Extreme is a side character in the Lost Legion. He has a VERY high bravery of 8 which causes him to be EXTREMELY reckless, and has been in the Lost Legion before the crash. He is a firm believer who believes NPCs are real people, with real emotions, and feel real pain.

He owns a metalwork shop "The Crucible" where he forges weapons out of the finest materials: Metals, Obsidian, Prismarine. He has a relatively high crafting skill of 200 and is capable of Masterwork I. He helped defend Villagetown during a raid, as seen in the novel Nether Kitten 6

Backstory Edit

Extreme woke up on the shores of Dawnsbloom: a province on the Western Shores of Ardenvell. Like many, he crawled through dungeons and desperately tried to reunite with the Lost Legion, and gain loot.

While searching, he found an Evoker robe and gained the ability to spawn Vex- a powerful ability in combat. During his quest of reuniting with the Legion, he tamed a horse named "Sunlight," and a small iron slime, an eighth the size of a regular slime named "Quicksilver"

Appearance Edit

Extreme has uncut jet black hair which hasn't been cut since The Crash. He has a small scar above his right eye from abuse, and a large amount of scar tissue over his stomach because of multiple stabs and regenerations. He is very physically strong and well built.

Personality Edit

Extreme is a nice person to his friends; complimenting them, doing work for them, and being a nice person. However, Extreme may be extremely violent in combat and may kill whoever gets in his way.

His strongest skills are his critical thinking, his knowledge of metallurgy, his strong sense of justice; he has a clear knowledge of who deserves to live, and who dies.

Gear Edit

Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchants
weapon Noobslayer sword Obsidian ? ? Sharpness IV

Unbreaking III

Sweeping Edge II

weapon Mobgrinder sword Obsidian ? ? Sharpness III

Unbreaking III

Looting I

weapon Musket firearm Gunmetal

Red Brass

? ?
full body 'Lost Legion'Battle Suit armor suit Leather, Iron +10
torso Evoker Robe robes Spider Silk +4 Protection III

Invocation II

Unbreaking I

torso Moonlight Cloak cloak Spider Silk Safeguard I

Surefooted II

accessory Leather Belt belt Leather Speed I
accessory Leather Bag pouch Leather +27 slots


accessory Obsidian Ring ring Obsidian Strength I

Trivia Edit

  • He has two pets:
    • Quicksilver. An iron slime, Extreme met Quicksilver during a massacre at the capital. He tamed him with raw beef and keeps him as a companion. He is non-hostile, and quite docile.
    • Sunlight. A loyal steed, Sunlight is a pure white horse with black markings on his feet. Sunlight is quite fast and has excellent stamina. He wears gold horse armor for protection.
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