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Characters Abilities

Theories about the Prophecy

Miscellaneous Theories

Theory Name Area it concerns Description Evidence

(if applicable)

AI Uh the great summoning When the world got destroyed all the user’s brain/past memories got turned into AI and they that’s why all the users (except The Saviors and entity 303) can’t remember they’re past life In description HSdogman2020
boom teleport uh "the great summoning" whelp... when they teleported there was a boom thing THEN they black out uh ddx9l44
Greyfellow is the champion of the end Prophecy Greyfellow could be the champion of the end Well all the ppl from the prophecy are already wel known as strong. And greyfellow is from the end and he is strong cuz he created Lavacrest and he is the last endermage Infrasound7

Herobrine is a Lich

Herobrines classes lots of people think that Herobrine is a god however there is evidence that contradicts that assumption the first big piece of evidence comes when Herobrine comes into Villagetown and uses a chain lightning ability on everyone, this is a direct violation of Devine Law which all divine beings follow with no exceptions

the second piece of evidence comes when Herobrine was killed at the end if the second Great War and his "soul gem" was found in Icerahn, now to me this sounds a lot like a Phylactery or an object a Lich uses to hold his soul and in all stories I know phylacteries are created as part of the ritual that creates a Lich and since liches need to be powerful in magic to even become a Lich I think that this "soul gem" in Icerahn is the key to Herobrines longevity and how he is still alive after being "killed"

the elven enchanter
EnderStar is the Champion of the End The Prophecy There is one more being from the Prophecy. Perhaps it is EnderStar. The Prophecy states that a third being will be champion of the End. EnderStar Is from the End, is bizarre, so he qualifies. He may be evil now, but perhaps he will become good. Similar to Pebble.

But that's just a theory. An AETHERIA THEORY!!!! Bye.

Anonymous, but it isn't MatPat. That, I can tell you.
the crash was caused by the earth war earth and aetheria and crash and nukes and multiverses andenergy overloads when the nukes fell, entity could have put a shockwave or something to put the players into comas, downloeded the memories and stats into aetheria,

and munipulated the energy and stuff causd by the nukes

to either create aetheria or

travel to aetheria to save the lives of the players and defeat herobrine.

its possible ddx(ddx9l44)
entity&notchvs herobrine

and villagers andhumans confused

the war basically, entity notch and herobrine know whats going on, but villagers and humans don't know the full story so they join notch because he has not hurt them but herobrine kept on attacking them. its possible ddx(ddx9l44)
Bumbi is the Champion of the End. Aetheria The third Chosen Being is Bumbi. He is unexpected to be involved in the Prophecy, and matches the description of being bizarre in nature. For example, Bumbi bizarrely made a chicken coop of a variety of strange blocks.

He is a bizarre choice to be involved in the Prophecy, therefore he matches the description.

