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  1. Materials that are OP have to be extremely rare or hard to make, but if it is common and easy to make or find it can't be too good, just average.
  2. The strength of the Metals (Or Non-metals.) depends on if your material will get selected or not, a stronger one probably won't but a weaker like tier 2 material probably will .
  3. Don't rip something from another game but you can take inspiration.
  4. Refrain from excessively hitting enter key to make your rows larger. It's a hassle for viewers and people who want to add ideas.
Name and Tier Formula or Ore Attributes Colour Creator
(Tier 4)
? Wearable items made of this material, regardless of armour value, will 'harden' when near certain elements, offering extra resistance, but will have decreased resistance and increased durability consumption against elements the aligned element is weak against (Earth-aligned armour will have decreased resistance to fire attacks and the sort).

Weapons made of this material, when aligned, take decreased durability loss upon use on the element and deal increased damage against elements the aligned element is strong against, but will deal decreased damage and lose extra durability upon use on elements that the aligned element is weak against.

Metallic silver, with a rainbow tint. Tint will change based on aligned element. Certainly not you
void tnt 1 void iron block 2 obsidian

6 tnt

its normal explosion power is 3/4s of a powder keg, but its power is doubled if used in the void. the obsidian makes the tnt more durable, so it only drops when mined by a diamond pickaxe.
tnt except instead of a red outer part, its obsidian colored ddx9l44
Erasteel (Tier 4) Cold Iron + Void Iron + Blacksteel + Magnegold. Erasteel can easily deal with undead, no matter which war (era) they were fighting in. It's also light, so you won’t face speed problems. It is most likely made into armor, since armor is heavy, but will be lighter. Dark-Purplish-Gold. Lordofpixels7

Eonitite Ore (Very Rare).

A hard hitter, but a slow reload, it is better as a dagger or katana, since the jewel makes it hit hard and a dagger/katana would have a quick attack speed, only crafted in an aeon forge. Dark Elixir Colour (A very darkpurple.) Lordofpixels7 (Had to change my name but have an account.)
Astralium(Legendary) Light Elementium+Adamant, in an enchanted crucible. Powerful, Gets bonuses against shadow creatures, auto light affinity. Brilliant White Tam36
Notite Notite ore, in eclipsia, very rare. best crafted into armor, as its about on par with redsteel. this is the only armor that can use the ult rewrite(allows a quill in one's hand to do 5x damage for 5 min (1month cooldown) Netherite color with auburn spots Tam36
Lightning Elementium Light Elementium + Fire Elementium Summon the Power of The Lightning Dragons, in any form, whoever has this material will be able to summon three lightning bolts per day, has enchantment of “Lightning XXXIII” on any weapon. Blinding White and Yellow. Lordofpixels7.
Azymondium (The Dragon Jewel.) Find after killing the Monster 2nd in command of Herobrine’s forces. (The Only True Legendary Material.) When mixed with Lightning Elementium, makes a material, capable of summoning a Lightning Dragon as big as Villagetown. Whitish Ice and Icy Cyan. Lordofpixles7
Avizandumite Combine The Azymondium and Lightning Elementium in the Super Crucible, items only crafted in the 7x7x7 crafting table. Only used in The Totem and Staff that are used to summon the Lightning Dragon’s Egg, already 5 blocks tall and 3 blocks wide and long. Colour Of Blue and Yellow Lightning. Lordofpixels7
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