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Book Questions

When is the next book coming out?

We only know it's coming "soon," nothing more, nothing less. Obviously, if there's any news, we will post it on the discord and here.

How do I join the Cast?

As of the last update to this page, all cast applications are closed because the process is currently being redone.

What's the difference between Wimpy Villager and 8-Bit Warrior?

Wimpy Villager is what Cube Kid writes by himself. 8-Bit Warrior is what the publisher creates based on what is in Wimpy Villager, and typically contains content from multiple Wimpy Villager books.

Why can't I see older Wimpy Villager books on Amazon?

The Wimpy Villager books are pulled down from Amazon as the series goes on, because of a contract between Cube Kid and his publisher.

Is there a minecraft server?

Yes and no. Find more information at this blog post.

Wiki Questions

What's with all the "New" pages?

The wiki is currently in a period of reconstruction and fact-checking. You will be notified at the top of the "New" page if it is not done. However, most pages have true information.

Does Cube Kid read the wiki or look at my fan characters at all?

Cube Kid used to look at the wiki, but rarely now. Fan characters currently are a tricky situation and things need to be cleaned up.

Which users should I go to for important or urgent questions/reports?

The most active staff members are Reaperoflives and inSPYration with Chinay coming on like never I've seen non-staff more active than him. Pokemaster says he'll be back whenever a new book/new information is out.

Who is around/on here most of the time?

For non-staff, EccentricEnderGuy, FieryFury, and AGhast1 are typically here a lot compared to everyone else, each with more knowledge than the average reader.

Where did all this information come from?

Most, if not all, of the information, is from the Cube Kid Fan Community Discord Server. If you cannot figure out how to communicate on it, direct message a server staff member.

Besides the rules on the main page, are there any untyped/unspoken rules?

Yes. There is a reason they're untyped, which you know as well. If you break them, you get warned, then banned. 

Who should I go to first, assuming all the wiki admins/mods are busy?

The wiki community is full of helpful/semihelpful people, including but not limited to: AGhast1, EccentricEnderGuyIncredibleFlameBurst, Longshot and FieryFury. There are also lesser/semi active users here as well: ThisumPetalburst, and some others. Keep in mind that there are also several anonymous users active under the "A FANDOM USER" name, and they often are of help. Update: Fandom users can only edit text, and they can't comment or use discussion posts.

Aetherian Wiki Abbreviations

AO1-Aetheria Offline 1

8BW(#)-8 Bit Warrior and book numbers (1-6)

NK(#)-Nether Kitten and book numbers(1-6)

WV(#)- Diary of a Wimpy Villager(same as 8BW just shorter and on kindle) and Book Number (1-16)

8BK(#)- Tales of an 8-bit Kitten and book numbers(1-2)