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Characters Abilities

Note: Cube Kid is thinking and discussing how fan characters will work (if at all) so until further notice fan characters will not be considered.

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Fan Characters

Name Race Abilities Armor and weapons Attributes and Level Skill and Competency Level Class Gender Description Creator
Blockberry (low-level)*

*Comment section includes higher-level stats.

Human Dash - 2

Dual Wield - 3

Iron Saber - Sharpness I

Iron Saber - Knockback I

Iron Mail, helmet has Agility II (not included in the attribute section) and Intelligence I (not included in the attribute section)

Leather gloves - Swiftness I, Cold Protection II

Aethersilk cloak - Stealth I

STR: 1

AGI: 6

VIT: -8

INT: 18

RES: 0

KAR: -7

LVL: 3

Combat - 112

Casting - 0

Crafting - 101

Building - 53

Farming - 99

Mining - 67

Trading - 12

Enchanting - 13

Brewing - 11

Fishing - 33

Cooking - 76

Riding - 0

Stealth - 74

Music - 92

Scouting - 13

Swimming - 88

Duelist Male An intelligent, introverted, judgemental logician. He often manipulates others and engineers battles for his own good (or the greater good, sometimes). Fignite
InsertNameHere (yes that is the name) Human Dash, analyze monster, Fire lance, comet. Gemwrought mail enchanted with protection II and flameweaver V

Leather belt

Sapphire Necklace, +1 INT

Crystal Staff, Fire Attunement V

STR: 3

AGI: 10

VIT: 7

INT: 10

RES: 3

KAR: 7

LV: 7

KendontheTank21492 Human (Lupin Appereance) Heroic Strike, Anvil Strike, Dual Wield, Parry, Shield Bash, Overblade, Permanency Legion Plate

Made from Endersteel and Leather


Protection III

Resilience IV

Feather Falling II

Depth Strider I

Vitality IV

Karma II

Mending I

Redsteel Saber


Sharpness III

Looting II

Unbreaking III

Wounding VI

Mending I

Lost Legion Bow

Made from Moonfire Wood


Power III

Infinity I

Unbreaking III

Range III

Legion Pickaxe


Efficiency II

Unbreaking III

Rose Gold Shovel


Efficiency III

Unbreaking III

Bluesteel Axe:


Sharpness II

Efficiency II

Unbreaking III

Cloak of the Helpful


Surefooted II

Regeneration II

Icefang88 Cubefolk Blizzard, Freeze, Ice Barrier, Mostly ice based abilities. He took the time to balance out all of his attributes at 10. Itamium gear, head to toe with protection VI, Chestplate with thorns V

Icefang's Scarf, +2 armor bonus

Cape of the Tundra, with Reflect I, Glide I

Frostblade, An ancient greatsword only icefang may wield, with sharpness X, Ice Aspect V, and has a 1% chance of inflicting Frostwisp Venom V

STR: 10

AGI: 10

VIT: 10

INT: 10

RES: 10

KAR: 10

Level: 10

You get the idea.

Is an ice god, can summon blizzards and avalances at will. Master spellcaster.
soundtravel1000. Most call Sound. by Infrasound7 Here
Nobody4114 Human Dash, Reflect, identify, analize monster, Meteor storm. Fire tesseract and Felsteel robe enchanted with protection ll and flameweave V also a staff known as flameweaver enchanted with flameweave V and control V Level Vl and hids resolve is 18 Very good at spellcasting reading and enchanting and brewing and crafting
Lordofpixels7, most call him Guardian of the Spirits. Spirit, (Formerly) Human. (Currently) Dash, Reflect, Blessing of Spirits. Guardian's Robe (+ 20 defense) Guardian's Staff (Spells: SPIRIT LEVEL and Grand Master Level. Level: 3 (Before Guardian Role) Level: 40 (After Guardian Role) I'll fill this in Later Guardian(?) Male
Insendium Human N/A Emerald felsteel dagger, durability 5500

Oreore helmet, enchantments Blast Protection II, Sneak X, Swiftness III

Obsidian Chestplate no enchantments

Obsidian Pants, enchantments Unbreaking III

Oreore boots, enchantments feather falling

Necklace: +2 Armor

Bracelet: +1 Armor + Strength I

STR: 6

AGI: 15

VIT: 6

INT: 13

RES: 6

KAR: -2

Level: 27

Farming: 15

Mining: 5

Combat: 193

Building: 65

Trading: 2

Crafting: 121

Enchanting: 87

Casting: -42

Brewing: -23

Fishing: 27

Cooking: 13

Stealth: 231

Scouting: 482

Swimming: 204

Music: -821

Riding: 137

Archery: 49

Overall: 263

Mannerdart9352 lizardman skin color: purple

eye color: Blue

gear: encanted diamond set and trident. Afiailation: himself Gender: male classes: lich, scholar, scout. his abilliteis are unkown, as he is very secretive.

endsteel brestplate obsidian boots and leggings red bandanna diamond sword crossbow his class is hunter level 5 so he has the basic abilities of a hunter in full power 30

Lost Legion

Black hair (uncut; silver tips)

Teal eyes

skin: tan

Braveness: 6


"I trust Kolbert."

