The Excalibur Blade is a legendary-class greatsword. Although non-unique, the weapon is quite rare, even among legendary-tier items, possessing less than a 1% drop rate in several of the highest level dungeons. Sir Elric Darkbane of the KoA uses this weapon to great effect. The high damage output along with an array of particularly gruesome on-hit enchantments (notably Stone II) make this weapon one of the finest swords in the Overworld, second only to fully reforged Divine Blades and other such artifacts

Enchantments Edit

Storm V (15% chance of lightning damage)

Stone II (2% chance of turning target into stone)

Empower III (boosts all melee abilities by 30%)

Sunder VII (Ignores 70% of Target's armor)

Wounding X (Increases critical damage by 100%)

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