress. She wants to make a Regeneration Potion, but doesn't have any Ghast Tears. Just then, Clyde the ghast shows up, holding a very sick Eeebs. After Clyde explains everything, Eldra cures Eeebs and tells him that the Nether chose him, giving him a new look and powers. Soon after, Eldra tells Eeebs, after he returns from the Overworld, that Clyde left for the nether fortress. Worried, Eeebs goes looking for him. Then, Eldra finds two more nether kittens on her doorstep - Eeebs' friends, Tufty and Meowz, whom she also sees have the “mark”. She is unsurprised.

Eldra once made a deal with Clyde - if he gave her one thousand of his tears, she would be his friend.

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