1st appearance AO 3

human Level: 23

Classes: Frost Mage II, Ninja V,Engineer III

ambush flash bomb

dual wield





frost block

boreal blast

Lost Legion Battle Suit [U], Dragonhide leggings Enchants: Swiftness II, Ab. Boost: Dash red Bandanna, Enchants: Nightshift I, Night Eyes V Ln. Sash, Endercrystal Cloak Enchants: Nightshift X, Safeguard I Ln. Battle Boots, Obsidian/Silver Gauntlets Enchants Poison Resist IV,

Moonclaw (steel wakizashi)Poison I, Lightweight V, Sharpness II, Unbreaking I Mobslasher (obsidian katana) Enchants: Sharpness V, Wounding III, Nightrend V, Unbreaking I,

Steel Staff, Tideweave I, Replenish II

shadow dusk elf ambush


dule wield

smoke bomb


spin dash shadow bind



winvs quiteis

dusk wave armor set

seasong tiara

black opal belt

moon coral bracelet

bracelet of tides

crystal collar


sapphire katana

sapphire katana

[REDACTED] [DATA EXPUNGED - LEVEL 6-5109 ACCESS LEVEL NEEDED] None, really (that I'm gonna tell you about) Ain't tellin'. The old stats suck. Deleted. Once again - I didn't like 'em, and I don't want you to know, and they're innacurate, so I deleted 'em. Wow - this was in the right section when I last saw it, and now they ain't. Hmm. Check #writing in the Cube Kid Fan Communiy discord server to see. It's made by LOLXD49. The Atheist - or MooMoo101.
Myoon Long Scarf: Enchanted with Stealth I.

Baggy wool trousers: Enchanted with Fire Resistance and Stun II.

A Kung Fu vest: Enchanted with Blast Protection I and Swiftness II.

Arm bandages: Enchanted with Rend I and Haste II.

Leather Slippers: Enchanted with Feather Falling I and Leaping II.

Level: 21

STR: 12

AGI: 24

VIT: 16

INT: 9

RES: 2

KAR: 0

Combat: 209

Casting: 0

Crafting: 101

Building: 79

Mining: 24

Trading: 74

Enchanting: 25

Brewing: 1

Fishing: 65

Cooking: 52

Riding: 0

Stealth: 100

Music: 0

Scouting: 12

Swimming: 65

1: Blink Step 1

2: Illusion 2

3: Fighting Stance

4: Lunge 2

5: Taunt 1

6: Mannequin

7: Behind You

8: Leap 1

9: Fighting Style 3

10: Foresight 2

ult: Third Eye

ult 2: Quivering Blows

Monk 10

Trickster 2 Master 8

Lupin Male When he was young he could not afford gear. So he trained in a local monastery. His village was attacked by mobs and was stranded in the desert. While there he taught himself how to make illusions.After a year of wandering he found found the capital and is trying to make a living there by participating in underground fighting tournaments. While there he made some friends and exchanged abilities. Eventually they would form the guild, the martial fists. After 3 days of intense meditation he had opened his third eye. Realizing that he had made enough money to have a full set of enchanted clothing.

Lost Legion

Braveness 7

Hair is Black(Messy)

Skin is Brown

Wild Red eyes




Ruby Dagger

Emerald Dagger

Full legion suit

Ring of Strength

Polymorph 3

Tactical-Decisions 15 Dual wield 2

Dash 8

Parry 2

Obsid. Fur 3



Role: DPS

Half-Druid, Half-Human.

Shifts into a Werewolf and gets STR, AGL, and VIT bonuses in doing so. Can use monster Abilities in Werewolf form.

genis wolfkin 'Spectral Lightning'Zap Block

Voidfire Burst

Green Lightning Blast

fire bolt


Rune of Fire Field

Dragon Jump


Flame Lance

Chain Lightning


a skilled mage dedicated to pyromancer lv10 age 12
Night duskwave armor set

seasong tiara

black opal belt

moon coral bracelet

bracelet of tides

crystal collar


iron katana

iron katana

  1. dash
  2. smoke bomb
  3. duel wield
  4. telekinesis
  5. ambush
  6. spin dash
  7. grace of elune

ult: Quietus

second wind






disguise form:villager normal form; dusk elf

one of the descendants of the prophecy.

Galaxy_knight1632 Human/terrarian Void Crescent



Zap block






Power shot

Ult":Second wind


Dragon Knight


Potion Master


Comes from earth.

Has mushroom skin

Male A hacker from the aethrian server.You see he was the type of guy who would hack make people into his "Relgion"(Ex:Hank the immortal.Hank the immortal was an hacker who would sacrfice players to his cause and quickly asserted himself in the ultras ranks.By killing mostly everything that refused to accept or bow to him.Other than that hacks to make the game for interesting-ish.Still bad for the people he killed)Anyway this relgion was the soop and mushroom people rights thing.Mushroom people are hated in most genres.Anyway he was the flying mushroom coming out of the floor shooting fire from his hand.Because you said Mushroom people are bad.Also was the type of guy to Say in the chat "FREE SOOP"(does soup exist in the server)Although he got banned once he came back hacking for "Good".Basicaly hacker vs hacker.Got a lot of hackers banned in the server.Also was the type of guy who when you kill a new player will rush towards you and kill you.Saying let the new people play.And resetting your progress with the hacks.During the crash he said bye to his group of people the mushroom inquisition group(What can I say he likes mushrooms).After waking up in minecraftia he lost his hacks.Of corse he realized this world was in fact real so he would "Play the game".He is currently in village town selling rare stuff for emeralds or trading stuff.The shop is called "The merchants wares" Its on the Left corner of village town.Also this time he earned the stuff he wanted and learned hard work.He is living in villagetown.

Creator :

The greather beans

Shayne "The Book on Buffing Familiar's"

The Armor Crusher and The Adamant Sharpshot

Ambush,Hide, Firecube, Spin Dash, Charm, Heal,

Reflect, Transform, ult: Revive Familiar (can be used 5 times),

ult: Last Gasp (These are Both Fan But I could not find any space to put them in the Fan Ideas section.)

