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Eto is a character that first appears on page 76 of the 5th book in the series of Diary of an 8-bit Warrior and the 13th book of Wimpy Villager. He meets Runt in an armor shop at the town of Owl’s Reach. We know he is a Terrarian as he says things such as “server” “update” and “NPC”

When first meeting Runt in the armor shop, Eto mistakes him for a player but soon realizes Runt is a villager and explains to Runt how quests work.

Prior to meeting Runt, Eto was like almost every other Terrarian, hiding and begging Aetherians for food. Eventually, he decided to ask an NPC for a quest, and eventually ended up in Owl's Reach. The quest was to get flowers for an armor recipe. He got 250 emeralds for it.