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Characters Abilities



Dungeon Ideas

  • No using creatures that you aren't the creator of. All creatures must be put in fan Monsters.
  • Cube Kid counts as a creator (Unless you write a note saying maybe not)
Creator Name Description Mobs Important


Boss Other
AGhast1 The Great Crater A giant crater in the moon. Likely a creature who doesn't need air.
I need username357 Nfoo N' You! A sacred place at the heart of a jungle. Haunts Nfoo N' You!
Icefang88 The Obesity Dungeon It gets its name from the boss.

After herobrine's defeat, he started binge eating.

Any, randomized N/A Fat Herobrine


All mobs drop 1 emerald.
Entity4114/Runt Ironfurnace1 The creeper of the woods In ravensong forest, inhabited by creepers and charged creepers, resembles a jungle temple Creeper. Charged creeper, Zombies, Creeperbunnies, Poo screamers, Wights, Ghouls, Skeletons The kind of trap where each pressure plate spawns 15 monsters(total of 80 pressure plates 8 rows 10 collumnes) A Giant Cave Spider That Explodes upon Death Mobs drop gunpowder and saplings and leaf blocks as well as their normal drops
Undead's birth A labyrinth completely made of eclipsite. The queen of the undead Can only be done for a couple days every year. After the last day the gates will close and cannot be opened until the next year.
Alpha7658 Freakin' laser A bunch of lasers in a hallway. Mobs that shoot projectiles. A freakin' laser (x1000) A blaze with lasers instead of blaze rods Mobs drop lazer ammunition and boss drops a shootable hand laser.
Mars31415926 The Tower of Merlin A tower with seven levels, plenty of traps and extremely energy-consuming. Supernatural zombies and skeletons that when killed, will try and "rebuild" themselves from parts laying on the floor, and poisonous ivy that helps them with that task and heals the mobs as well, being poisonous. A misleading level where it seemes that the only trap is a few slow arrow dispensers, but really the floor collapses, sending you back to the bottom level as well as heavy fall damage. Another one where you need to guide a big, hollow stone ball to the other side without it being smashed, the result being small bugs being spawn and you need to kill them to get back the shards to recraft the ball. Fail to do this in 5 minutes will result in being sent to the start of the dungeon. Merlin(duh, I think you people all know who that is.) Have a miniboss on level 6 called the demonic underlord that is 10 blocks tall, wield a greatsword and looks kind of like black soul sand. Contains no safe spots. Monsters respawn every 2 minutes after completing a level. Bookshelves containing rare books on every level. (Some guy said they can fly up, but there are windows, which being in a dungeon, is unbreakable, and Cube Kid said humself that there are enchantments that make flying difficult.)
??? The mothheart


Has ten levels with Has most faction members All defences The leader if you provoke her Can be your home base if you join the faction
Petalburst66 Dark night a pit in the ground of black stone,with stairs lining the sides and various stops to fight monsters and figure out puzzles,this

labyrinth of traps,tricks,and

terror is no joke

and only made for the most skilled players and Ncps

the stone lining the sides of the pits is infested with silverfish that will came out randomly is only one of many terrifying monsters for killing you,this labyrinth also happens to be where herobrine dumps some of his muntant monsters,with

many terrifying status effects that will kill you within the hou,not to mention the many species of mobs,like zombies,skeletons,husks,and

spiders that will occasionally multiply and resurrect themselves.their are also many giant plants that can grab you and digest you for thief source of food,the real terror is the puré black wolves who will drag you to herobrines dungeon

black moon trap,which summons 1-31 black wolves who on a full moon,gain the abilities to transmit lycanthropy,poison|||

,and wither ||,that are more brutal than their lone counterparts will bite and scratch until you are at one heart then wait for full moon to bite you and see if you die or survive,doomed to kill with them forever

A large cross between a cat,shadow,and

wolf,the alpha of all those wolf packs,simply called alpha was once a prideful she-wolf of a large shadow wolf pack that slowly was killed by humans and ncp,her pack vanished as man took over And slowly killed the wild lands where he pack once lived,her pack died out until she killed herself out of despair,now dead but no allowed to move on,her pack and she cried a river that eventually dried up and made their horrid home,she is now bent on revenge and will now stop at nothing to kill you and bring down suffering as she suffered on terrerian and atherian alike

can only be accessed at night and on the solstice,you must get a bone key for the doors to let you in,you cannot cheat to the final boss by dropping to the bottom,their are invisible blocks

CK is not creator but he has rights to edit this as he likes if he chooses this one.

Ghost Castle Abandoned castle in the other continent. The inhabitants are reapers, aka shades wielding scythes. There are traps of instant death. But the boss will revive you as a skilled reaper. Reapers, Shades wielding scythes. Terrarians or Aetherians who have failed will be revived as a skilled reaper. Revival (Brings you to less than half a heart and allows the boss to revive you.) The grim reaper, he was Lordofpixels7 wandering here, the reapers made him their king by killing and reviving him. He will only spare his old friends. Has 20K health and each hit will take away 99.9% of the targets health allowing him to make them a reaper. Upon completing. The grim reaper will return to the good but will still be in his current form. He will make his army of reapers attack herobrine's forces.

The only people who can defeat the boss are his friends since he and his reapers will spare no on but his friends.