Beastmaster, Twilight Sheperd,




Disciple of The Silver Flame,

Oracle, Thief

Really: Human

Shown: Dusk Elf

Jarnor the Blademaster 1: Dual redsteel wakizashi

2: Endersteel crossbow

3: Ruby and Obsidian armor set

1:Smoke bomb

2:Blade of Retribution

3:Frost Web

1: Initiate of Eight Winds

2: Barbarian

3: Duelist

4: Ninja

5: Warrior

6: Dragon Knight

7: Lord

8:Wayward Swordsman

Zombie Golem Male
Darkbringer Endersteel daggers

Endersteel armor set

Endersteel bow

Endersteel sword

1: Rage of Ao

2: Makeshift Muffin

3: Power Shot




Normal: Shade

Disguise: Dusk Elf

Shadow seasong tiara

duskwave tunic

duskwave boots

black opal belt

duskwave armlets

moon coral bracelet

bracelet of tides

crystal collar

duskwave gloves

sapphire katana

sapphire katana



2.duel wield

3.smoke bomb


5. teleporter cube



8.spin dash

9.shadow bind

10.grace of elune

ult: Quietus






female disguise form: villager

normal: dusk elf.

breezes friend from shadow brook and was also captured by herobrine and is one of the descendants from the prophecy.

Brandon endersteel armor set

sapphire katana

sapphire katana

1.duel wield


3.polymorph lightning blast



ult:chain lightning






A descendant from the prophecy.

Somebody Black Felsteel Crossbow and Voidcrystal dagger Abilites:



Aimed shot

Smoke bomb


Frost shot






mana flight





Human Male He was what you would call a pro speed runner.He read all the wikis on the game all the tutorials get first hand experience, Get the highest level/class or beat the game.Then he would speed run it again and again.He was with his fellow speed runners during the crash talking about their speed runs, family and other stuff.Now when he woke up with his fellow speed runners they were all confused like him.In till they realized they were stuck in the game they panicked.Of course then they did the logical reason at the time.They would "speed run the game"Some were trying to build the shelter in a short amount of time so no mobs may come.Others gather tools and he did nothing.Surprised that a game came to life.Now the group of speed runners got to diamond only at the 2nd day after the crash.The speed runners called themselves the human associates group they of course believe that the game had come to life but it was a leaderless group.Anyway on day 30 they have been attacked by mobs.Of course their were some red stone engineers but all of that can be wiped with a single creeper blow.This mob group was a big group of mobs.Attacking them.They were still a group but somebody left.He always like mage classes and classes with daggers and explosions.So he became an assassin.Now he wanders the over world looking for people who want contracts to kill others.Of course he rarely those that anymore now he just searches the overworld for survivors to help. The greather beans
Fungi Abyss sword Abilites:

Duel wield


Glitter Dance


Mana shield



Ult: Bladestorm

Abyss walker

Potions master

Blood mage


Under lord

Mycon Male Cousin to Funguis He decide to learn the more expert ways of the sword,

dagger, and a mage.When he returned back to the void he then decided to enter the Abyss and fac e the challenges to become an abyss walker.He has lost a peice of his humanity in doing so but is still very human and wont kill most people but will still go to some extremums.He is currently wandering the overworld

The greather beans
Fungius Tome of the Mage Magic Abilites: identify wizinvis refelct shawdowBind analyze, monster mannequin illusion voidfire burst spectral, lighting teleport Void mage illusionist Invoker Astral mage Crystal Mage Mycon Male Unlike other Mycons in the void below he has decide to live in the planes and valleys above, looking for ways to improve his magic and become A great mage The greather beans
Fungster The greater Frying pan Abilities:




Flash bomb


Health food

In a pinch

Its a delicacy


Merchant Potions master Machinist Runesmith


Mycon Male A traveling merchant and thief.A master at baking, and making potions.He knows how to properly change a potions stat, color, and the potions itself with it still looking like the original potion it was.He is currently at lava crest The greather beans
Voltage7 VoltageVoidBlade, DeathStaff, Token of Renewal NORMAL ABILITIES:

Void Crescent, Analyze Monster, Stormbringer, Reflect, Dual Wield, Copy


Soul Torrent,

Void Waning

Underlord, Hexblade,


Void Mage,

Crystal Mage

Human Male Most powerful being in Aetheria, leader of the clan Voidskull Underlords. Voltage7 himself!!!
avaleon none true voidwalker, voidwalker access, primary voidwalker. voidwalker male primary voidwalker during the fall of the voidwalkers anonymous
current name:

original name: Leo

tearing oblivion, voidbreaker, voidwalker totem. advanced crit V, true voidwalker, voidwalker access, primary voidwalker. disguise: human. normal: voidwalker male last voidwalker, primary voidwalker, eventually helps runt. anonymous
Sara Diamond greatsword, leather armour Dash and overblade human female Warrior in the lost legion Bladeking1099
Superiorfive814 Redstone gauntlet


shulker box full of tnt


second wind

artisan 2

Engineer Human male Redstoneer of the lost legion Superiorfive814
totalpro19263 diamond dagger, endersteel plate, moonsilver katana reflect, familier v, illution v, banish I, shadow block, ice block, mud block human male innate for the NoA who bullys Runt and comes from a rich family deathlord
thanoob900 iron sword, leather armor and a bunch of disguise II potions hide, illution x Disguised form: Human

Normal form:

