Eventide is a greatedge and a legendary bedrock saber, crafted during the Second Great War, by a legendary Dusk Elf smith, Oaeo. It's one of two in a set, the other being Morningtide. They were heirlooms of a Dusk Elf Royal Family, eventually gifted to Breeze, who hid them for months, until passing Eventide on to Runt. Like all legendary weapons, it can't be destroyed by normal means, only weakened through excessive use. They were in need of reforging when Runt was given them, a method requiring an Aeon Forge. Once repaired, it grew stronger, and its strength is now seven-fold that of diamond. Rare gemstones such as Frost opal, Void tesseract, etc., are required to unlock its magical capabilities, and cannot be enchanted well without them. Oaeo chose to craft it out of bedrock because weapons needed to be strong enough to withstand intense punishment. Monsters back then were stronger, and have powerful abilities that can destroy weaker weapons with ease.

Eventide only has one enchantment, Lifesteal I. It is made of bedrock and dragonbone.

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