Emerald is a villager girl who befriended Runt in WV8/Crafting Alliances. In the beginning, Emerald seemed just like a brat who was on Pebble's side. But over time she warmed up to Runt and the crew and advised Runt with such things as fashion and popularity. Even though she is shallow sometimes, she will do anything for her friends. She also has a little brother named Pistachio. She and Kolbert are an item.

Appearance Edit

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Emerald (the girl in pink) and Kolb, after the battle in wv16.

Emerald is a villager female with brown hair. Before leaving, Emerald wore a pink villager robe, and then later a mining outfit created by Lola. When Emerald left Villagetown she changed into a more adventure-type outfit, that seems to be black with flowers encrusted on the sides.

Personality Edit

Emerald was once the most popular girl in school. Before she became Runt's friend, she was "kind of annoying," "never humble, occasionally snide, often cowardly, and always getting into and out of jams," and having a bad temper. She continues to retain her cowardly side and her bad temper after she joins Team Runt. Runt considers Emerald to be on his level, being able to explain the Prophecy in a way he could understand. Emerald has been shown to care little about the rules, convincing Ophelia to loot a shop. She's also sassy and does not like to be made fun of.

Timeline Edit

WV4- Emerald is introduced in the series.

WV8- Emerald befriends Runt.

WV15- Emerald was invited to The Greater Aetherian Academy, in Aetheria City, the capital.

WV16- Emerald decides that she wants to become a bard.

Gear Edit

Weapon: Silver Lyre which adds+5 music skill

Head: Ridiculous pink outfit

Torso: Ridiculous pink outfit

Legs: Ridiculous pink outfit

Feet: Shoes shaped like bunnies with Echo I

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