Dusk Elf

male a stalker who has a crush on breeze and wants to join the lost legion to impress her. also tries to make illusions to make her think he rescued her. a fandom user
Akashi Katana of Teleportation, Cloak of Stealth (with an enchantment of Speed 20), Cross Bow of Piercing, and Sound Proof Boots. Scout, Lunge, Ruthless, Analyze Monster, Analyze Trap, Illusion, Smoke Bomb, Hide, Dual Wield, Third Eye, Batojustu. Aeon Samurai








Disguised form: Human

Normal form:

Dusk Elf

Male Will be a new warrior in the lost legion, one of Breeze's old friend and also Aiowae's, will go to train with Runt at his school. Diary Of An 8-Bit Warrior Fan
snowy_lama (snow for short) or

Aiowae ïo


Alpha Sapphire Greatsword Maelstrom hood Maelstrom chestplate [U]

Maelstrom leggings [L] Maelstrom boots Diamond amulet Spectral coat Maelstrom gloves Pirate belt Abyssal pouch Aquamarine ring Aether bracelet Ender dice

Reflect, Analyze monster, Water burst, Dash, Familiar, invisibility, illusion, creep, Spider aspect, Pigman frenzy. Ults: Ghost step, time stop Water Elementalist 20

Underlord 18

Geomancer 10

Frost mage 10

Alchemist 15

Void mage 13

Runesmith 7

Dragon knight 1


A student at the school that runt will go to looking for the ender champion,

Will go to Runts village afterwards and become a lost legionnaire

(P.S, My character is friends with Diary of an 8-bit warrior fan's character)

Snowy lama
Bladeking1099 Aethersteel armor, has repairing II.

Crown of dragons, Can summon a dragon every 48 hours, 70% Feymare/other weak dragon, 25% mediocre dragon, 5% Wyrm.

Darkbane, Legendary blade, does 25 damage regularly, 35 damage to undead or any evil mob. Hilt made of Spellforged Silver, blade made of Tempered Aethersteel. Obtained fronm defeating the underdragon.

Swift blade, duel wield, dodge, shadow strike, inferno, cyclone and


Knight 20

human male meets runt in capitol. member of the crystal owls Bladeking1099
The dark one dark armor ??? ??? ??? Herobrines creation.

what ever he touches gets cursed so bad that if you touch it you will die instantly. Inmate of the atherian prison

D3athlyf3 The obliterator and the Underblade dual wield human male An evil player that has joined herobrine Bladeking1099
Frostwarrior Snowfall Dash Human male The defender of the frostlands Bladeking1099
Flamewarrior blade of inferno dash human male The defender of the nether Bladeking1099
Sir alor darkbane Excalibur II void crecent Human male deceased brother of sir Elric darkbane Bladeking1099
Alex Aethersteel armor and duel aethersteel swords, emblem of thunder dash, stormbringer and void crecent human female sister of steve bladeking1099
Stormslayer201 Blade of the warrior, rose gold armor (no helmet) dash, swift blade, void crecent, cyclone, inferno, rend, revenge and dodge human male Bladeking1099s friend Bladeking1099
The keeper of the Omega relm Omega emerald staff

emerald silk robes and boots

Dash, Parry, Artistian, Conk, Conterparry, Zap, Entangle, Illusion, Analyze monster, Banish, Shadow block and teleporter block Human Female The keeper of the emerald relm who Runt meets on his journey to the capitol Snowy lama
The keeper's Daughter Omega Sapphire Greatsword Sapphire armour and a Shield Dash, Parry, Counterparry, Analyze monster, Shield bash, Defensive stance, Heroic strike, Lunge, Rend Human Female Will save Pebble and S' life on the spines of AO Snowy lama
The keeper's Son Omega Ruby katana Ruby enlaced Kimono and boots Dash, Parry, Analyze monster, Shiv, Mortal strike, Illusion, Mannequin, Quietus, Fire affinity Human Male Will help Tufty and Meowz with their misson Snowy lama
DeltaHero Delta Scythe

Delta Armor

Dracorex Mage


Half-Dragon Male A lone warrior that wanders the realm in hopes to defeat Herobrine Delta
Legowarrior70 Dagger of Legos, Iron Armour, Ice shard bow Analyze Monster I, Heroic Strike I,Dash III, Hide II, Ambush I, Snatch II and Dual Wield II Human Male Warrior of Lost Legion
Null Blade of 404 Analyze Monster III,

Dual Wield II, Hide III, glitching, unknown abilities

Glitch ?????? Not a player, glitch that was brought to life. Has 99 glitch doppelgangers wandering each dimension. Soundlord5
Churri99 diamond Katana, iron armor with thorns I Analyze Monster I, Heroic Strike I,Dash III, and gamma strike. human male a warrior who befriends Bladeking1099 on his journey Bladeking1099
Mannerdart9352 wood, Noobslayer, mobspanker, stonecritter, emralds. he rides a ravager into battle. iron amor, anciant band. an enderman with great intellegence. Male Derp secretly plays an part in Aetheria and is partially responsible for the wars and uprisings against Herobrine . Almost as powerful as Notch, Derp however hides his true form as a noob. He is also called the lord of noobs, and is the reason noobs can become heroes. TheStumblingWizard
A elf that will rescue Glorm, Lyra and Eeebs on their way to silverfall. Breezes friend from Shadowbrook.
Noobertuber9879 mobslayer, dark iron shield and dark iron armor (no helmet ) dark Iron crossbow with infinity, power V, range II

Frostbolt III and Marks man V

Dash, Parry, Analyze monster, Shiv, Mortal strike, Illusion, shield bash, dodge, Knight 20, Blackguard 17 and hunter 20 human Male A warrior that wanders the realm hunting monsters and
Ian Dragonsbane, dragonslayer and dragon scale armor Dash, Parry, Analyze monster, Shiv, Mortal strike, Illusion, shield bash, dodge, gamma strike. Knight 20 Human male A warrior who is a master dragon hunter and helps runt and breeze on their way to sliverfall to visit Eeebs.
Sharklord full set netherite, and Wolvian accessories and sword unkown Himself Wolvian Male post crash xyz found a village were he decided to stay and became a assistant librairian and developed a love of books and a thirst for knowlege about the new world and started exploring around the village taking down threats before they got to strong and when he got selected to train in the capital he was ecstatic to be there later he ends up in the same ?dorm? as breeze and runt
s black leather armor theif pilfer villager male A thief that runt catches trying to steal the kings crow
Name:Umbreon Armor: Enchanted black leather armor with blue rings.

