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Entity is the creator of the Aetheria Server, but after The Crash on Earth in 2039, he became one of the immortals of the Aetheria world. Little is known about him, but he is definitely one of the strongest characters of the world. He is currently imprisoned by Herobrine's underlings using massive chains. Entity is not omnipotent but could probably escape imprisonment if he tried. He is shocked that his creations came to life and depressed/confused that some of his creations would actually act in an evil fashion.


Entity was able to code all of Aetheria along with other coders such as Glorm.

He forged 12 weapons of great power. Two of his weapons include Critbringer, wielded by Kolb, and Bossender wielded by Ione. They currently lay in shards and must be re-forged in order to defeat Herobrine.


Entity wears a white gown with a hood. He has 4 wings on his back, and wields a heavily enchanted scythe.


  • He may be based off of Entity303, a popular minecraft creepypasta.