I forgot, when I get unbanned I'll find it.
What Herobrine truly did to Breeze and Brio. Aetheria When Herobrine had captured Breeze and Brio (Formerly Alyss and Ezael) he did not just expiriment on them, he tried to get them on his side. It is fully possible that Herobrine, as an all-powerful deity, could sense something about Breeze that caught his attention? What would he have sensed, maybe their true identities as Dusk Elves, or perhaps Breeze's connection with the Prophecy. Whatever the case, he takes them to his laboratory (experimental location, whatever) and confirms his suspicions, and tries to turn Breeze and Brio to his side. This would allow him to control the Prophecy to some extent, as he has one who was (most likely) mentioned in the Prophecy. And, he can take advantage of Breeze's abilities. Brio mentioned Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior 3 (still searching for the ebook in which this was mentioned, feel free to edit this if you remember) that he tried to corrupt them, but villagers are "good at heart". And Herobrine did something along these lines with Pebble, having Urf give him a Confusion III potion, giving him dreams (As revealed in Path of Exile) The only person he hasn't directly tried to affect was Runt, except maybe for coming himself to kill the villagers, then offering them the chance to surrender (Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior, Book 3. Again, if you remember which e-book it was, please feel free to include) Longshot97
Prismarine Lost Legion The Lost Legion found a large stockpile of obsidian and thats how Leo got his katanas and Blastlight got her chestplate. Well... Leo and blastlight both have prismarine gear... Bladeking1099
How many BIG BOI BOMBS does it take to toxicfy or destroy earth in their time in 2039 Earth Ok so earth is said to either be destroyed completely or so toxic no human can be found.Now lets start with the first nuke the little boy. 3,632,344 little boy boms to destroy earth.Now lets crank up the damage.B53 nuclear bomb, 48,908 of that to destroy earth fully.But were in 2039 and theres a war so bombs would be mostly devolped and bigger explode.And finnaly we have the most biggest bomb made by soviets the Tzar Bomba a small 15,594 to wipe out earth and 1,028 to wipe out US.There is 20,500 nukes, and if the power is 33,500 Kilotons then yeah we can wipe out earth because thats 686750000 kilo tons.300 million megatons of power to destroy earth or less.Or you can take the hard approach by, TAKING ALL POWER FROM THE SUN WITHIN 10^5 seconds Store it in a bomb denate and bomb earth is no more.NOW ITS TIME FOR THE TOO ADVANCED STUFF NOT FIT FOR 2039 probaly. Now lets say were in a alternate universe and we mastered mostly everything.ITS TIME FOR THE BLACK HOLE BOM.Now am not going to get too advanced as thats some advaned stuff.Lets just say so superradiant disstableblty take a mirrior i think off at target area ( think of it like a laser)and you just destroyed earth.So lets say russia is attacking.Boom earth is destroyed tsar bomba is the worse bomb and people will probaly not make new bombs in fear of destroy earth so they misght take the tsar.And that right there is how much bombs to destroy earth in 2039. Already shown Anynomous
The mere of existance Mostly everything It is said by the seekers this world cannot exist of course theres three possible ways spilt into parts.Part one: this is the result of a person in a coma.Now we do not know who would be in said coma.If they were a seeker or beliver would not matter as everyone around them is an extension of themselves.Maybe they fell into a coma while the nukes hit and somehow surived.

Part two:Yeah this is real maybe.You must understand that if wizards and minecrafteia were to exist it would break the LAWS of mostly Everything.Now heres the deal if it was an other world I would say another universe.Think about it A universe can have different laws different types of things.So maybe this place is real.Also lets say that the weapon their using is a tsar bomba. Thats 57 megatons of energy now multiple that with every city in the world if their being nuked of corse.Thats 251712 megatons of power.If you can harness that enegrey then maybe just maybe you can lead the aethrians into their.

Part three:There is no part three I forgot what I was going to say

  • Part one:
  • The seekers seem to belive the world is fake and think the same. The belivers think this is real.Now lets look into some real world stuff.When we dream or get into a coma we really dont know if were in a dream or not the seekers belive that this world is fake showing the so called charcter in the coma luciding.The belivers belive this is real showing non luciding.Then agian thats dreams.By the way the "coma" can be started due to head trama.A nuke can send a shock wave shock wave can stop struces and collapse.Also nukes can cause comas. Anyway the NPCs are just made up by the brain.
  • PArt two:
  • They said nukes of unparalleled destruction.Tsar maybe.
  • 251712 megatons of every cite blown up now thats alot of power so yeah maybe they harnessed the energy.
  • Finaly they must be in an age assuming that power is greatly increased.(nut nuckler)
  • PArt three:
  • I'LL rember it later
Steve and Mike

are sent by Notch

Early plot mechanics Steve and Mike are the only two with the

ability to respawn. They have been stated

to have been hand-picked by Notch. Could

this be due to their extremely crafty ability

in combat?

  • The mayor stated they were sent by notch
  • Only two to respawn
  • Extreme skill
Aetheria is a computer Technical info Aetheria is a computer which had downloaded human minds and ran them electronically. That

means that the people in Aetheria (Terrarians)

are dead. The Terrarians that you see are

merely copies of themselves from Terraria.