Enchantments: Shadow Affinity, Protection I. Weapon: Katana. Weapon Name: Claw. Material: Black Lapis. Enchantments: Sharpness II, Astral Fire II.

Classes: Warrior 7, Knight 2. Abilities: Parry II, Overblade I, Ult. :Quietus. Race: Foxtail (Black fur with blue rings). Gender: Male Description: After the crash, Umbreon thought he was dead, and his soul went into this new world. Can relate to Aotor. Is a Believer Creator: KingUmbreonTheThird
Joshua of the North Iron Armor- Projectile Protection 3, Protection 2, Feather Falling 1, Thorns 2

Lost Legion Cloak

Shield-Lost Legion Crest

Diamond Greatsword

Abilities: Duel Wield, Analyze Monster, Overblade, and Freeze Knight human Gender: Male Little is known about him, other than that he was a glitch not meant to be in the game. Entity303 thought it was a good idea to make him as a troll update to the server, then abandoned it after realizing how devastating it would be. He somehow escaped to the Antiworld. Shall he escape from it, Aetheria would be in grave danger. Creator: Soundlord5
Eohune I Lost to history ??? ??? Race: Highborn(king) Gender: male Eohune I was the first king of Eohune/Ardenvell. The continent was named after this legendary king. He built Aetheria city, and led the battle against the greatest monsters at the time. He disappeared and is not known to be living or dead currently. Creator: Soundlord5
(insert edgy name here) Full redsteel armor (enchanted with swiftness 1, unbreaking 5, thorns 4) except for a player head enchanted with stealth 5, aqua affinity 5, respiration 5, fire protection 10, and thorns 5 [and is unbreakable because for some reason mob head don't break when you wear them])

Wields a fishing rod enchanted with unbreaking 10, sharpness 5, wither 2, catscratch 4. also wields a carrot on a stick with same enchants

Analyze Monster, Quietus, Dual Wield 3, fire affinity class: unknown nick nick wanderer and proficient potion brewer, created a potion that enhanced mobs permanently, and as such, utilizes pigs as ride animals that travel twice as fast as horses with swiftness 2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ProGaming Wields diamond katana (sharpness 5 life steal 1) and red steel axe (sharpness 8 h)aste 3), full endersteel armor (unbreaking 5 protection 5 thorns 5) Dual Wield, Shield Bash, Quietus, Ancient Tongue, Overblade, Castigate Knight, Swashbuckler Human (Believer) Male A wanderer who ended up in the Lost Legion; fights for justice; helps out in anyway he can, gathers materials, amazing at fighting, not that great at building. Made by: A Fandom User (but I go by the name of my own character)
Andy Sunglasses, Standard clothing. Analyze Monster III Fisherman Human Male Runt and Breeze are on an adventure 10 years in the future and they stumble into the 27 year old Andy while he was fishing on the coast of the ruined city Diamondhome. SavageXXX
Samus Kosmii Ancient Aetherian Knight Armor (Lightweight), Mystery Blade (Enchantments and damage Unknown) Duel Wield, Overblade II,

Ancient Toungue IX

And more unknown abilities including 4 more ults and 6 abilities non existent today.

Ancient Knight Ancient Human Male A legendary Knight that fought in the little known ancient war that happened over 8000 years ago. SavageXXX
Demarco Generic clothing, Cap (Worn Backwards) None Salesmen Human Male 7 years in the future, Pebble, Max and Cogboggle are exploring a city in the continent south of Ardenvell where they meet the 21 year old Demarco and they became friends. SavageXXX
Flamelight Items:

duo iron daggers: Wounding VI(both)

Fire elementite greatsword: Fire Aspect II

endersteel chestplate: Protection V,

Netherite helmet: Poison Protectoin III

Netherite boots: Undead protection

endersteel helmet: Respiration II, Protection III

Enderpouch: pocket XI

Nightwing cloak: gliding II


Firecube, Verdant bloom, Illusion, Magical sapling, power shield, aimed shot, ice web, Envenom, Familiar, Dual wield


Ghost ship, Bladestorm

Swashbuckler, assasin, Dragoon, Berserker, Disciple of Ao, Hierophant, Illusionist, Runesmith Human Male Ever since the Cataclysm, Flamelight has been surviving for a year until he discovered Aetherian city, where he learned about classes and how to properly defend yourself. Over the years, after he finished his training, he has been wandering ever since. That was until he found villagetown and joined the Lost Legion... This character was made by a fandom user named TNTDude3647.
leif (leif127) items:

Moon fire wood bow:punch,flame Silver chestplate Silver leggings Silver boots ash cloak: +50% stealth


Dash,spin dash, verdant bloom, fire cube, hide, doul weild, ice web, locate


meteor storm



human male aquamarine hair

really dark blue eyes

after the caticlysm he woke up in the aether and started collecting loot right away he gained two pets one cat named butter and a spectral Raven named star

He now lives in the forest near village town and he met pebble when he was banished

He is the desendent of the only person to weild a legendary bow in the first war

made by leif 127
Kate (_ShadowKathleen7_) Nightsteel armor except the helmet which is a black leather headband. All of this has Stealth I, Nightshift I, Agility II, Night Eyes X on it.

