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Enchantments are a type of magical enhancement that can magically boost a variety of objects. They can be categorized into two main categories: minor enchantments and major enchantments.

Major Enchantments

Major Enchantments are much more permanent than minor enchantments and individuals generally do not have to worry about them, although they can fade over a very long period of time.

Name Description Obtaining
Flametongue Medium Protection (multiplier), extra fire damage, damage over time
Frostbrand Low Protection (multiplier), extra frost damage, -50% agility
Seraph Low protection (multiplier), Large STR (addend), self-heal
Shock The enchanted weapon will shock the enemy, causing mild pain and giving the target one or more Shock charges. With enough charges, the target will collapse, stunned for a length of time. Considered worthless for adventuring.
Vampire High protection (multiplier), drains hp and mana upon hit

Minor Enchantments

Minor Enchantments are effects that are temporary and need to be recharged. They are easier to obtain and generally weaker compared to Major Enchantments.

Name Description Obtaining
Bane Inflicts the "Blight" status effect, which temporarily reduces all healing the target receives for.
Blast Protection Protection against explosions
Brewmaster Increases brewing skill
Brilliance Has a chance of blinding the target for a brief moment with each strike.
Catscratch Increaes the power level of any debuffs currently affecting the target.
Craftmaster Increases crafting skill
Critical Strike Increases damage when dealing critical hits, Amount depends on power level.
Endurance Decreases the damage taken from critical hits.
Defender Whenever you use the Parry or Guard ability, your armor is increased temporarily.
Distill A flask enchantment that enhances the potion's strength
Empower Strengthens melee abilities.
Farsight Increases sight range.
Flameburst Deals addditional on-hit fire damage with each strike
Frostbolt Small chance of immobilizing target for a short amount of time.
Galeweave Increaes the strength of any air spell casted.
Goodnight Using this bed grants the user extra hearts when waking up the next morning.
Hopeweave Increaes the strength of any blessings/buffs casted.
Lifesteal Drains a small amount of health each strike which heals the wielder
Lightweave Increaes the strength of any healing spells casted.
Marksman Increaes the effectiveness of arrow-based ultimates.
Omnimancy Increases effectiveness of ultimates
Negate Temporarily prevent an opposing weapon's enchantments from functioning.
Nightweave Increaes the effectiveness of any shadow spells casted
Pocket Adds an extra square in your inventory per level.
Prosperity Adds a small chance to get double of what your crafting.
Protection Protects the wearer
Refill A flask enchantment that transforms any spring water to a healing extract at sunrise.
Replenish Increases mana regeneration.
Safeguard Automatically activates a protective enchant. One use. Recharges every new full moon.
Sharpness Increases damage
Stone Small chance of turning target to stone
Stoneweave Increases the strength of Earth spells.
Storm Adds a chance of extra lightning damage.
Stormweave Increases the effectiveness of lightning spells
Sunder Ignores a large amount of the targets armor.
Surefooted Decreases knockback
Volume Functions as a normal flask, but can hold multiple doses of a potion.
Vorpal Critical hits have a small chance of instantly reducing the target's health to 0.


Blessings are temporary enchantments placed on items through abilities or items.

Name Description Obtaining
Purifying Light Increases damage dealt to undead by one per power level.
Shell Object is immune to durability damage for as long as the blessing lasts.
Roots of Ao Boots only. The wearer is immune to knockback for as long as the blessing lasts.
Deathgrip Weapon only. Wielder cannot be disarmed for as long as the blessing lasts.
Silver Flame Light source only. Light provides illumination for as long as the blessing lasts. All allies within the light regenerate health.
Wilting Weapon only. Weapon inflicts one additional point of shadow elemental damage per power level for as long as the blessing lasts.


A curse is created when an enchantment attempt fails. They can also be added on purpose for trolling purposes, but this is not common.

Name Description Obtaining
Burden Decreases Attack and Movement speed.
Unblocking Decreases the effectiveness of blocking.
Dullness Decreases the weapon's damage.
Breaking Increases Durability loss.
Vulnerability Decreases the armors protective value.
Lifedrain Slowly drains HP
Binding Once an item with such enchantment is picked up, it cannot be unequipped without the use of a specific potion.
Mob Beacon Alerts mobs around the wielder of their location
Tracking Gem Reveals the user's exact location to whoever enchanted it. This enchantment is usually used to turn an item into a tracking device, then the item is given to an unsuspecting player.

Block Enchantments

Block Enchantments are enchantments that gives a block a special property.

Name Description Obtaining
First Burst Sets anyone who walks on the block on fire.
Frost Aura Slows down anyone who walks on the block.
Reinforce A protective spell that makes a city's blocks more resistant to explosions Requires a diamond.
Spite Growth Causes a block to grow spikes on each side.
Zap Hits anyone that walks on the block with lightning.

Noob Enchantments

Noob enchants are powerful enchantments designed to help noobs, level 3 or below. They first appeared on Eeeb's first set of armor in Nether Kitten 6.

Name Description Obtaining
Protection of the Clueless Critical hits from any opponent at least five levels above you are reduced by 50%.
Neophytian Rage While wearing this item, your STR is doubled, but your combat skill is reduced to 0.
Noobic Fury Whenever you attack an opponent who is at least five levels above you, you have a 10% chance of attacking two additional times.
Courageous Escape When critically hit, your movement speed is increased by 100% for ten seconds.
Heroic Retreat Your movement speed is increased by 20% when moving away from an enemy that is targeting you.