  • The gamelike mechanics of Aetheria
  • The prevalence of glitches
Joe is a golden ascendent Minor detailing Gold is quite a lousy material, but the Gold Ascendant Class is able to wield only gold weapons, all other weapons are

worthless in an Gold Ascendant's hands.

  • Joe is wearing all gold

Hinted by

Cube Kid.

Enderstar is the fifth Chosen Being of the Prophecy The Prophecy and how it will be fulfilled. Enderstar is such a prominent villain in the series, but wouldn’t it be a major twist if he turned out to be a hero? There’s actually quite a bit of evidence to support this. In Greyfellow’s book about the Prophecy, the fifth Chosen Being is briefly mentioned, being a male character who is ‘bizarre in nature’. Enderstar’s behaviour would certainly be classed as bizarre-after all, he was kicked out of the End for his crazy ideas. It also makes a lot of sense plot-wise: the other four beings have been introduced and identified, yet the fifth is shrouded in mystery.

Perhaps this isn’t a new character, but one we’ve already seen before. On top of that, it seems to be leading up to Enderstar having a potential encounter with Runt and his friends, based on how he had a role in the attack on Villagetown in Wimpy Villager 16. This would be a perfect moment to reveal this, and give him a character arc as he struggles with his destiny and to potentially change his ways. Finally, perhaps his glowing eyes are a symbol of his hidden power, which will be revealed further on-after all, no other endermen.



Rarg is the fifth being of the prophecy The prophecy and how it will be fuffiled It would make sense and there is a lot of evidence to support this. everyone seems wary of rarg and some are downright hostile,like batwing .and only grayfellow and Eeebs being the ones to not want him thrown in the hole.he is also ”different” for a pigman and usually beings meet other beings personally in the books. Just don’t quote me on this bcs everything will probably be reavealed at the series thing petalburst66
The crafting golem in book 6 is Steve's nothing really. In book 6 max said they found a golem working on crafting and in another book there was a golem asking when master Steve would ever be back. in book 2 Steve says he will train a golem to craft until he finds something new. Wiki aka Smoochemking
Pertaining to the catalyst/crash aetheria

and earth

Steve and mike made it sound like they played minecraft the way we play it. Kolbert and the lost legion used mindlink (VR). This makes me think that time passes faster on earth than aetheria, or time is very inconsistent between the two multiverses. Also, the villagers in village town have slowly expirienced things changing, like how leaf was suddenly able to craft great swords and they kept discovering new recipes like the rocket potion. Also the villagers used to refer to there world as Minecraftia. My theory is that Minecraftia is a world and the aetheria server merged with it during the crash. There is already evidence of time being inconsistent between the two worlds so this accounts for any evidence of aetheria before the crash. It explains all the new discoveries and in my opinion makes the most sense. Included in the description. Shadow_9599
Pertaining to S, Emerillion, And the vault of Emerillion S, Emerillion, the vault of Emerillion, the prophecy, and aetheria in generall S says that he is driven to explore the world because he doesn't know everything, but also a promise involving Emerillion. Curiously, Emerillion is also the name of the vault in the tomb of the forgotten king, where they are leaving when he says this. Some authors might just be recycling a name but cube kid isn't that kind of author. This has to be significant. My theory is that inside that vault is a shard of one of the weapons, this is obscure enough that I'm guessing its a shard of the bossender, Ione's weapon, not the critbringer, kolberts. And I don't think the shard will be the only thing in there. It will probably be guarded/roomates with a creation of the eyeless one like breeze eluded to. But even if this theory is true, we will still have to only imagine the fight emerillion, S, Ione, pebble, and the boss monster duel wielding two cursed legendary tier weapons riding a redstone war machine. Included in the discription. Shadow_9599
Enderstorm is the champion of the end The prophecy In WV11 it mentions Enderstorm, a villager who's goal in life is mapping the end. Almost nothing is known about him and I haven't seen him mentioned anywhere else. To be come the champion of a dimension, it seems like you have to go to that dimension, so who is most likely going to go to the end? Enderstorm is likely, although during the war he might not be thinking about mapping the end, although if there is a need to go to the end for some reason, he might lead the charge. S and pebble are going all over the place and doing all sorts of random things so they might go there as well although I doubt either one of them will wind up being the champion as they already seem to have a role to play. Admittedly, any enderman could also be a candidate, like greyfellow or enderstar, but personlay I feel this would be underwhelming. I think that if it isn't enderstorm then we haven't met the champion yet. Included in the description Shadow_9599
The enderman in Runt, Breeze, and Brio's dreams is the Champion of the End Brio thinks that it works for Notch. It controls dreams. It's an enderman. Brio thinks that it works for Notch. It hasn't done any harm to anyone so it obviously isn't evil. A FANDOM