“Shadow Slayers” cloak with Stealth I on it (It's the cloak of her clan. You can find her, her brother, her friends and her brother's friends there. She and her brothers are the two captains of this clan. She is the girls' captain and he is the boys' captain. You can see the cloak there:

Black leather belt with Pocket II on it and a pair of blacksteel chains (attached on her belt) with Swiftness II on it.

Emerald dagger in the right hand with Food Poisoning on it and a diamond dagger in the left hand with Chill on it, both enchanted with Nightrend II, No Honor III, Lightweight I, Doublestrike V, Wind’s Grace I, Whisper I and Boomerang I.

Dark prismarine crossbow enchanted with Infinity, Unbreaking II, Range III, Mending, Rapid Fire and Farsight II.

Blindness arrow.

Diguise I potion enchanted with Refill I, Volume I and Distill III.

1) Spin Dash V

2) Snatch III

3) Rend III

4) Shiv III

5) Zap III

6) Analyse Monster V

7) Duel Wield

8) Endermen's Blessing III

9) Pilfer V

Ult: Overblade

1) Assassin

2) Ninja

Half Dark elf, half human. Turns into a full dark elf atll bloodmoons. Female Appearance: Tall and thin, long blond hair covering her right eye, which is green, and her other eye is blue, ears longer than humans' but shorter than elves'. Competitive and a bit obstinate.

Short quote: “I’ll do what girls do best: slayin’ some freakin’ monsters.”

Shad0wzZ_YTB (I'm french please don't judge me on the use of English thanks)
James (MrJames_215) Obsidian plates armor enchanted with Protection II, Goblin Slayer, Defensive Charge II, Strenght II, Vitality II and Resilience II.

Mythril greatsword enchanted with Sharpness II, Wounding III, Reflection II, Rending III, Defender III, Empower II, Ethereal Conduit III, Offensive charge II and Unbreaking II.

Mythril shield with the “Shadow Slayers” banner on it (It's the cloak of his clan. You can find him, his sister, his friends and his sister's friends there. He and his sister are the two captains of this clan. He is the boys' captain and she is the girls' captain. You can see the banner there: enchanted with Reflection II, Aegis of the Protector II, Aegis of Divinity II and Surefooted III.

1) Parry III

2) Shield bash III

3) Defensive stance V

4) Counterparry

5) Heroic strike III

6) Timber V

7) Analyze monster V

8) Reflect

9) Tail swipe

10) Stone skin III

Ult: Overblade,

1) Blackguard

2) Knight

Half dark elf, Half human.

Werewolf on full moons, blood moons, and new moons. He can then access to Tail swipe

Male Appearance: Tall and strong, long blond hair covering his right eye, which is green, and his other eye is blue, ears longer than humans' but shorter than elves'. Always think for his friends before himself.

Short quote: “If we're together, we're stronger !”

Shad0wzZ_YTB (I'm french please don't judge me on the use of english thanks)
Sam301 Weapons,

Melee:Endersteel Katana, Enchants; Poison IV, Fire Aspect I, Unbreaking II, (offhand) Diamond Wakizashi, enchants, Rending III, Wounding III, Unbreaking II Ranged:Crossbow ,Enchants; Infinity I , Farsight IV, Unbreaking III

Armor:Mail, Enchants; Resilience IV, Stealth I(for all pieces of armor)

Acessories: Ring; Swiftness III Cloak ;Flame Wreath

Abilities:Spin Dash, Dual wield, Aimed Shot, Analyze Monster, Smoke Bomb, Tripwire


Stats:Str 15 Agi 25 Vit 14 Int 20 Dev 10 Kar 13


{I gave up on this character but if Cube wants to use it, sure.}

Weapons: Voidenium Crossbow (Auto-aim I, Wounding III, Flame II, Knowledge of the Ages, Sniper II, Mending, +5 Attack damage), Katana of Abyssal Darkness (Abyssal Power II, ᓭ𝙹⚍ꖎᓭℸ ̣ ∷⚍ᓵꖌ II, Mending, +14 Attack Damage), Abyssal Staff (Casting III)


Umbricalion Chestplate (Prot V, Swiftness II, Stealth I, Mending, +6 armor), Nightsteel Leggings (Fire Prot II, Occult Aversion, Regeneration I, +5 armor), Lost Boots {How did that get here?} (Quest item, hidden enchantments, +3 armor).

Accessories (From head to foot):

Black opal tiara (+1 armor), dyed-black pearl earrings (-1 fire damage), Nightsong gloves (+2 armor), Sapphire ring (Sure-footed II, Regeneration II), Nightsong anklet (+1 armor)

Level: 36 -Analyze Monster III-Hide




ULT: Deathrend

Deathweaver Human


Female Backstory: When spawned into Minecraftia, her best friend/boyfriend was captured by Herobrine, and killed for his armies entertainment, and no other purpose. Now she seeks revenge, and aims to be the best of the best in PvP, then to someday kill Herobrine, or be part of his demise, at the very least. Proficient with void magic.

Appearance: She has blue hair that covers her blind eye, and is colorblind. Has light tan skin, and her non-blind (white) eye is black.

Terrible with a sword, but legendary with a bow.

Short Quote: "He will fall from his throne, and I will be the one to do it."


