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Faolan is a wandering Lupin sorcerer who met Runt and Breeze in their first dungeon (WV14, 8BW5). Little is known about him, as his story is known to a small few, one of whom is Kaeleb, who he met a long time ago.


His equipment is fitting for a wizard, with a pine-cloth hood and cloak, both enchanted; the hood with a regen-boost called Star-Bound, and the cloak with Cold-Protection and Comfort. His wool robes have Spellforce, his boots Swiftness, and his satchel with Pocket.

Slot Item Type Material Damage Speed Armor Enchants
Weapon Topaz Staff Staff Topaz, Spruce Wood 8 2.5 Starbound I

Frost Aspect I

Weapon Dark Oak Wand Wand Dark Oak 5 Ward I

Illuminate II

Head Pinecloth Hood Hood Pinecloth +1 Starbound II
Torso Wool Robes(U) Robes Wool +2 Protection I

Spellforce II

Comfort I

Legs Wool Robes(L) Robes Wool +2 Spellforce I
Feet Traveller's Boots Boots Leather, Wool +1 Swiftness I

Comfort II

Neck Moonstone Amulet Amulet Moonstone, Silver +1 Starbound I

Protection II

Cloak Pinecloth Mantle Cloak Pinecloth +1 Cold Protection I

Comfort II

Belt Traveller's Belt Belt Leather, Gold Swiftness I
Pouch Traveller's Pouch Pouch Leather, Iron Pocket III
Ring Sapphire Ring Ring Silver, Sapphire Ward II
Ring Fishbone Band Ring String, Fishbone Luck of the Sea I

His spells vary, although they can mostly categorized as Ice Magic. While his main expertise is Ice-Magic, his skill count is numerous.

While he is certainly skilled, his true talent is history. His wanderings took to him various places, many of which were ruins and dungeons. These locations yield many old documents and books that provide useful info that he uses in his scholarly pursuits.


Faolan is a wandering mage who’s journeyed across the southern and eastern halves of Eohune. His travels have taken him from the shining courts of the Capital, to the unforgiving halls one might find in any dungeon. This helped shape him into the well-mannered, soft-spoken Lupin he is today. But everyone has a story and every story a beginning.


  • Faolan means "Little Wolf" in Gaelic.