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This page is for fan ideas. Do not delete other people's ideas or Urf will possess you.

Rules Edit

  • Ideas cannot be overpowered. As a general rule, there should be some way to counter anything, be it an ability, class, or enchantment.
  • Do not steal ideas from other books, people, video games, or anything. It's okay to take inspiration, but don't rip ideas directly from other people.
  • By posting your ideas on this wiki, you allow Cube Kid to use your ideas in any way he likes and relinquish any claim to them.

Failure to follow these rules will result in your idea being deleted from the page.

Characters Abilities

Dungeon IdeasEdit

Creator Name Description Mobs Important


Boss Other
AGhast1 The Great Crater A giant crater in the moon. Likely a creature who doesn't need air.
Undead's birth A labyrinth completely made of eclipsite. The queen of the undead Can only be done for a couple days every year. After the last day the gates will close and cannot be opened until the next year.
Alpha7658 Freakin' laser A bunch of lasers in a hallway. Mobs that shoot projectiles. A freakin' laser (x1000) A blaze with lasers instead of blaze rods Mobs drop lazer ammunition and boss drops a shootable hand laser.
Mars31415926 The Tower of Merlin A tower with seven levels, plenty of traps and extremely energy-consuming. Supernatural zombies and skeletons that when killed, will try and "rebuild" themselves from parts laying on the floor, and poisonous ivy that helps them with that task and heals the mobs as well, being poisonous. A misleading level where it seemes that the only trap is a few slow arrow dispensers, but really the floor collapses, sending you back to the bottom level as well as heavy fall damage. Another one where you need to guide a big, hollow stone ball to the other side without it being smashed, the result being small bugs being spawn and you need to kill them to get back the shards to recraft the ball. Fail to do this in 5 minutes will result in being sent to the start of the dungeon. Merlin(duh, I think you people all know who that is.) Have a miniboss on level 6 called the demonic underlord that is 10 blocks tall, wield a greatsword and looks kind of like black soul sand. Contains no safe spots. Monsters respawn every 2 minutes after completing a level. Bookshelves containing rare books on every level. (Some guy said they can fly up, but there are windows, which being in a dungeon, is unbreakable, and Cube Kid said humself that there are enchantments that make flying difficult.)

Clan IdeasEdit

  • You can only ally with other clans you made or if both creators agree to ally
Name Creator Description Members and Leader(s) Battle cry and logo (Symbols) Alliances (If any)
The titan guard To join you must have the titan class ( see fan ideas) Titan (leader) The symbol is two hammers crossed.
The Ember Shard An elite and exclusive group of skilled archers. Invite-only. idk. Good archers and PLAYERS only. Symbol: Black bow surrounded by sunset-colored shards.

Battle Cry: "No surrender, until the last man falls!"

Allies: The White Lily and the Dark Ruby.
The Dark Ruby A black market clan with pilfering and stealing. just a bunch of TOTALLY normal people. Symbol: Black hexagon with a red gem in the middle. Allies: The Ember Shard and the White Lily.
The White Lily Strong mages and wizards. Players with mage and priest classes' Symbol: A white flower on a blue backdrop. Allies: The Dark Ruby and the Ember Shard.
The Windheart


You must have the wall class to join. Adumantium

Golems and Players with the equivalent to the strength of a elementium ingot in defense

Symbol: a Iron Ingot with a red background. Allies: The White Lily and The Ember Shard

Traps Edit

Name Description Use Lethality and other effects Unique place (if any)
Lasers A freakin' laser. Very rare. Shoots anything in front of it, unless you wearing a ring that is linked with the laser. Lasers Five hearts of damage. On doors and walls.
Time shield When touched, sends you back an amount in time equivalent to the speed the shield was hit. Walls Sends you back in time
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