(Real name is Yuseo)

{I gave up on this character but if Cube wants to use it, sure.}

Weapons: Piro Steel sword (Unbreaking V, Ultrasharp II, Radiance I, +8 Attack), Blood iron sword (No enchants, +8 Attack) Aetherian Shield (Swiftness I, Blocking III), Nether Staff (Casting III)


Fire Conflictium Chestplate (Fire Prot III, Resilience I, Burden I, +7 Armor), Netherforged Pants (Prot II, Bane of dragons I, +6 armor), Lavacrest boots and helm (+3 armor total)


Necklace of Kitsune Exile (Curse of binding, Fire affinity, -3 armor)

Lv. 39 -Energy Streak 3-Uppercut


-Revenge 1


ULT: Firestorm



(Mage and Fighter)

Kitsune, uses disguise potion to look more human, and to avoid his people because he was exiled due to his love for sword arts. Male Appearance: White/orange hair, red eyes, black scar on left arm which is the result of his first trip to the nether when escaping his people. He was supposed to be killed at a cerenomy because of his love for the sword arts, but escaped using his ULT and ran away to Aetheria city, under the name "Jason". Used to be small royalty within the Kitsune people.

Quote: "I will return, and when I have, my people will accept me."

Doesn’t remember (calls himself Lem) (He got the sword and dagger from his training but got the rest afterwards)

Weapons: Moonsilver Spellsword with Vorpal V, Unbreaking lV, and Negate lll. Rose Gold dagger with unbreaking lll, Boomerang, and Sharpness V.

Armor: Full set of dark red Gemwraught Mail (except for helmet) with Protection lV, Unbreaking lV, and Thorns lll on each.

Accessories: Health Cloak, +10 life and regeneration V. Ring of intellect with +5 intelligence. Circlet of Luck with +5 karma, Belt of Golem strength with +10 strength, Necklace of Vitality with +5 vitality, Bracelet with +3 armor, and gold ring with +1 armor and regeneration ll. Also has golden gauntlet enchanted with ???? and ???? (But he can’t remove it and it seems to not take damage)

Lvl: 10/100

Str: 20/100

Agil: 5/50

Vit: 10/50

Intl: 5/40

Dev: 5/25

Kar: 5/5

/ indicates no memory/memory


Combat: 142/901

Casting: 137/792

Crafting: 72/0

Building: 94/0

Farming: 3/0

Mining: 15/0

Trading: 55/0

Enchanting: 153/725


Brewing: 129/0

Fishing: 0/0

Cooking: 17/0

Riding: 15/0


Music: 0/0

Scouting: 128/0

Swimming: 72/0

Leyfard Regen V Ring, Dragon Stance Technique, Crushing Blows Technique, Iron Defence Technique, Broken Orical Warhammer, Lightning Stabs Technique, Time Slow Slash Technique, Redsteel Gauntlets Inlaid with a Frost Opal, Staggering Side Slam Technique, Upgraded Uppercut Technique, Unstable Halberd, Felsteel Knives, Dagger Duplication and Manipulation, Mana Surge Spell Tome, Ninja Gear, Karma Overflow Tome, Language-Script Decoder, Vitality Bloom Technique, Stealthy Strikes Technique,Feint n' Fake Technique. Level, 25

Str, 40/100

Agi, 15/50

Vit, 15/50

Int, 20/40

Dev, 5/25

Kar 10/5

Combat: 125

Brewing: 100

Cooking: 75


Stealth: 90

Music: 5

Scouting: 90

Swimming: 65



Armor: Black Felsteel Tunic (Prot III, Stealth I, Nightshift I, Mending), Blacksteel skirt (Prot II, Mending), Blacksteel boots (Agility I, Frost Walker I, Mending), Moonsilver Tiara (Night Eyes II, Prot II, Mending)

Weapons: Moonsilver Bow (Infinity, Range III, Farsight I, Mending), Arrows of Slowness, Dark Iron Katana (Sharpness I, Mending)

Accessories: Blackstone bracelet (Swiftness III), Pearl pendant neckalace (Swiftness I), Black opal-encrusted belt (Pocket III)

Lv. 30 (Adjust to fit pls)

Str. 14

Agi. 15

Vit. 9

Int. 11

Dev. 9

Kar. 5

Combat: 156

Casting: 98

Crafting: 121

Building: 76

Farming: 21

Mining: 45

Trading: 76

Enchanting: 110

Brewing: 87

Fishing: 11

Cooking: 8

Riding: 124

Stealth: 136

Music: 109


-Analyze Monster 2

-Mortal Strike 3



ULT: Archer's wrath (Custom fan idea, change to a archer-related existing ULT if you need)

Stalker, Hunter Technically human, skin is a elf. Believer. Doesn't Classify, but is OK with being called female for the sake of it. Looks: White hair, around the length of Breeze's and flat with sideswept bangs, blood red eyes, olive skin, ears like breeze but more upwards-pointed.

Skilled with a bow and always has arrows at the ready.

Bio/Life story:

Irl, she was a speedrunner holding two world records and a youtuber with 1 mil subs. When she appeared in Minecraft, she had little to no memory of her past. She spawned in the outskirts of Ravensong, and had to make do with two others, Jake and Nathan, who are skilled in swords and knives. They stayed in the forest for supplies then, in a month, they left for Aetheria with some knowledge of how the game works and functions. She remains to herself as she and her newfound friends learn at the Greater Aetherian Academy.

Short Quota: 'No, bye, and do not talk to me ever again, or else...'


