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Emerald Shadowcroft is a villager girl who befriended Runt in WV8/Crafting Alliances. In the beginning, Emerald seemed just like a brat who was on Pebble's side. But over time she warmed up to Runt and the crew and advised Runt with such things as fashion and popularity. Even though she is shallow sometimes, she will do anything for her friends. Her parent's names are Giles(Father) and Vera(Mother).She also has a little brother named Pistachio. She and Kolbert are an item (couple). She also composed Villagetown's official ballad, "Let 'em Know".


Emerald is a female villager with long brown hair and brown eyes. Before leaving, Emerald wore a pink villager robe, and then later a mining outfit created by Lola. When Emerald left Villagetown she changed into a more adventure-type outfit, that seems to be black with flowers encrusted on the sides.


"It's funny, when you think about it. They're teaching us all this stuff in school, like advanced crafting, redstone circuits... but they never teach us anything about how to make a friend." -Emerald, Wimpy Villager 8

Before joining Team Runt, Emerald was considered among the popular girls at school. She was described as annoying, arrogant, snide, and having a poor temper by Runt. She was unruly and did not bend to authority or the rules, as shown when she engaged in a shouting fight with Drill. She continued to have a "popular girl" personality even after joining team Runt, but became more agreeable with the rest of the group. Despite her rebellious and unruly personality, Emerald can be very charismatic when she wants to.

Although Emerald has shown fear in the face of especially dangerous events, such as when she retreated when confronted with zombies buffed to the extent that Breeze had to show some of her real strength, she is not afraid to fight.

Since she first appeared, she has growed to be rather knowledgable and takes things even more seriously than Runt. Being close to Kolbert, she has learned important information about the world and is shown to ridicule others for being distracted during a battle.


When Emerald was first introduced, she was shown to be extraordinarily skilled, being the publically acknowledged 2nd highest in Villagetown for a period of time. It is implied that she had the greatest combat skill among girls, excluding the unknown Breeze. After Runt left Villagetown for Owl's Reach, Emerald began training to become a Bard. When she met with Runt and Breeze at Owl's Reach, however, Stump ridiculed her Pilfer ability and her music skill was described to be poor.


  • Torso: Pink outfit.
  • Arms: Pink bracers that resemble bunnies.
  • Legs: Boots that also resemble bunnies. Enchanted with Echo I.
  • Weapon: Silver lyre that, when equipped, give you +5 Music skill. IMG 1913 (1).jpg

Emerald (the girl in pink) and Kolb, after the battle in WV16


Previously, Kolbert had attempted to force Emerald to do forced labor, before being rescued by the rest of Team Runt. Despite this, they would later begin dating. Emerald's father appears to approve of this relationship, as he stated that an alliance should be formed with the Lost Legion, and even helped Emerald buy an expensive scarf for Kolbert.

Due to Kolbert's knowledge and involvement in the The Prophecy, she is rather knowledgable regarding it and helped Runt understand it.


  • WV4: Emerald is introduced in the series.
  • WV8: Emerald befriends Runt.
  • WV16: Emerald decides that she wants to become a bard.
  • Aetheria Offline: Emerald crafts pizza for Kolb and later finds Kaeleb to open a chest dropped by an Underlord.


  • In the paperback, her last name was once said to be "shadowground." This is due to a translation error (Wimpy Villager is translated into French for 8-bit warrior, then back to English from the French 8-bit Warrior.)