Faolan is a wandering Lupin sorcerer who met Runt and Breeze in their first dungeon (WV14, 8BW5). Little is known about him, as his story is known to a small few, one of whom is Kaeleb, who he met a long time ago.

Appearance Edit

His equipment is fitting for a wizard, with a pine-cloth hood and cloak, both enchanted; the hood with a regen-boost called Star-Bound, and the cloak with Cold-Protection and Comfort. His wool robes have Spell-casting, his boots Swiftness, and his satchel with Pocket.

His spells vary, although they can mostly categorized as Ice Magic. While his main expertise is Ice-Magic, his skill count is numerous.

While he is certainly skilled, his true talent is history. His wanderings took to him various places, many of which were ruins and dungeons. These locations yield many old documents and books that provide useful info that he uses in his scholarly pursuits.

Backstory Edit

Faolan is a wandering mage who’s journeyed across the southern and eastern halves of Eohune. His travels have taken him from the shining courts of the Capital, to the unforgiving halls one might find in any dungeon. This helped shape him into the well-mannered, soft-spoken Lupin he is today. But everyone has a story and every story a beginning.

Fao (as his friends call him) lived in a simple family. His father fished in seas and rivers, while his mother mixed brews crafted from rare, almost legendary herbs. It was through his parents care and mentoring that he found his love for both Earth and Water. However, he’d prove this appreciation quite differently than his parents. 

It turned out that Fao had a special talent for spells and sorcery. When his parents learned of this, they brought him to the academy in Diamondhome. While not nearly as grand as the one in the Capitol, it was just as if not more magically inclined than its western competitor. And so they joined a caravan bound for the coastal city and bought a house upon arrival.

While his parent’s found new jobs to afford their livelihood, Fao began his studies in the deeper arts of magic. However, his classes were often slow and difficult (or so it seemed to him), and his fellow students were all either Elves or Villagers. In short, an altogether different experience from his lone youth in the Eastern Plains.

Some time after joining the academy, Faolan met a human named Kaeleb, and they became good friends. As the Crash occurred, Kaeleb went to say goodbye to Faolan, telling him he wanted to spend the last few moments of his life with his family. However, whilst Kaeleb later woke up in Dawnsbloom like everyone else, Faolan was unaware of this and seemingly assumed his friend had perished.

Soon after, Diamondhome was attacked by the Eyeless One’s forces. Whilst most of the population escaped, Faolan remained behind, firing ice at the mobs until his magic depleted. He fled, only to return the next day to ruins. Two months later, he encountered Runt and Breeze in the Tomb of the Forgotten King, where he revealed his plans to head to Villagetown. He arrived just in time to assist against the Underlord and his attack, once again freezing monsters and reuniting with Kaeleb.

Faolan, along with Kaeleb, Rubinia, Ched, Zain, Becca, Cobalt and Nayte, was then sent to Fallowmere by Kolb. His current status is unknown.

Meaning of his name Edit

Faolan means "Little Wolf" in Gaelic.

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