(Colorblind don't judge)

Rana Loveskull Armor:black and white dyed leather armor chestplate,black opal encrusted skirt,black leather leggings, black festeel boots

Weapons: daggers,Rose bow, weakness,skull lord,and normal arrows, iron sword with mending l and sharpness lll

Accessories: star neclace like the one Lyra wears,opal necklace, night ring




Agi: 15























Power shot

Wizard,Valkyrie Race:Foxtail


Female mostly,but occasionally

classifies as male

Apperance:half black half brown eyes(and I mean each color is in each inuvidual eye not two eyes that are those separate colors) Black hair,white skin and all the typical foxtail features.

Saves S and pebble on the spines of ao from being killed by undead. Also helps travelers and thieves

.is skilled with spell casting.


(that’s going to be my future account name).

Jacob endersteel daggers with haste III, lost legion battle suit (no helmet), dark iron crossbow with rapid fire and wounding V. Lvl:15























Dual wield


Assassin Race:Human believer Male Blue eyes with spiky dirty blond hair. White skin. Joined the lost legion after they beat the red wyrm. Cares very much about his friends and would sacrifice himself to save a friend.
Titan Two giant dark iron hammers. Redsteel armor Lvl:50




















Dual wield

Titan strike



8th wind (ULT)


Initiate of the eight winds

Race:Irontusk believer Male Red eyes with dyed blue hair. 13 years old. Very courageous and intense at times.
Wulf Human Twin Darksteel Daggers (Poison I, Haste II)

Nightshade Silk Set:Boost to Agility+5 enchanted with Night eyes II

Level: 30

Str: 25

Int: 25

Agi: 15

Vit: 15

Dev: 0

Kar: 10

Combat: 150

Casting: 0

Crafting: 120

Building: 90

Farming: 10

Mining: 30

Trading: 50

Enchanting: 75

Brewing: 70

Cooking: 50

Riding: 100

Stealth: 250

Music: 0


Dual Wield






Initiate of The Eight Winds 5

Assassin 10

Hunter 10

Trapper 10

Status: Believer

Male                        Gray Eyes, Black Hair, 15, and A Crafty and Masterful Tactician.


Lucas Stormblade (still in progress) Classes:

Necromancer 40

Underlord 10

Demon Hunter 10

Shinobi 5


Normal: Duel Wield, Spectral Lightning, Shadowbind, Fire Lance, Smoke Bomb

Ults: Firecube, Soul Torrent


Full Set of Black Gemwrought Mail enchanted with Stealth, Nightshift, Night eyes XX, Magic Protection V.

and a moonsilk cloak enchanted with Flame Wreath I, Adrenaline 1, and Swiftness III.


Level: 65

STR: 40

AGI: 55

VIT: 25

INT: 255

RES: 15

KAR: 30

Fire: 30

Water: 10

Earth: 10

Air: 35

Shadow: 100

Light: -50

Combat: 100

Casting: 175

Crafting: 25

Building: 55

Farming: 0

Mining: 10

Trading: 5

Enchanting: 95

Brewing: 65

Music: 20

Stealth: 105

Cooking: 100

Riding: 90

Ellameow06 (still in progress) Classes:

Feral 1


Artisan V


Kitty Ears: +1 armor and Spell Leech I

Kitty Cloak: +1 armor and Regeneration V

Kitty Scarf: Spellforce I


Kitty Wand: +30% Spell Power and Nurture XXX

Pets: Tiny (Kitten)

Level: 1

STR: 10

AGI: 10

VIT: 100

INT: 100

RES: 30

KAR: 155

Fire: 0

Water: 30

Earth: 20

Air: 40

Shadow: -100

Light: 255

Combat: -255

Casting: 155

Cooking: 155

Crafting: 100

Building: 100

Stealth: 0

Riding: 100

Enchanting: 30

Brewing: 30

Music: 100

Trading: 100

Farming: 155

Mining: 100

Cinderstorm6 Like Amber but with a wolf(I think there is a race but I forgot the name so until I can find out what name is this is what Cinderstorm6 is Overblade,charm,

Smite,Blade waltz

Classes: Theif

Armor: leather armor helmet,enchanted with thorns||and dyed back

Night cloak with spellforce |

Black dyed leather leggings with no enchantments

Dyed Black leather boots

Pets Starforce(black kitten)



























GenuinelyCrimson Rifter Analyze monster, Asphyxiation, Blade Waltz, Death Glare, Cyclone Mythril armor set (enchanted with protection IV), Fatality (adamant and void crystal infused katana; enchanted with executioner and catscratch), Calamity (orical and voidcrystal infused scythe, enchanted with life steal and catscratch) Level:???












??? Hexblade, Underlord Male ??? GenuinelyCrimson

Hybridnoob5967 (or just call me Hybridnoob)

Tymon 265

a human hybrid of a noob or pro. (This means he shares the traits of noob and pro. He is still a human.)

Felina (A human with cat ears) Tymon is a player and member of Lost Legion.He hates water and can't swim. He hate the undead beacouse they killed his friend Zero


Cake Bomb



Aspect of the Spider

Battle Shout

Aimed Shot

a leather chest plate enchanted with Intelligence IV

a diamond helmet

An iron sword enchanted with Sharpness III

iron dagger with sharpness I poison II and nausea I

Trident with boomerang sharpness III and Blight

Bow with flame I and power I Range II and infinite

Redsteel chestplate with protection IIl

redsteel leggins protection II

redsteel boots feather falling I and protection I

unknown because he does not know what it is


AGI 50

VIT 110


Shadow 90

unknown because he does not know what it is

combat 70

archery 130

swimming 10

brewing 40

minining 60

crafting 30

fishing 10

class: Astral Mage