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Fluffles is a cat owned by Runt. Max made fun of Runt about it due to his mother forcing him to bring it to school due to her paranoia about creepers attacking Runt.

Role in Project X Edit

After Max made fun about it, Runt wanted to make his team name "Danger Kitty" for the big building test to try and get back at Max for making fun of him. The name was inspired by Max calling Fluffles "Danger Kitty."

Runt and Stump won the building test and left Max shocked.

Role in Project Danger Kitty II Edit

After Runt, Stump, and Emerald discovered the Village Creeper, they told Breeze and Max about it. When Breeze asked how they were going to scare the creeper into not blowing up, Runt remembered that creepers were afraid of cats.

When the whole of Team Runt brought their cats, they persuaded the creeper to go follow them, and Team Runt got rewarded with emeralds.

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