Clan Ideas

  • You can only ally with other clans you made or if both creators agree to ally
  • Cube Kid counts as a creator (Unless you write a note saying maybe not)
Name Creator Description Members and Leader(s) Battle cry and logo (Symbols) Alliances (If any)
The Memer Men Unknown, but if you check history you can probably fathom it out It's not cheating if you don't get caught Porkster (see fan characters) Nope
The titan guard To join you must have the titan class ( see fan ideas) Titan (leader) The symbol is two hammers crossed.
The Ember Shard An elite and exclusive group of skilled archers. Invite-only. idk. Good archers and PLAYERS only. Symbol: Black bow surrounded by sunset-colored shards.

Battle Cry: "No surrender, until the last man falls!"

Allies: The White Lily and the Dark Ruby.
The Dark Ruby A black market clan with pilfering and stealing. just a bunch of TOTALLY normal people. Symbol: Black hexagon with a red gem in the middle. Allies: The Ember Shard and the White Lily.
The White Lily Strong mages and wizards. Players with mage and priest classes' Symbol: A white flower on a blue backdrop. Allies: The Dark Ruby and the Ember Shard.
The Windheart


You must have the wall class to join. Adumantium

Golems and Players with the equivalent to the strength of a elementium ingot in defense

Symbol: a Iron Ingot with a red background. Allies: The White Lily and The Ember Shard
The mothheart


You must no be evil Name unknown a stylized moth on a pink and turquoise background!!!!! The lost legion (Talk with CK about this)
Blood roses no requirements,

exept for that you have to be An enemy of herobrine


of terraria





song of terraria

delta windystorm







twisted rose with blood dripping off the thorns over a black and blue background any clan dedicated

to being nice and/or killing herobrine

The Frostbound Icefang88 A clan of warriors descenced from an icy tundra. To be recruited, the new recruit must pass an obstacle course at base, then touch the gold button at the end. The course tests endurance, physical skills, but most importantly, determination and soul.

If the test is passed, They get automatically teleported to the recruit room, where they recieve their outfit of blue and black cape.

The course is there to decide who is worthy of being recruited into the clan. Currently the clan has 32 members.

Founder: Icefang88





Symbol: A cyan triangle representing a mountain, with a snowy owl.

No battle cry, but members raise ice torches and clash them together as a symbol of union and coldness.

Lost Legion, Team Runt, neutral ally of clans dedicated to slaying herobrine and/or bringing peace

The Crimson Shields Dragonfire 101 It's a Guild that runs out of the capital. they do not have a code of honor exactly, but they do not accept people who have no honor. Skilled players at any skill. Logo is a Crimson Shield. The Knights of Aetheria (i dont have cubekids permission so technically that's just a wish.)


Unique place is a location or type of block.

Name Description Use Lethality and other effects Unique place (if any)
Sir, I think you've been rickrolled Automatic rickroll The rickroll equivalent of MEMZ virus Rick Astley permanently invades your screen never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you
Time shield When touched, sends you back an amount in time equivalent to the speed the shield was hit. Walls Sends you back in time
Lasers A freakin' laser. Very rare. Shoots anything in front of it, unless you wearing a ring that is linked with the laser. Lasers Five hearts of damage. On doors and walls.
Mobspawn A kind of trap where when triggered spawns 15 mobs Trolling Spawns mobs On activators when the activator is activated it activates
Shin breath You are blasted for 5000 damage Death See description The shin temple
Black moon spawns 1-31 black wolves (each day of the moon spawns a black wolf.on the full moon the bites give either wither ||,poison |||,or lycanthropy (very rare for lycanthropy,which cannot be cured(if CK adds cure for lycanthropy i will list that here).very rare,can only be found in very high level dungons located in the nether or herobrines fortress. Death and injury,depending

on how it is used

might give you lycanthropy,poison,or

wither, wolves will take hearts until you have one heart left,then wait for the full moon to nip you and turn you into one of them or kill you.

see description
pit trap It can look like any block but when someone steps on it, it will fall from underneath them. it can be good to make someone fall into a pit to trap them. Trapping Falls out from under someone. None can be crafted. (Did you understand what I meant by unique place? -AGhast1)

Fan Foods

Name of Food Crafted with Properties Buffs/Debuffs Forge needed? HP/Food Restored Creator
Lunar Bread 3X Moonberry

3X Wheat

Similar to the Stormberry Roll, but has a blueish texture Gives 24 Hours of Lunar Strength II, which increases damage by 2 at night. No 10 HP, 10 Food Bar Icefang88
Mork By killing a mig Haha Frostwisp Venom XV

Slowness LXVI

Curse of Icehollow MCCLXI

Bad Luck IXIII

Mining Fatigue XVIV

Exhaustion ∞

Chill ∞

No Good question Someone
Hot Cocoa 1X Milk, 3X Cocoa Beans, Light with Flint and Steel for 15 minutes for it to become Hot Cocoa. Has the same effect as milk, but hot cocoa provides savory hearth for 1 hour. Hot Cocoa gives Savory Hearth for 1 Hour, as well as cleanse all debuffs, like milk does No Full HP, Full Food bar, but low saturation Icefang88
Chocolate Milk ? (I separated for icefang) Chocolate milk is basically the same as milk, but still tastes better than normal milk. ? (I separated for icefang) No ? Icefang88
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