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Weapon Name Weapon Type Stats Description Creator
Compound Bow Bow 70 DMG (flint arrow, iron-string)
1s full charge
Armour-Pierce +50%
The compound bow is one of the wonders of Terrarian technology, exploiting a system of pulleys for massively increased firing power at almost no cost to draw weight or mobility. In addition, this bow can made out of much stronger materials than a standard recurve bow, and benefits greatly from doing so. Even a compound bow crafted out of common materials can be extremely powerful. The compound bow offers increased armour penetration compared to other bows, but because armour is more effective against arrows, the maximum damage is achieved firing at lightly armoured opponents, which the bow excels at due to its increased projectile velocity.

Despite the versatility of the recipe, crafting a compound bow is rather difficult, as precise craftsmanship is required to create a functional copy. Due to the way they are built, the use of malleable materials such as gold, silver, and platinum greatly increase efficiency. Although harder and stronger metals have the most raw power, they make the bow hard to draw, requiring more strength, which is not ideal for the swift rogue archer. Alloys are necessary to maintain durability, as pure malleable metals have very low durability. The Tier 3 alloy Hepatizon is an almost perfect solution, being composed of silver, gold, and bronze, all of which are highly malleable metals. For more luxurious crafters, the Tier 5 metals Moonsilver and Spectresteel are very handy as well.

Elemental Compressor Varies Varies Using this object on elemental fluids allows you to contain them. When released, you can form them into shapes. For example, after scooping up some water, you can transform it into a sword or a wand. Items created can be dissipated and their strength depends on the purity of the element acquired. Elemental objects have affinities, and can be affected through reactions (lava with water, for example) as well as having their element's advantages and disadvantages. The elemental compressor's presence in them is required to sustain elemental objects. Why do you care
Fangs Melee Same damage as sword, Dagger attack speed, Range: same range as unarmed attack You equip it on your head, rather than your hand. this is a helmet attachment. when you wear it, you eat faster and your teeth do more damage. effective for wolfs, dragons, zombies, or anything that attacks by biting Entity4114
Claws Melee Same damage as sword, Dagger attack speed, Range: same range as unarmed attack You equip it on your hand. this is a helmet attachment. when you wear it, you eat faster and your teeth do more damage. effective for cats or anything that attacks by scratching Entity4114
Ion Cannon Blaster Rapid: 1-3 per hit


10-20 DMG

Range: Depends on mode.

1,337 durability

When equipped, it bonds to your arm until unequipped. While in use, you cannot take out a shield, as you need the second arm to hold the blaster as it is heavy. There are 2 modes:
  • Rapid Mode: rapid fires small energy pellets. leaves small marks on the ground.
  • Charge Mode: Charges a powerful energy ball over a 3 second period and creates a small crater if it hits the ground.

When switching modes, you are vulnerable for 1.5 seconds.

When the cannon runs out, it gets renamed to "Broken Ion Cannon". You can repair it on a forge with 9 of any valuable gem. (emerald, diamond, gold, etc.)

Sniper Crossbow Bow Same as a normal crossbow Has the same effect as a crossbow, but has a scope on it so you can focus on the enemy more easily. Icefang88
Phantasmic Aura Sword 6-12 DMG,

CRIT 14-18

500 Durability before a 30 minute recharge

An aura of blue energy emits from your left arm, like a laser sword, only you dont have to hold it. It is like a normal sword because its very hot closer to the edge, so it feels as if it is actually the tip of a normal sword. When it runs out of energy, The aura shatters, and needs 30 minutes to recharge before it can be used again. It appears seperate from your inventory as a seperately selectable item. It cannot be removed from your inventory. Icefang88
Greekfire Cannon Siege Weapon Spreads fire where it lands dealing damage to whoever touches the fire like normal. It fires a Thermite ball that lights on fire in mid-air and disintegrates on impact spreading fire across the hit point. it takes alot of thermite to fire. only a Kobold can craft it. Dragonfire101 (i'm not signed in but when i do thats my name.)
Arrow Turret Siege Weapon Deals normal arrow damage and fires 1 arrow per 1.5 seconds. It's like a dispenser put turns to aim at an enemy and fires automatically and takes no restone power to operate. it needs to be supplied with arrows but can turn to targets and shoot them. it doesn't have too fast of a rate of fire, but with enough of them, you can really do some damage. only a Kobold can craft it. Dragonfire101 (Still not signed in)
Javalin Polearm Deals slightly less damage then a spear but can be both shortrange and thrown. its shorter then a spear also. it has a faster attack speed then a spear. Like a Short Spear. Can be thrown and is not very durable. Dragonfire101 (Still not signed in)
Tnt Turret Siege Weapon Still working on this Still working on this Dragonfire101 (Still not signed in)(im adding to many so this is my last one)
Sai Melee Depends on the material.(Cannot be made of leather or silk of any kind.) Three Pointed sword. Dual Wieldable and length between Longsword and Sword. Durability Medium Tam36(future account name)(see fan chars)
IDK(Fighting gauntlets) I know this isn't very original, but this is gauntlets that do damage instead of providing armor. Crafted with one gauntlet and 2 of the material Depends on the material.(Cannot be made of wood or silk and stuff like it) Bruh, read the type. Tam36(future account name)
Kodachi Melee Depends on the material.(Cannot be made of leather or silk of any kind.) Looks about the same as a wakizashi, slightly longer. Can be dual wielded and are great for close range Tam36(future account name)also i cant comment so dont bother asking me about my weapons.
Harpoon Bow Bow Same as normal bow This weapon is similar to a bow, only it does not fire arrows, instead it fires a harpoon which, if it hits, pulls the enemy toward you, dealing damage as well. This is useful because it gives you the chance to pull out your sword and finish them off quickly with a sword. It can also be used on items if you need to retrieve one from a distance. Icefang88
Sadsword Melee Black Iron or Obsidian Sadsword has Depression I on it and can be infused with the users pure sadness to have depression II. The only counter to the extreme pain this sword gives the user is the sadness sucker enchant, which gives the user a happy memory. EccentricEnderGuy

Dont worry im not depressed

Songsword Melee, Casting? See Kodachi or Sai.(Takes 1 durability point for every song played.) Sword, except has the ability to be an instrument. Looks like a greatsword, except with a narrow slit down the center. Tam36(future account name) (duh)
Aether Spear Melee, Ranged DMG: Depends on mode. Throw: 10-21

Melee: 7-16

Non unique legendary weapon, can be bought for 20,000 emeraldes. Also craftable with Aetherium Spear (renamed aethersteel), 2 Ethereal Essence, and 1 Aetherstone. Has the ability to zoom you 10 blocks in any direction, on land, water or air, not unlike the trident. each time u use this, 1 durability is taken, and it has 8 min cooldown so as not to be too OP. See Songsword
Mask Armor Any material, has to be made with some kind of string ummmmmmmmmm well since we don't have and aren't allowed to make a fan armor page I'm adding this here, it's basically an accessory but is able to hide ur face um who do you think? and if you dont know im not telling you
Moon Daggers Melee =>Comes with Critical Strike - increasing crit damage

=> comes with commited - The more mobs you kill, the higher the chance to deal 50% extra damage to already-damaged undead. Can stack with Crit.

base damage: 6

When wielding this weapon, you do not need to have the Duel Wield ability to duel wield.

The item data tag would look like this:

Moon Daggers

Daggers - Non-Unique

These daggers shine like the moon on a dark night...

Average Damage 6
Attack Speed 2

This weapon contains the following enchantments:

Duel Wield
Critical Strike II
Commited I
[Commmited has a chance to deal 50% extra damage to already-damaged undead.]