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Food is used to restore hunger, allowing players to regenerate their Health. Different foods restore different amounts of hunger, and some food (usually recipes made on an Aeon Forge) even bestow status effects. Food can either be eaten as is (base food items) or crafted to make a new item (a recipe). Recipes generally restore more hunger and are usually the food items that give status effects. (Exceptions exist such as the poisoned potato).

Drinks (also known as Flavored Drinks) in general grant no advantage beyond taste and are usually consumed with meals.

Base Foods

Name Hunger Restored Effects Notes
Stormberry ?? ?? Presumably found in Ravensong Forest.
Moonberry ?? ?? We can assume these came from a dusk or moon elf village.
Fireberry ?? ?? We can assume it comes from a forest.
Boag ?? Permanently boosts Vitality by one after you have eaten 50 boags, however, it will not give any more VIT after that. These things are nasty, as is evident from their name. Eeebs describes the taste as an "assault". It comes from a certain dimension, and can be found in swamps, but these things can grow just about anywhere due to their extremophilic nature.
Autug ?? Boosts Devotion (aka Resolve) after eating ?? Autugs. Will not boost DEV/RES after eating ??. Comes from certain dimensions. Kae says that Autugs taste worse than boags and are much harder to eat and Eeebs thinks they smell earthy and metallic. Eating these things is true devotion.
Enderpotato ?? ?? ??
Acorn ?? Can be used to tame feymares. Very rare, they only grow on Moonfire trees, according to Runt.


Name Hunger Restored Effects Crafted With Notes
Cheese ?? ?? ?? Used for pizza
Pizza ?? ?? Bread x16

Cheese x9

Steve programmed a golem to craft foods, but the Legionnaires discovered this item. It can be crafted with an Aeon forge.
Apple Pie ?? N/A Apple x1

Sugar x1

Egg x1

Kae discovered this Recipe.
Grass Stew ?? N/A Grass (presumably)

Bowl x1

Note: Bowl returned upon eating this item

According to Runt, it is only a delicacy because at the time, it was really hard to craft because you need shears enchanted with Silk Touch to cut the grass and he says: "As for the taste, you're better off eating grass raw."
Croissant ?? N/A Bread x5

Milk Bucket x1

Note: Bucket not consumed

This recipe was made from prior knowledge Brio had before coming to Villagetown.
Stormberry Roll ?? Omnessence I (1:00:00) Bread x6

Stormberry x3

One of Runt's favorite food items.
Stormberry Cookie (x3) ?? Omnessence I (30:00) (per cookie) Cookie x3

Stormberry x3

Stormberry Cake ?? Omnessence II Cake x1

Stormberry x8

This was the first advanced food Stump crafted. Eeebs then proceeded to take a bite and called it terrible.
Stormberry Muffin ?? N/A N/A
Stormberry Cheesecake ?? N/A N/A
Cocoabean Roll ?? N/A Bread x6

Cocoabean x3

Eeebs adores these.
Pancake ?? N/A N/A
Scrambled Eggs ?? N/A Eggs (presumably) Eeebs eats this for breakfast frequently.
Mixed Berry Cake ?? Omnessence II Cake x9

Stormberry x6

Fireberry x6

Moonberry x4

This cake was made by Brio for the town meeting.
Morel Medley 20 HP Omnessence I (3:00:00)

Bounty of the Forest I (3:00:00)

Savory Hearth I (3:00:00)

Ghost Morel x8

Astral Toadstool x4

Fire Fungus x4

Rainbow Cap x4

Umber Stalk x4

Breeze had made this for Runt using her grandma's cookbook but Runt was afraid to try this because he thought it would basically be "upgraded mushroom stew". After tasting it, he proceeded to eat the rest of the bowl and then asked for another bowl after that.
Diamond Wafer ?? Stoneskin II (30:00)

Haste I (30:00)


Rest unknown

Much harder to craft than enchanted golden apples according to S.
Enchanted Golden Apple 5 points Regeneration II (3 minutes?)

Absorption II (2 minutes?)

Fire resistance (3 minutes?)

Gold blocks x8

Apple x1

Overpowered in Minecraft, just necessary in Aetheria.
Rabbitfish ?? ?? ??
Lavender Fruit ?? ?? ??
Cinnamuffin ?? Increases attributes by 25 (1:00:00) ?? Normally requires 750 crafting skill and an Aeon forge (but a baker can craft it with the ability Makeshift Muffin) and tastes so good that according to Eeebs, it tastes better than enchanted pufferfish and anything else he’s ever tasted. Everyone in the Legion agrees, including Kolb.
Matzah Unknown (probably the same as bread) ?? ??
Jelly Beans Unknown (probably small amount) ?? ?? Come in three different colors.
Baked Pufferfish ?? ?? Pufferfish x1 Eeebs's old favorite food.
Boag Lasagna ?? Increases Vitality by one every 50 eaten ?? This is actually a Lasagna Recipe that Steph saw that had Boags as an alternative. It is unknown if it tastes good or not.
Voidtruffle Scone ?? ?? Voidtruffle x1

Bread x2

Extremely expensive to buy, costing 50 emeralds apiece.
Ice cream ?? ?? Possibly Milk

Possibly Eggs

Tastes amazing. It also has different variants (diamond ore chunk, ghast tear swirl, creeper crunch)
Enchanted Moonseed Muffin ?? ?? Moonseeds?

Rest unknown

Taste insanely good and probably the best food that Runt and Stump have tasted so far.


Name Color Effects
Milk White, opaque Removes most status effects, including poisons and beneficial effects
Coffee Black/brown Removes exhaustion effects.
Red Wine Burgundy Gives the user a debuff.
Elvish tea Clear ??
White Wine Golden ??
Tea Tan ??
Root Beer Brown ??
Ale Brown ??
Dwarven Ale Dark Brown Tastes better than regular ale.
Lemonade Pink ??
Firebreather Crimson Allows the person to breathe fire.
Slimeball Juice Green Gives a nausea effect to anyone drinking. A good drink for mobs to drink though.
Slimeberry Juice Dark Green Does not taste like slime at all, very good taste.
Salt Water Clear Dehydrates the drinker. Gives them a Debuff which can potentially kill them.
Beer Honey-colored Speed, nausea, and blindness.
Orange Juice Orange Cures sickness.
Ice Wine Purple Cools the drinker slightly.
Redstone tea ?? Grayfellow mentions that other ingredients can be added to change the taste (such as flowers). He also mentions that it is possible to make it with either a crafting table or a brewing stand, but that he prefers it with a brewing stand because it gives it more "zing."
Noob Rager Blue Speed II

Strength II

Jump Boost II

Melon Juice Pink None
Fermented Melon Juice Pink Slurred Speech I

Confusion I

Moonberry Juice ?? None
Noob's Respite ?? ??
Ginger-slime Tea Orange ??