A animal is the champion

of the end

2 animals are already known as champions of the nether. This hasnt been shown but its really early to tell EccentricEnderGuy
People who are

part of the prophecy

The Prophecy Brio (Ezael Stormblood) is part of the prophecy. It is hinted that Brio is stronger than Breeze. Also, Brio and Breeze are the only Dusk Elves who survived the attacks on Ioae and Shadowbrook. Brio has an “Aura” according to Tales of An 8-bit Kitten Book 1, like Breeze, Kolb, Runt, and the others. WarriorBreeze

Theories about the First Great War

This section primarily handles areas about the First Great War itself, but also discusses the time before and after the warfare.

Theory Name Area it Concerns Description Evidence (if applicable) Creator
The Highborn were

born sometime during

or after the time of the First Great War

Races The Highborn may have been the first race of non-humans to live in Aetheria. They may have been constructs that have been made to fight during the

First Great War, or mutations that


One thing is certain is that they settled down and became extremely successful.

The world lost so much knowledge after the Second Great War Knowledge the years of extensive fighting resulted in cites being destroyed, taking its scholars, library’s, achives, people, schools with it, so little is left, then it would be likely the kingdoms drafted every able bodied person into the army, even once the war was over, so much was lost the world slowly went into what vanilla Minecraft, with a few strongholds like the capitol left, so all the monuments of the ancient times are basicly nothing left RogueYanis

Theories about the Second Great War

This section primarily handles areas about the Second Great War itself, but also discusses the time before and after the warfare.

Theory Name Area it Concerns Description Evidence (if applicable) Creator
Most races in the

Races chart come during

or after the Second Great


Races Many races such as Beastkin, Dwarves, Elves, Fae, and all their variants were the results of the Great War.There would be no reason for any of these races to exist before the war.

These races (Dwarves, Elves) most likely evolved different forms due to surviving in different environments, with human refugees in different dimensions suffering worse luck. (see theory below)

Fae must've been human soldiers which were magically-enhanced for their spellcasting ability.

Beastkin may have been animals from the Overworld which developed technology and language, and were advanced enough to be considered a race

-Existence of all these races Extreme,

with help of RogueYanis

Many humans who survived the Second Great War didn't make it Mobs Endermen are humans which are refugees of the Second Great War, taking refuge in the end. After many generations of surviving off chorus fruit, they gained the teleportation ability.

After thousands of years, they had forgotten they were even human, and are hostile to all who look at them. Even stronger demi-human races may exist iin other dimensions.

-Explains the existence of the rather-human endermen Extreme
The Second Great War

was a biological/magical conflict.

Combat Herobrine may have used disease vectors such as the Wither to spread the undead virus, turning humans into undead. Soldiers wielding armor and swords preform poorly when fighting a plague.

Furthermore, zombies may be soldiers of a war. Why would every single zombie have a set of blue shirt and pants, with occasionally some armor?

-Explaining how the war was fought

-Also why all the zombies are blue and green.