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This page is for fan ideas. Do not delete other people's ideas or Urf will possess you.


  • This is an updated page where you make fan characters, see the guidelines for details.
  • If you want to have a class/ability you created, please define it on the Fan Ideas pages below. All rules from the fan ideas page still apply.
  • By posting your ideas on this wiki, you allow Cube Kid to use your ideas in any way he likes and relinquish any claim to them.
  • Do not make your character OP or TOO important in the WV storyline (this includes making your character over the level 3 recommendation and/or declaring that your character will be the one to kill Herobrine), this will boost your chances of becoming a cast member.

Failure to follow these rules will result in your idea being deleted from the page.

Characters Abilities

Note: Cube Kid is thinking about how fan characters will work (if at all) so until further notice fan characters will not be considered

Another Note: if you wish to not use this page you can use the blog format here User blog:Reaperoflives/Fan Character Blog Template instead


Levels: this can be whatever you want so long as it is below 100 and is recommended to be level 3, the points bellow assume you are level 3.

Abilities: these are detailed on Abilities and you get 9 points to spend on them.

Classes: you can have up to 3 Classes at level 3 and until we know the requirements please only use the basic classes.

Health and Mana: these are (20+(level))*(1+0.01(amount of VIT(Health) or RES(Mana))) rounded (not considering any gear you have that might boost these stats)

Gear: try to keep this reasonable to your level (remember that level 3s won't have access to god-tier materials)

If you want more information about making characters look here: User blog:Reaperoflives/Fan Character Requirements

Fan Characters

Name Race Level and Classes Attributes Abilities Skills Armor and Weapons Description Creator
Eidolyn Human Lv.66

Void Mage

Astral Mage


STR 50

AGI 50

VIT 20

INT 30

RES 20

KAR 30

Analyze Monster

Analyze Trap




Death Glare

Dual Wield


Spin Dash

Ult Rage of Ao

Combat 300

Casting 100

Crafting 150

Building 30

Farming 10

Mining 100

Trading 50

Enchanting 300

Brewing 200

Fishing 10

Cooking 50

Riding 50

Stealth 200

Music 1

Dual wields two Voidcrystal wakizashi's

and flowing water steel mail

A powerful warrior that likes to fight bosses. She is nice and kind but fierce in battle. She is a Believer. She likes roaming and barely stays in one place for too long IceAgentX
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